GTA Online: Where to Find Street Dealers


GTA Online is still one of the most popular games in the market. The reason behind its sustainability is regular updates topped with new elements introduced in the game every now and then. Since the game got the Los Santos Drug Wars update, the existence of street dealers in the game has become pretty normal.

As the name suggests, they are always on the lookout for stuff that can shake the world (at least when the customers take it). This post will cover all the points and questions related to the GTA Online street dealers. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the basics.

Who are Street Dealers in GTA Online?


In GTA Online, street dealers are gang members who spawn at different locations and serve only one purpose – trading drugs. These dealers spawn daily at three different locations on the map. As soon as the players get near them – in a proximity of 200m, they are denoted with a purple marker on the map. What is surprising here is that dealers don’t respond to any kind of aggressive act.

It would be safe to say that you enter somewhat close to Passive Mode while having a word with dealers, as no other players will be able to attack you. You can have a conversation with any of these dealers to purchase their drugs created by Acid Lab, Nightclub Techs, and Motorcycle Clubs.

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Where to Find Street Dealers in GTA Online?


The locations of the street dealers reset every 24 hours, similar to the stash houses in the game. The common time of location reset for street dealers is 07:00 UTC. There are around 50 possible locations where you can find street dealers for all kinds of drug trade. I have mentioned all of them below just to give you a better idea of the things.

Bilingsgate Motel, RanchoThe Families
Service Bay, West Side of Rockford Plaza BurtonKkangpae
Palmer-Taylor Power StationMadrazo Cartel
Behind Los Santos Customs, Route 68The Lost MC
Behind Nelsons General Store, Chumash PlazaThe Lost MC
Behind Raven Slaughterhouse, Cypress FlatsVagos
House north of the corner, Route 68Rednecks
Sany’ Gas Station, Sandy ShoresRednecks
Bayview Lodge, Paleto ForestHippies
Richman: Track bleachers northwest cornerArmenian Mob
Pop’s Pills, Paleto BayThe Lost MC
Jetsam Terminal on Buccaneer WayArmenian Mob
House of Cape CatfishHippies
Car park, Maze Bank ArenaStreet Punks
Benefactor-Gallivanter Dealership, Downtown VinewoodStreet Racers
BJ Smith Recreational Center, Chamberlain HillsThe Families
Trailer Outside Thomson Scrapyard Grand Senora DesertsHippies
Eastern Motel, HarmonyRednecks
RON and 24/7 Lago ZancudoStreet Punks
Mirror Park, Above Cool Beans Coffee HouseThe Lost MC
Behind Globe Oil Gas Station, Downtown VinewoodBallas
Paddle White Water Activity CenterStreet Punks
Pleasure Pier, between Sea Word Souvenirs and hung DrawnStreet Punks
Senora Desert Trailer ParkHippies
Broker Park, East VinewoodStreet Punks
Hookies, North ChumashThe Lost MC
Beachfront, Inseno Road, ChumashStreet Punks
Little Seoul Station, Little SeoulLos Santos Triads
The Boat House, Sandy ShoresStreet Punks
El Burro HeightsMarabunta Grande
Service Bay of Korean Plaza, Little SeoulKkangpae
Behind Heat, Hawick AvenueBallas
Behind Papa Surf, Vespucci BeachArmenian Mob
Ray-n-Mays, Mount ChilliadThe Lost MC
Decker Park, Little SeoulKkangpae
La Mesa – Behind Ammu-Nation on Poplar StreetVagos
Grapeseed, Behind Park View DinerThe Lost MC
Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, Alamo SeaRednecks
South Seas Apartments, Paleto BayStreet Punks
Abandoned Mexican Restaurant, Aloma SeaRednecks
North Side of LTD Gasoline, GrapeseedThe Lost MC
Near Bishop’s Chicken carpark, Tatavium MounstainsMadrazo Cartel
Caesars Auto Parking, Pillbox HillBallas
Behind Los Santos Customs, International AirportLos Santos Triads
Under 1237 Prosperity Street, Del PerroStreet Punks
Dashound Bus Center, Textile CityMarabunta Grande
House of South of HarmonyHippies
Beaver Bush Ranger Station, Vinewood HillsMadrazo Cartel
Cottage Park, Rockford HillsStreet Punks
Ceasars Auto ParkingBallas

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How to Trade with Street Dealers on GTA Online?


So there are four types of drugs in GTA Online that you can sell to these street dealers – Weed, Meth, Acid, and Cocaine. As for the prices, one unit of Cocaine sells at an average price of $20,000, one unit of meth at $8,750, one unit of Weed for $1,500, and one unit of acid at $1,485. Nonetheless, if the drug possessed by you is the premium drug of the day, then it will be sold at a higher price compared to its regular one.

On the other hand, if you want to sell a particular drug, then you need to have a proper setup to produce that drug, too. For example, you need to a weed farm in case you want to sell Weed.


Similarly, you need an acid lab business to sell acid in the game. To set up an acid lab, you can also take part in the First Dose missions and get to the top of the Los Santos Drug Wars. To sell Cocaine, you need a Cocaine Lockup Business, and when it comes to meth, Meth Lab Business.

If you own any of the mentioned businesses, then you can sell the produce to the street dealers. As soon as you get near one, you will see an interaction that will show the prices that the dealer is offering. So, one thing we can say is that growing your produce and selling it to street dealers is no rocket science.

You’ll also have to remember that not all street dealers in GTA will want the same product. Not only do their prices usually vary, the prices of some drugs will be more, based on what the street dealer is looking for.

For example, if a street dealer is prioritizing weed over other drugs, you’ll notice a star marked next to it when the selling list pops up. This means that they’re willing to pay a better price for this particular product.

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GTA Online Street Dealers’ Prices Explained

There are several factors that influence how much a street dealer in GTA Online is willing to pay for the product.

Firstly, street dealers have a specific price range for the product. Secondly, they won’t buy more than they require. Thirdly, as we’ve mentioned earlier, premium products (which vary based on the street dealer and the location) sell for more. All of these factors combined contribute to how much you can expect when selling to the street dealers.

Below, you’ll find a table that gives you a basic idea of how much you can expect from the street dealers for the drugs you’re selling.

ProductMinimum PriceMaximum PriceUnitsAverage Price Per UnitProfit ProbabilityAverage Total Payout

Using this table, you can plan your missions and acquisitions accordingly. Of course, the cocaine-pushing business has the biggest payout, but is also quite risky. Moreover, its profit margins are relatively low. For beginners, you’d be better off selling Acid or Weed.

Wrapping Up

So here is how you can trade drugs with the street dealers in GTA Online. Most of the time, having to deal with them will fetch you a good amount of money. According to my suggestion, having a cocaine business will be great as it is one of the most expensive drugs in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Moreover, if you are someone who is looking for money-making businesses, then you can check out our post on how to buy a bunker in GTA Online, as it also opens a lot of opportunities to run new money-making stints like running, MOC, and more.

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