Where to Farm Root Resin in Elden Ring?


Root Resin is an extremely useful crafting material in Elden Ring. It is the base material for crafting grease items like Fire, Magic, Lightning, Dragonwound, and more.

Grease items allow you to apply specific status effects or weapon properties to your attack weapons and maximize your damage. As difficult as Elden Ring bosses are, this ability comes in really handy!

Root Resin is quite a rare material, per se, as it is only found in specific locations in Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, and Liurnia. However, there are two locations where you can farm Root Resin early on in the game.

In this Elden Ring guide, I will share everything you need to know about Root Resin – location, farming techniques, uses, and some important tips.

So, let’s jump into the post.

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What is Root Resin?

Root Resin is a bright orange substance secreted from the roots of the Greattree itself. It is one of the rarest crafting materials you can collect in the Lands Between. It is used as a base material to craft various Grease items.


Root Resin is found mostly around trees and inside catacombs. It can be combined with Smoldering Butterflies and Strings to create a status effect for your weapons. Early in the game, these status effects can give you an upper hand over tough enemies.

Root Resin can be found in the early-game region of Limgrave at places like Weeping Peninsula, Murkwater Catacombs, Stormfoot Catacombs, and Stormhill. However, there are other locations where you can farm Root Resin as they respawn after you rest at the nearest Site of Grace.

You also have the option to buy up to 10 Root Resin from any of the Nomadic Merchants for 50 Runes/piece. Early on in the game, Merchant Kale is the option to buy Root Resin from.

➡️ Major Trees in Elden Ring

On a side note, if you’re wondering what’s a Greattree, is it different from the Erdtree that looms over the landscape of the Lands Between? 

Let me tell you that Elden Ring players (including myself) have long speculated that there are three major trees in the Lands Between – Erdtree, Greattree, and the secret location called the Haligtree

Erdtree and Greattree were connected by their roots, but the connection broke, and the Greattree died while the Erdtree survived. Of course, this is all speculation among the Elden Ring players. 😃

The Haligtree was built by Miquella when he left the Golden Order to save his sister Malenia.

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Root Resin Locations in Elden Ring

Although Root Resin is a scarce crafting material in the Lands Between, it does respawn after resting at the closest Site of Grace. So, if you want to create Grease items for your weapons better have a lot of Root Resin with you.

Another thing you should remember is that Root Resin is just the base material; you will need other items like Smoldering Butterfly, Crystal Bud, Strings, etc., to make anything from the collected Root Resin.

So, let’s see where you can find Root Resin in Elden Ring.

➡️ Overworld Locations

There are various regions in Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes where you can see Root Resin growing around trees. In Limgrave, you can find Root Resin at Weeping Peninsula, Murkwater Catacombs, Stormfoot Catacombs, and Stormhill.

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you can find a lot of Root Resin near Revenger’s Shack, sometimes even up to 4X.


Root Resin can also be found near the roots of minor Erdtrees and Catacomb boss arenas. For example, Townsward Catacombs is one of the Catacombs where you can find Root Resin. It lies north of the Minor Erdtree in the Weeping Peninsula. 

Inside the Townsward Catacombs, touch the Site of Grace and run South. Take a left just before the dead-end.


Keep going straight to the East till you see a door. Enter the chamber.


Collect all the Root Resin at the end of the chamber. You will find three Root Resin lying around.


You will find a sliver of light that takes you back to the entrance of the Townsward Catacombs.


These are some of the major locations where you can find multiple Root Resin. However, you can find more of this crafting material at locations like just outside the Groveside Cave, atop a ladder in Gelmir Hero’s Grave, and in Shunning Grounds after killing enemies.

I’d say that the Townsward Catacombs is one of the best places to farm Root Resin, but the distance between the entrance and the end of the Catacombs is too much compared to the two farming locations that I am sharing next.

➡️ Farming Locations

Farming in gaming is when you do repetitive actions to acquire more points, experience, in-game currency, or, in our case, Root Resin. There are two locations in the Lands Between where you can farm Root Resin easily.

