Elden Ring: How to Get the Giant-Crusher?


Giant-Crusher is one of the best Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring. The weapon is found in the Altus Plateau and is perfect for players going for strength builds.

Elden Ring is known for its open-world exploration and is quite notorious for its hidden locations and items. Giant-Crusher is one of the OP weapons in the Lands Between and is definitely worth going after.

However, it is very easy to miss out on this weapon, as you have to go a little off-road and also fight a few enemies. The enemies won’t be a problem, though.

So, let’s see how to get the Giant-Crusher in Elden Ring and some tips you must remember before wielding it.

What is the Giant-Crusher in Elden Ring?

Giant-Crusher is a melee weapon in Elden Ring and falls under the Colossal Weapon category. These weapons are known for their powerful attack damage. 

You can even one-shot most enemies with the Giant-Crusher, and it works fantastically against powerful bosses like Margitt or even one of FromSoft’s most challenging bosses, Malenia, the Blade of Miquella.


According to the Elden Ring lore, Giant Crusher is a hammer made from a boulder. It was used in the War Against the Giants led by Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. The Giant-Crusher is the heaviest weapon in the Elden Ring, weighing 26.5.

As men become weaker to wield such hefty weapons, the Giant-Crusher was all but forgotten until you, the Tarnished, rediscover it and wield it as its forebearers did.


Each weapon has its own benefits and suits a certain playstyle and build. The Giant-Crusher is often compared with Elden Ring’s Greatswords due to their sheer strength-based attacks. 

The Greatswords in Elden Ring are perfect for slashing, piercing, and thrusting attacks. However, being a hammer, the Giant-Crusher is perfect for stomping attacks. So, choose a weapon according to your playstyle.

If you ask me, I’d choose a powerful greatsword like Blasphemous Blade when I roam around the Lands Between killing minor enemies, and switch to Giant-Crusher when fighting major bosses.

This way, I do not compromise my agility in open-world combats and take full advantage of the weapon’s strength in 1-v-1 boss fights. In a nutshell, Giant-Crusher is better than Greatswords when fighting formidable bosses.

How to Get the Giant-Crusher in Elden Ring?

The Giant-Crusher is found in a parked carriage south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. However, if this is your first playthrough, you need to follow a few steps even before you reach the Outer Wall Phantom Tree area.

So, let’s see how to get the Giant-Crusher in Elden Ring.

➡️ Reach Grand Lift of Dectus

The Grand Lift of Dectus is a vast lift that connects Liurnia of the Lakes to the Altus Plateau. The lift lies between the two areas, as shown on the map.

Source: Fextralife

The lift can only be activated by hoisting the Dectus Medallion. The left side of this medallion is found in Fort Haight (Limgrave), and the right side is found in Fort Faroth (Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow).


One more thing you must do when you are in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow is locate the sleeping dragon Greyoll and kill it. This is a super-easy, early-game opportunity to earn 50,000 Runes quickly.

Once the lift opens, enter the area.


➡️ Head to Capital Outskirts (Outer Wall Phantom Tree)

Once you enter the area, follow the critical path and head straight to the Capital Outskirts area. This lies east of the Grand Lift of Dectus site of grace.


You must be careful here, as two Tree Sentinels will be guarding the area. Whether you want to combat them or not is your choice. I just hopped on the Torrent and ran through them.

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Inside the place, you will find two Golden Seeds. Do collect them and add more flasks to your inventory.


A few steps ahead, you can find the map fragment for Leyndell, the Royal Capital.


Once you have all the areas on the map, let’s see how to reach the carriage that holds the Giant-Crusher.

➡️ Head South of Outer Wall Phantom Tree

You can rest at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site and use the Golden Seeds to acquire more Cerulean Flasks.


Just south of the site of grace, you will see the area where lies one of the most OP weapons in Elden Ring – the Giant-Crusher.

Source: Fextralife

However, when you reach the area, a beastly boss will welcome you. So, ensure you have a powerful early-game weapon like a Bloodhound Fang or a Uchigatana.


I suggest you do not run around the beast and finish it before you head to the carriage to collect the Giant-Crusher. Why? Because you will get a Golden Seed by beating this enemy.

Once you have finished off the beast, run to the carriage and open the chest that lies in the back of it. Here you have your Giant-Crusher.


Giant-Crusher Stats, Weapon Art, Ash of War, and More

Giant-Crusher is one of the strongest weapons in the Elden Ring. It weighs 26.5 and is the heaviest weapon in the Lands Between that a Tarnished can wield. Due to its heavy weight, I suggest you are at a 100+ level with more points in Strength.

The Giant-Crusher requires 60 Strength to be wielded efficiently. It scales with Strength only. I also suggest you have high Endurance and Poise to deal with attacks and recover from the slow animation.


Giant-Crusher comes with a default weapon skill called Endure, which is unsuitable for a powerful weapon like this if you ask me. So, the game allows you to upgrade Giant-Crusher with Smithing Stones and change its Ash of War.

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You can infuse the Giant-Crusher with these Ashes of War and level it up. In my opinion, some of the best Ashes of War for Giant-Crusher are Lion’s Claw, Determination, and Gravitas.


I play Elden Ring offline; however, if you play it online, you can infuse Giant-Crusher with the Lion’s Claw Ash of War to catch your opponents off-guard with a faster forward somersault attack.

How to Use the Giant-Crusher?

You cannot have two Giant-Crushers in the same playthrough. You can get the second Giant-Crusher in case an enemy drops it or you start a New Game+. NG+ resets your game progress but lets you keep the weapons and armor.

I suggest you use Giant-Crusher with any of the aforementioned Ash of War. Also, you can dual-wield the weapon to pancake the bosses with just one hit.

The best way to use a Colossal Weapon like Giant-Crusher is to pair it with a lightweight katana or a sword that will give you a wide range of attacks. Pairing it with another Colossal Weapon is not recommended because of the heavy weight of this weapon class.

You can strip down your armor to allocate the Colossal Weapons, but playing without proper armor is extremely hard to pull off as your enemies can hurt you a lot in the middle of the slow attacks of Giant-Crusher.   

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest pros of Giant-Crusher is that it can be acquired early in the game compared to other Colossal Weapons. 

The Giant-Crusher has the highest strength-scaling of all the Colossal weapons and can be infused with many Ashes of War to make it even more OP. It also has decent Guarded Damage Negation, so defensively, too, Giant-Crusher is a good weapon.

However, Giant-Crusher’s short length and heaviness make it a slow-attack weapon. And, if you don’t have enough poise, the after-attack recovery will be slow, and the enemies can interrupt your attacks.

So, I suggest you use Giant-Crusher against powerful bosses only, and for the rest of the game, you can use the best katanas in Elden Ring!

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