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GTA Online offers you a lot of things to explore in a single place, and one of them is the stash house. In simple terms, stash houses are a part of the Free Mode in the game and can be accessed to earn quick money and RP. They can be seen in random locations spread all over the GTA map. Here, the catch is that these stash houses reset once every 24 hours. In this post, we will talk about the importance of stash houses, their mystery, dealing with the safe codes in GTA Online, and more.

What to Do with a Stash House in GTA Online?


Dealing with a stash house is no rocket science. You just need to remove all the enemies present in there and break the safe to get all the rewards. These rewards will help you in your journey in the game.

The best part here is that you can try your hands every day raiding stash houses as the locations keep changing with new challenges on your way. One thing that I think you should know is that these stash houses are not a part of any particular mission, and they are just there to give you the instant adrenaline rush along with some decent rewards.

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How to Find a Stash House in GTA Online?

  • Firstly, open the game and head to the maps.
  • Now, in the locations menu, you will see a purple house icon with a black crosshair; they symbolize stash houses.
GTA Online Stash House Location
  • Now, set a waypoint to this particular location and get moving with a vehicle to raid the place.
GTA Online waypoint to stash house
  • Once you reach the stash house, you will see a purple marker at the door.
GTA Online Stash House purple marker
  • Interact with the marker and enter the stash house to conduct the raid.

Locations of Stash Houses in GTA Online


The locations of the stash houses keep resetting every 24 hours. However, the location revolves around 25 potential landmarks on the GTA Map. These stash houses are run by different gangs in GTA Online, and the number of gang members at each one of them may differ. Here are the details of the stash house locations, along with the gangs that run them.

LocationRun by
Strangeways Drive West VinewoodThe Lost MC
Farmhouse, Gran Senora DesertHippies
Muscle Gymnasium Downtown VinewoodBallas
Mutiny Road La PuertaVagos
7953 Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy ShoresRednecks
Vitus Street, VespucciLos Santos Triads
24/7 HarmonyThe Lost MC
Altruist Camp Chilliad Mountain State WildernessAltriust Cult
Thomson Scrapyard, Grand Senora DesertHippies
Pawn and Jewellery StrawberryThe Families
Echo Rock Shopping PlazaThe Lost MC
Cherry Pie Farm, Great ChaparralRednecks
Millar’s Fishery Co, GalileeThe Lost MC
Clucking Bell Farms, Pyrite Avenue Paleto BayThe Lost MC
Grapeseed Rail Terminus Union RoadRednecks
Bean Hardware Supplies, Zancudo RiverThe Lost MC
Abandoned Hardware Store, Sandy ShoresRednecks
Vitreous Cypress FlatsVagos
Mile High Organics Mirror ParkVagos
Hardware Chumash PlazaArmenian Mob
Save-A-Cent Little SeoulKkangpae
Walker & Sons Warehouse, BanningThe Professionals
Mom’s Famour Tacos, El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta HeightsVagos
Wazel MorningwoodBallas
Lucky Jim’s Ranch, Union Road, GrapeseedRednecks

Tips to Deal with the Stash House Foes in GTA Online

taking out dealers at GTA online stash house
  • Make sure that before entering the stash house, you have an ample amount of weapons and cartridges to deal with the foes.
  • If you are not someone with perfect aim, then I’ll suggest purchasing a compact grenade launcher, as it takes out most of the enemies in a single go.
  • Now, if you get an enemy (or a couple of enemies left), take them out with your favorite gun.
  • Once all of them make a departure to heaven (or probably the opposite way), raid the stash house and collect everything that you can.

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How to Get the Safe Codes in GTA Online?


As soon as you are done with the enemies, you will encounter the safes where most of the collectibles are kept. You just need to open the safe and get the collectibles. Well, well, well, it’s not that easy. To open the safe, you need the safe code (isn’t it pretty obvious?). Now, finding the safe code could be a task. And only two things are required to do this – searching the room thoroughly and looking for clues for the code.

You will find the code of the safe written somewhere as a date, on a paper sheet, or on a carton that seems of no use. Make sure that you have a keen eye for the details in order to find the safe code. Most of the time, you will find the safe code written on a yellow sticky note. Once you are done with finding it, follow the steps below to open the safe:

  • Get near to the safe and say as the prompt suggests to interact with it.
  • Now, enter the code and open the safe. If the code is correct, the safe will open, and if not, you will see an error message.
  • Once you open the safe, collect all the items in it, and you are done with your raid.

Note: When entering a higher number in the safe code, make sure to scroll backward to get there easily. Let me explain the same to you with an example – suppose the code started with 84, then scrolled backward from zero to 99 and vice versa in case the number is a lower one.

Escaping the Stash House


After killing the enemies and taking all that was in the safe, you will have to leave the stash house safely. To do this, you have to move to the yellow marker near the door of the stash house and do what the prompts say. Once you come outside, the prompt will suggest you leave the area because enemies are on their way. You can also see this on the map.


Now you have two options – either go guns blazing and eradicate all the enemies or escape the place with all the stuff you have. As soon as you leave the area, a message will be displayed saying the stash house was raided successfully. Raiding a stash house in the world of GTA will provide you somewhere around $30,000 cash and 1000 RP along with the collectibles.

Make sure to buy a bunker in GTA Online as well. This will help you store the collectibles you’ve gathered from your stash house raids!

Wrapping Up

Raiding a stash house could be one of the most fun things to do in Grand Theft Auto Online, which also blesses you with the money and RP necessary to advance in the game. You can even make it your everyday routine to log in and raid the stash houses and then move forward for other missions.

And if you want something a bit different in the game, then you can try your hands on the First Dose missions or the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. Not only that, there is a lot more to explore in GTA Online, and we will keep bringing the best stuff for you here at Sparkian, along with a handful of tips and tricks!

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