#1. Warmaster’s Shack

Warmaster’s Shack is located in Stormhill, Limgrave. From the Gatefront Site of Grace, hop on your Torrent and head west to the Stormhill region. In this region, you will encounter a shack called Stormhill Shack.

From the Stormhill Shack, head east to the Warmaster’s Shack.

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In the northeast of the Warmaster’s Shack, you can find three Root Resin. 


Once you collect the items, run back to the Site of Grace near the Shack, and the Root Resin will respawn, which you can collect again.

#2. Revenger’s Shack

The next Root Resin farming location is in the Liurnia of the Lakes called Revenger’s Shack.


Hop around the Shack and collect items like Root Resin, Mushroom, and Crystal Bud.


Again, once you collect all the Root Resin, get back to the Site of Grace, and the crafting materials will respawn. You can do this as many times as you want.

I’d say that the Revenger’s Shack is the best farming location for Root Resin simply because it has a lot of other crafting materials, like Crystal Bud, as well. So, once you collect these crafting materials, you can start creating your Grease items.

Root Resin Uses

As I mentioned, you cannot craft any items directly with Root Resin. You’ll need other crafting items as well. But here are some of the most popular Grease items that I think you should try with your collected Root Resin.

Of course, you should have other crafting materials, too!

➡️ Dragonwound Grease

Dragonwound Grease coats the right-hand armament and increases your damage by 30% against Dragons, including Magma Wyrms. Against ancient dragons, the damage increase is 20%. The Grease lasts for 60 seconds.

This can be handy against the Sleeping Dragon Greyoll – another great place to farm items. You need 1 Root Resin, 1 Beast Blood, and 1 Gravel Stone to craft Dragonwound Grease.


➡️ Shield Grease

The Shield Grease boosts your guarding abilities and damage negation. It coats the left-hand armament and lasts for up to 60 seconds. You need 1 Root Resin, 1 Silver Tear Husk, and 1 Crystal Bud to craft Shield Grease.


➡️ Fire Grease

You can coat your armaments with Fire Grease and inflict fire damage on your enemies. It lasts for 60 seconds and deals an additional 85 fire damage. You need 1 Smouldering Butterfly and 1 Root Resin to craft Fire Grease.


➡️ Poison Grease

For Poison Grease, you need 1 Poisonbloom and 1 Root Resin. The Grease coats your right-hand armament and inflicts Poison. The effect lasts only for 60 seconds.


➡️ Blood Grease

If you want to apply the blood loss status effect to your weapons, you can create a Blood Grease using 1 Root Resin and 1 Bloodrose. It coats your right-hand armament and inflicts Blood Loss of 30. The effect lasts for 60 seconds.

Of course, if you want long-lasting Blood Loss effects, you’re better off getting a greatsword like the Sword of Milos. This sword comes with an innate Blood Loss buildup. Nonetheless, the Blood Grease is the next best thing!

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➡️ Drawstring Blood Grease

This Grease is a little unique because there’s a short string attached to this grease lump. It coats your right-hand armament and inflicts blood loss, just like the Blood Grease above. The effect, however, with the Drawstring variant is shorter.

You need 1 Root Resin, 1 Bloodrose, and 1 String to craft Drawstring Blood Grease.


Similarly, you can create various Grease items by combining other materials with your Root Resin.

Root Resin Tips and Notes

If you do not want to farm Root Resin, you can simply buy it from any Nomadic Merchant. You might have to pay up to 50 Runes for each Root Resin.

If you want to sell the Root Resin, the sell value for the material itself is quite low at 10. However, you can craft Grease items and sell them to merchants for a higher value. Some Grease items can fetch you up to 200 Runes

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Final Thoughts

Root Resin is an extremely handy material to boost your weapon’s damage ability and add status effects that were originally missing from the weapon. You can craft various Grease items and customize your weapons the way you want.

But Root Resin is not the only thing you should look for early in the game. There are various other tips for Elden Ring beginners that we have compiled to make your exploration in Lands Between even better.

Here are some Elden Ring beginner tips that I want you to abide by before you can take on the notorious Elden Ring bosses. 

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