Elden Ring: All Walking Mausoleum Locations & How to Enter Them!


In my first Elden Ring playthrough, I remember seeing these gigantic, walking structures called Walking Mausoleums. I thought it was just another magical creature in the Lands Between, so I ignored them.

What a fool I was! 😂

These Walking Mausoleums are a sight to behold, but more than their jaw-dropping exteriors, it is about what’s in their interiors. These mausoleums let you duplicate remembrances that you collect after defeating bosses.

However, it is not easy to bring down a Walking Mausoleum. They are guarded by Spectral Knights, and if they step on you, it’s a certain death.

But just imagine, you can get the Hand of Malenia Katana, one of the best katanas in Elden Ring, and Scarlet Aeonia by duplicating the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess inside a Walking Mausoleum.

So, taking down these mammoth-like mausoleums is definitely worth the risk.

In this Elden Ring guide, I will share everything about the Walking Mausoleums, their locations in Elden Ring, how to take them down, what to do inside the mausoleum, and more.

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Wandering Mausoleums Tips

➡️ Bells and No-Bells

The Walking Mausoleums are of two types: some are with bells, and some are without bells. The mausoleums with bells will duplicate any boss remembrance. On the other hand, the mausoleums without bells will duplicate the remembrance of only non-shard bearer bosses. 


So, it’s better you decide beforehand which boss you want to defeat to collect their remembrance and then go to the Walking Mausoleum to duplicate it.

➡️ Cannot Receive the Same Reward

You cannot receive two of the same rewards (boss weapons) in the same playthrough. And you can use one remembrance per mausoleum.


This means if you have already traded the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess with Enia at the Roundtable Hold for the Hand of Malenia, you cannot have the same weapon even after duplicating the remembrance at a Walking Mausoleum.

➡️ Walking Mausoleums Do Fight Back

There are headless knights around the Walking Mausoleums who have vowed to guard the demigods whose corpses lie inside the monuments. You can defeat them before you go on to bring the mausoleum down or directly go for the mausoleum because the knights disappear when the mausoleum is defeated.


The Walking Mausoleums can attack you by stomping on you. The non-bell mausoleums can even perform a slam attack. The stomp and slam attacks are a certain death for you.

The mausoleum in Consecrated Snowfield fires magic projectiles that explode around itself. It can inflict heavy Magic damage. So, you better touch a Site of Grace nearby before you go for the Walking Mausoleums.


➡️ The Skulls on the Legs or at the Entrance

To enter the Walking Mausoleum, you must clean off the skull-like barnacles on its legs. Once you hit them, they come off. Do this on all four legs, and the Mausoleum will come down, and you can enter it.


However, in some cases, you won’t find the skull-like barnacles on the legs but at the mausoleum’s entrance. You need to use a Spiritspring or cliffs in the surroundings to get onto the top of the mausoleum and then clean off the barnacles.

There are two Walking Mausoleums which have barnacles at the mausoleum’s entrance. They are in Liurnia of the Lakes and Deeproot Depths. Both of them have bells.


Now, let’s see where you can find these Walking Mausoleums in the Lands Between.

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Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring

There are 7 Wandering Masoleums in Elden Ring. You will find one in the Weeping Peninsula, three in Liurnia of the Lakes, one in Consecrated Snowfield, one in Mountaintops of the Giants, and one in the underground location called Deeproot Depths.


➡️ Weeping Peninsula [Bell]

The first Walking Mausoleum that most players will find is in the Weeping Peninsula in the Limgrave region. You will see the mausoleum in the western region of the peninsula, east of Isolated Merchant’s Shack.

Source: Fextralife

I do not know if it’s a glitch or not, but many Elden Ring players have noted that some Walking Mausoleums take a halt for seven minutes in real-time. This happens during the nighttime in the game.

➡️ Liurnia of the Lakes [Bell and Non-Bell]

There are three Walking Mausoleums in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. One is with a bell, and two are without a bell. 

#1. Mausoleum with a Bell

The first mausoleum you should visit is in the northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy. The Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel is the closest Site of Grace to this mausoleum.


#2. Mausoleums with No Bell

In Liurnia of the Lakes, there are two Sites of Grace near the second Walking Mausoleum. One is the Ruined Labyrinth, and the other is the Mausoleum Compound, just north of the Church of Vows.

If you are at the Ruined Labyrinth site, then head north. If you are at the Mausoleum Compound site, then head south. You will find the third Walking Mausoleum in this same vicinity.

