10 Best Hunting Games on PS5 for Unbelievable Wildlife Encounters


PlayStation games are always a delight to play, especially when we are talking about the games available on PS5. The genres and sub-genres have evolved in recent years to a considerable extent. One such sub-genre that has created a lot of buzz is hunting. The hunting games for PS5 are more than amazing and promise to provide a near real-life experience while performing the hunts.

These games are based in different locations like forests, deserts, jungles, and even fantasy lands. You can try to kill wild animals in these games, or you can just kick-start your journey of freeing the helpless from the clutches of evil by slaughtering demons and monsters.

Now, when it comes to choosing the best ones, the situation gets a little tricky as there are dozens of PS5 hunting games to explore. In order to make it easier for you, here we have listed down the best PS5 hunting games that you can go for in order to enjoy hunting and polishing your weapon skills.

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Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is a boon for the fisherman inside you. The game gives you life-like experiences of the fishing championship. You can get your dream setup or even customize the angler to stay at the top of the Bassmaster series.

There are setups in the game that allow you to participate in the Elite tour based on 8 real-world revenues. You can indulge in the career mode to grab the title of Bassmaster Classic Champion.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Deluxe Edition (PS5) - PlayStation 5 Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Deluxe Edition (PS5) - PlayStation 5 No ratings yet $32.15

Instead, you can also battle with other online players through the multiplayer modes of the game, like Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster College Series, Bassmaster Opens, and Bassmaster Elite Series.

One of the most intriguing parts about the game is that it also offers an underwater camera bundled with a GPS map system to take your fishing to a new level. On top of that, the fish movement in the game is based on AI, which means you will get different fishes at different depths and places.

Developer: Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games

Release Date: February 17, 2022

Far Cry 6


This one is for the adrenaline junkies out there. In Far Cry 6, you have to don the character of Dani Rojas, who is a localite of Yara and a crucial part of the modern-day guerrilla revolution for the liberation of Yara.

You will get to experience beaches, cities, jungles, and a handful of vehicles in the game. The icing on the cake is that you can play it in both solo mode and co-op mode with your friend.

Preview Product Rating Price
Far Cry 6 (PS5) (PS5) (PS5) Far Cry 6 (PS5) (PS5) (PS5) No ratings yet $20.99Amazon Prime

The arsenal in this FPS game is pretty expansive, as there are hundreds of weapons to wreak havoc with. If you are someone who wants to test the difficulty of the game, then you can play it in the fan-requested Extra-Hard difficulty mode. The game also consists of additional elements like special operations and free blockbuster crossover missions.

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Release Date: July 10, 2021

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Fishing Planet

This one has its own secure place in the list of best hunting games with features that other games fail to provide. Fishing Planet is a free-to-play game that supports crossplay on mobile as well.


You can compete with online players in the game and actively participate in competitions and events to rule the leaderboards. It includes more than 170 fish species exhibiting AI-based behavior, which changes according to place, climate, air temperature, bottom type, water current, and a lot more to mention.

The game has 25 eye-catching waterways that are based on real locations. It offers you three fishing types, including bottom, floating, and spinning, where you can use a plethora of lures and tackle combinations. The dynamic weather feature of the game makes it more captivating as you can get to experience different scenarios like sunshine, fog, and rain.

Developer: Fishing Planet LLC

Publisher: Fishing Planet LLC

Release Date: August 29, 2017

➡️ Check it out in the PlayStation Store.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

If you are a sci-fi RPG fan, then Horizon Forbidden West is specially crafted for you. The game takes you on a journey where you get to see an open world filled with distant lands, mind-bending characters, rich cultures, and a lot of new enemies.

You get a chance to explore the tall-standing mountains, sunken cities, and evergreen forests, which is America from a far-sighted future POV. The game allows you to wage wars against monstrous machines in a strategic manner with the help of deadly weapons, traps, gears, etc.

Preview Product Rating Price
Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition - PS5™ Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition - PS5™ No ratings yet $59.99Amazon Prime

What’s more, is that you also get to uncover the secrets that played a major role in the collapse of the Earth and its civilizations. Horizon Forbidden West is also one of the best PS5 open world games available today and deserves your full attention!

Developer: Guerrilla

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Release Date: February 18, 2022

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Hunting Simulator 2


Here, you get to see the most realistic hunting game from the list set in appealing natural environments. In Hunting Simulator 2, you are supposed to commence your hunting journey along with your dog and the best weapons that you can get your hands on. You will have to indulge in the forests of Eastern Europe spread over an area of 6 square miles.

The game lets you track down 33 animal species with the help of the best hunting techniques, with which you can locate the animal tracks and then hunt down the prey.

