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In Starfield, there’s a mission called Back To Vectera that’s all about finding where Barrett disappeared. When I saw him last, he’d given me his own ship so that I could take the Artifact to The Constellation. Barrett stayed in Vectera with Lin and her crew. But now, The Constellation has lost contact with him.

In this post, I will tell you a quick way to rescue Barrett; a way that almost guarantees minimal damage if your shooting skills are above average. To succeed in this endeavor, you would have to be super quick and accurate with your shooting. But before advising you on how to execute the rescue operation, let me do a quick recap of what has happened so far in Starfield’s Back To Vectera mission.

I’d made a trip to New Atlantis in Jemison, where The Constellation has its headquarters in The Lodge. I gave the Artifact to them and secured Artifact Beta in another mission. You can check all about it in my post on how to get Artifact Beta. After I came back to New Atlantis, I got a new assignment: Check on Barrett. I went to Vectera for the same.

how to get artifact beta starfield

When I came back to Vectera after leaving the Artifact in the care of The Constellation, I found out that the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost was attacked again by Crimson Fleet pirates, and they took Barrett and Heller as prisoners, their location unknown.

With the help of the ex-boss (you can recruit Supervisor Lin), I got the coordinates of Shorun, the moon where the ship carrying both had crashed. Upon reaching the location, the player can find and recruit Heller. However, I didn’t find Barrett. I received an emergency audio transmission that pinpointed the place where the pirate crew took Barrett. This is the point in the story where the last leg of the mission starts.

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Traveling to the Location of Barrett

The Crimson Fleet pirate crew that took Barrett is somewhere in the Bessel system, so I grav-jump to the system.

Bessel System Starfield

Bessel III is the exact planet where the Crimson Fleet pirates are holed up now. I have to go there.

going to Bessel III

Scanning the planet gives me their exact location: the Ransacked Research Outpost.

Ransacked Research Outpost

Sarah is with me, just like in The Old Neighborhood mission, where we went planet hopping in search of UC Vanguard Moara. We take the higher ground so that it gets easier to survey the whole outpost area.

Surveying the outpost Starfield

There are some sentries and a couple of turret guns inside. Here is how you should proceed.

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Rescuing Barrett: Taking Care of Sentries and Turrets

Make a dash for the building on the left of the compound as soon as you enter and get inside the room. The Crimson Fleet sentries will open fire. Don’t worry about Sarah. She can handle herself.

Now, try to figure out where the bullets are coming from. The pirate sentries will be upstairs, somewhere on the platform. Go up quickly and take them out. You can then loot the turrets.

looting turrets starfield

After you have cleared the outside compound and secured the area, loot it for items. There is a locked computer further ahead on the left and a locked room on the right. Both require advanced lockpicking skills. Remember, looting is an excellent way to earn money in Starfield.

Free Barrett from The Crimson Fleet Outpost

Next, you need to go inside the Crimson Fleet Outpost. That’s where you’ll find Barrett and the remaining Crimson Fleet crew under Matsura the Grim.

Rescuing Barrett from the Crimson Fleet Outpost

It’s kind of unbelievable that the Crimson Fleet sentries outside didn’t inform Matsura of the infiltration. The amount of shooting that happened could have definitely woken up someone who had passed out after having a drink too many. But that didn’t happen.

How to Rescue Barrett Quickly by Taking Minimal Damage

When you enter, you’ll overhear Barrett and Matsura deep in conversation. Barrett may be his prisoner, but Matsura seems to find him a worthy companion to chat with. Get in a crouched position and slowly make your way forward, then turn left.

finding Barrett Starfield

The room where they have got Barrett in lies to the left side. Now, you could open fire through the room entrance, but the battle, then, could be long as there are about 4-5 enemies in that room. What I suggest is to go straight ahead and enter the second corridor you see.

second corridor in the crimson fleet outpost

Stay in a crouched position and slowly move forward towards the second corridor. The Crimson Fleet pirates won’t notice.

flanking the enemies Starfield

The second corridor will lead you to a spot just above and behind Matsura and the group. Don’t try to throw a grenade down, as it could injure Barrett. What you need to do from here is to just take down Matsura’s bodyguard. Shoot him in the head quickly without showing yourself. It might take you 2-3 bullets to drop him dead.

killing Matsura's bodyguard

As soon as he goes down, the other pirates would make a run for the second corridor to check who the shooter is. My advice: Don’t wait for them to make their move and immediately plant yourself in a shooting position; your gun should be pointed at the second corridor entrance through which you trudged up before.

As soon as you take Matsura’s bodyguard out, run, plant yourself, and get ready.

The moment you see a pirate entering the corridor, start shooting. Don’t let them enter the confined area. If they have squeezed their way in, don’t let them get close. By the time you are done, five of them will be dead near the entrance, including Matsura the Grim. And, there is his bodyguard, the one you killed before. That’s all of them. You can take a deep breath.

defeating Matsura the Grim

Go and meet Barrett now. He is free and will start following you.

finding Barrett in Starfield

There is plenty of loot to be had from the Crimson Fleet Outpost. Ammo, guns, credits and some rare items. Loot to your fill and then head out.

Warning: If you are going to take the designated path to the entrance, there is a trap in the form of a bomb lying ahead. But you can prevent injury by running in the opposite direction (towards the Ransacked Research Outpost) as soon as you trigger it.

returning with Barrett Starfield

That’s it, folks. Back To Vectera is done and dusted, and we would be going home to The Lodge with a healthy-looking Barrett. Lin can’t believe Barrett got back in one piece! Get in the cockpit and set the course for Jemison.

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Wrapping Up

Starfield’s Back To Vectera is a long mission, divided into two major rescue operations, those of Heller and Barrett. In the same mission, there are optional quests to recruit Lin and Heller both as crew members on your ship. The mission wraps up with Barrett safe and sound on your ship. If you have drafted Lin and Heller in your crew, they will be on the ship as well.

After I reach The Lodge in New Atlantis with Barrett, there are further missions waiting for me in Starfield. Two major ones are revealed to be from The Constellation itself. Got to go rest a bit in my room at The Lodge, and then I will be ready to embark on another Starfield adventure with Sparkian!

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