Both of these Walking Mausoleums stop for seven minutes during the nighttime in the game.

➡️ Consecrated Snowfield and Mountaintops of the Giants [Bell]

Consecrated Snowfield is a secret location in Elden Ring that is unlocked by hoisting the Secret Haligtree Medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold. The Walking Mausoleum at the Consecrated Snowfield has a bell and is located close to the Apostate Derelict Site of Grace.

This Mausoleum is a little different as it shoots magical projectiles in the air and only stops when you are within the walls of the Apostate Derelict church. It also doesn’t stop moving at night.


The Walking Mausoleum at Mountaintops of the Giants is with a bell. You can see its location on the right in the above image. It is located just outside Castle Sol in the northern area. This one does stop moving at night.

➡️ Deeproot Depths [Bell]

All six of the aforementioned Walking Mausoleums are above the ground. But the one at the Deeproot Depths is under the ground. This one is located near the Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace.

You can enter this region from the Siofra Aqueduct or the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds location.

The Walking Mausoleum at the Deeproot Depths also has skulls at the entrance and not at the legs. So, you need to use the surrounding Spiritspring, cliffs, or tree branches to climb to the top and clean the barnacles at the mausoleum’s door.


This mausoleum, too, stops wandering for seven minutes during the “late night” period of the game.

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How Do You Get Up on the Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring?

Now, as I have mentioned in the Walking Mausoleum Tips section, there are some Walking Mausoleums with skull-like barnacles on the legs, and some are at the mausoleum’s entrance.

There are different methods to enter these mausoleums. So, let’s see both of them.

➡️ Skull-like Barnacles on the Legs

Most of the seven Walking Mausoleums have skull-like barnacles on their legs. So, charge towards them and start attacking the legs.


You do not have to clean off all the barnacles, but just enough to make the mausoleum fall. When it starts to fall, you better move out, or the mausoleum will pancake you.

So, it’s better to mount Torrent when you do this.

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Once the mausoleum falls, open the door and enter it. You will find a corpse of the demigod that the headless knights around the mausoleum have sworn allegiance to.


➡️ Skull-like Barnacles at the Mausoleum Entrance

The Walking Mausoleums in the Lake of the Liurnia and the Deeproot Depths have barnacles at the mausoleum’s entrance. So, you will need to use the surroundings to your advantage to get up on the Walking Mausoleum.

Here, I am showing you how to access the Walking Mausoleum in Lake of the Liurnia. 

Travel west of Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel and use the Spiritspring to either jump directly on the Walking Mausoleum or a nearby cliff.


Use the extended cliff portions and get down one at a time. You can use Torrent for this adventure or jump down yourself.


When you are at the level of the entrance, just wait till the Walking Mausoleum comes close to you. Alternatively, you can use a bow and arrow to shoot at the barnacles from a distance.


Once the Mausoleum is near to you, hop near the entrance. You can use Torrent’s double jump to land safely.


Attack at the barnacles, and then the mausoleum’s entrance will open.


The Walking Mausoleum at the Deeproot Depths is a little different since it is an underground location. Be careful, as there will be a lot of Basilisks in this area.


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How to Use the Walking Mausoleums?

There are only 7 Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring, but the Remembrances are more. So, you need to choose which Remembrance to duplicate wisely, as you can only do it once.

You must also remember that not all Walking Mausoleums can duplicate all the Remembrances.

The Shardbearers’ Remembrances, like Morgott’s and Malenia’s, can only be duplicated at a mausoleum with a bell. On the other hand, non-Shardbearers’ Remembrances can be duplicated in any of the Walking Mausoleums.

Inside the mausoleum, you can duplicate any Remembrance you hold. If you have already used the Remembrance before, you can still duplicate it. 

I duplicated the Remembrance of Hoarah Loux I collected after beating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.


Since I have two Remembrance of Hoarah Loux, I can collect Axe of Godfrey and Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker.


Final Thoughts

So, that’s how you find all the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring. Once you find them, attack the barnacles, and they will fall. When they fall, enter the mausoleum and duplicate your remembrances.

But do keep in mind that you can use one remembrance per mausoleum. So, you better know which one to duplicate.

Make sure to also check out our list of the best Elden Ring Greatswords to get an idea about some of the weapons you can get by defeating bosses. Even if you don’t take the weapon, you can use the Remembrance to duplicate them through the Walking Mausoleums!

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