Preview Product Rating Price
Hunting Simulator 2 (PS5) - PlayStation 5 Hunting Simulator 2 (PS5) - PlayStation 5 No ratings yet $32.13Amazon Prime

The animals in the game work on AI and show super-realistic behavior. There are three choices of dogs to use as your hunting buddy – Beagle, German Shorthaired Pointer, and Labrador Retriever. All three of them have different hunting qualities. If you want realism during the hunt, Hunting Simulator 2 is one of the best hunting games you can play right now!

Developer: Neopica

Publisher: Nacon

Release Date: June 25, 2020

Monster Hunter Rise

Your search ends here in case you are looking for a game where you can tame the fiercest monsters. Monster Hunter Rise lets you play as a hunter who chooses from 14 different weapons to kill the beasts.


All the monsters hunted down by you in the game will provide the materials needed for the formation of new weapons and armor. The rule of the game is pretty simple: kill the deadliest monsters to get the most powerful rewards.

Additionally, you can also go on quests solo, or you can choose to do the same with a team of up to four players. Your main objective in the game will be to protect the Kamura Village from the monsters along with Palico Felyne friends.

Developer: Capcom USA

Publisher: Capcom USA

Release Date: January 20, 2023

➡️ Check it out in the PlayStation Store.

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theHunter: Call Of The Wild

This open-world atmospheric hunting game is something that you really need to try. theHunter: The Call of the Wild consists of single-player campaigns along with going on a hunting spree with your friends. You can roam freely in the game and experience the scenic environments along with encountering different kinds of flora and fauna.


The game also has elements like full day and night cycles, super realistic acoustics, animal behavior, simulated ballistics, and dynamic weather events. You can go hunting in the game with the weapon of your choice.

The animals that can be found in the game are Moose, Mallard Ducks, Elks, Jackrabbits, and more. You have to play the game strategically so that you can choose the appropriate weapon for hunting particular animals.

Developer: Expansive Worlds AB

Publisher: Expansive Worlds AB

Release Date: October 2, 2017

➡️ Check it out in the PlayStation Store.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most popular games of all time. It’s also an excellent hunting game in its own right. You have to play the character of Geralt of Rivia, who is a mercenary monster slayer. Monsters are swarming on a continent, and you have to explore the same to eradicate all of them while respecting your current contract.

According to the contract, you have to track down Ciri, the child of prophecy, who is a living weapon with the potential to change the shape of the world.

Without a doubt, the game provides you with weapons that can straightaway send these monsters to hell. You can also use the combat magic as well as the mutating potions.

You will get in a fight with the scariest, bloodthirsty beasts and the shrewd supernatural predators. The game also lets you use the rewards to craft new weapons, upgrade weapons, or purchase custom armor.

If you’re looking for an adventure, look no further than this PS5 adventure game. Trust us — it’s one of the very best!

Developer: CD Projekt

Publisher: CD Projekt

Release Date: December 14, 2022

Way of the Hunter


When it comes to providing an immersive experience, Way of the Hunter takes the crown for sure. The game has a storyline, and along with that, it also offers a free-to-hunt environment where you can interact with animal groups showing natural behavior.

The gameplay comprises complex ecosystems that react as well as adapt as per your input. The game also has features that highlight anime signs like blood spatter analysis, rewindable bullet camera, shot review, and more.

Preview Product Rating Price
Way of The Hunter for PlayStation 5 Way of The Hunter for PlayStation 5 No ratings yet $19.71Amazon Prime

It has two locations where you can travel both ways – by car or foot. Along with that, the game also has a 24-hour day and night cycle topped with changing weather and wind direction. You can hunt and then sell the meat to buy new gear, hunting passes, and more.

The story is based on a family that is into the hunting business and how the dynamics around them change with the rivalries and the friendships in the game. All-in-all, definitely worth a try!

Developer: Nine Rocks Games

Publisher: THQ Nordic GMBH

Release Date: August 18, 2022

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Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing is a hunting game that will let you delve into the most beautiful lakes of Europe. The game allows you to learn the basics of fishing with the help of in-game tutorials.


Apart from that, you can also directly get to one of the five locations, including St John’s Lake and Digger Lakes, at the situated Linear Fisheries. The fish in the game respond to the water temperature, weather conditions, and the time of day.

Online features of the game can make it a bit more interactive, but it totally depends on your choice. The game has basic cast control that represents a power bar style system and total cast control that feels like hunting with a real fishing rod.

You can use the reels, bait, rods, and rigs to make thousands of combinations. You can also read the water in the game and predict its features. This will help you in getting to know the type of fish you could capture.

Developer: Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games

Release Date: November 4, 2017

➡️ Check it out in the PlayStation Store.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned games are the best ones that you can go for in case you want the hunting experience from the comfort of your couch. From fishing and animal hunting to killing monsters and demons, these games offer unmatchable experiences.

You can go for any of them according to which sub-genre you like the most. However, one thing that you need to know is that these games take time to set your hands on, so you need to practice seriously before taking part in the in-game championships.

And, if you want something slightly different, providing a healthy dose of scares and shocks, have a look at our list of the best PS5 horror games.

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