7 Best Dice Board Games for Tabletop Fun (2023)


Dice Board Games are for everyone. Whether you are an experienced gamer or a kid, you have never played any board game. There is something for everyone that will keep you away from your gadgets and hooked with some of the best board games ever.

Nothing comes close to the traditional dice board games we have had for centuries now. You might have played the evergreen Ludo, Snakes and Ladder, Monopoly, Life, Catan, and many more.

One of the major reasons that we still love playing these dice board games is the unpredictability that comes along with it. Unlike other board games where you have to apply intense strategy and planning to win over your opponent, dice board games heavily rely on pure luck.

With every roll, you never know what could be your next move and what it has in store for you looking forward to the game.

The joy of getting the perfect roll, the tension when you’re hoping for that one crucial number, and the excitement you share with your fellow players – these are the moments you remember. In a world where we often want everything under control, dice board games remind us that there’s joy in not knowing what’s coming next.

So, let’s dive into the list of the best board games for tabletop fun.

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BANG! The Dice Game

If you are looking for an affordable Dice board game, this is what you need to get one immediately. You can even gift this to your friends or family and enjoy it together. The game revolves around the Old West, where you are given the roles of sheriffs, outlaws, and renegades.

BANG! The Dice Game

Each character has a different set of abilities that sets the entire stage of the game. Your role decides the outcome of the game. Once you receive your character card, the game begins. There are several rounds to the game, and each round has its own unique set of tasks.

You start the round by rolling the dice that display various symbols, each corresponding to different actions, such as shooting, healing, stealing, and more. Then, as a result of the dice rolls, you perform actions based on your character.

BANG! The Dice Game - 1
Source – YouTube

The best part of the game is that you get to keep your role hidden, due to which you will see more bluffing and politics. The Sheriff and Deputies win if all Outlaws and Renegades are eliminated. The Outlaws win if they eliminate the Sheriff, while the Renegade aims to be the last person standing, navigating a more complex path to victory.

Preview Product Rating Price
Da Vinci Bang!: The Dice Game , Brown Da Vinci Bang!: The Dice Game , Brown 2,387 Reviews $17.99Amazon Prime
Affordable and fun to play.It can be complex for newcomers to begin with.
Hidden roles and characters add depth to the game.
Game components are top-notch, such as dice and cards.
Perfect for experienced gamers.

Dice City

I have always been a massive enthusiast of any game that involves building and strategizing. Hence, Dice City has all my heart. The price point might be on the upper end, but it is worth investing every penny.

Dice City

The game begins with each player having their own board and a set of dice (one of each color). You will use the board to build your own empire and use it for collecting points. Now, the game starts by rolling all the dice together. 

The results determine the actions and resources you have available for that turn. Different sides of the dice correspond to various actions, such as gathering resources, acquiring cards, or upgrading your buildings.  

Dice City - 1

Check the number and the colored dice and place them accordingly on the board. You can learn everything about the gameplay in detail from the manual provided with the game. There is a lot to unpack in this game. You will find grids on the board that provide a diverse array of resources and actions, including gold, stone, and military strength.

The victory of the game is decided based on who has best managed their city, considering all the dice rolls and opportunities they get in the process. So, this is the perfect family board game if you’re planning on game nights!

Preview Product Rating Price
Dice City Dice City No ratings yet $47.21Amazon Prime
City-building using dice mechanics is highly engaging and unique.It can be challenging to understand all the aspects of the game.
High-quality parts of the game, such as board, dice, cards, and more.Expensive.
Interactive gameplay.
High replayability.

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IELLO: King of Monster Island

This isn’t your regular dice board game, with numbers determining the game’s fate. It’s one of the most interesting and visually stunning games you might have ever played. The major aim of this game is to defeat one of three different bosses by working together as a team, making it one of the best cooperative board games on this list.

It isn’t just about winning, but survival, along with minimizing the threat of the minions and keeping the bosses from making interdimensional portals.

IELLO: King of Monster Island

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it can be, but this dice board game will take you on an adventure like something you may not have experienced before.

To start the game, you will have to set up the board with the Volcano placed right in the middle. Now, since there are three bosses, each has two difficulty levels. You can choose any one and place it along with the main board. Based on the boss you have chosen, you can take that number of dice and return the other dice to the box.

IELLO: King of Monster Island - 1

You can now place the boss cut out on the board along with all the other components, such as event cards and minions, on the sides to be ready to play.

There is only one way to win the game, and defeating the boss is by bringing their health to zero. However, you can also be defeated in the process when there are no more minions left to be drawn, if there are three intergalactic portals on the board, or if any one of the player’s health is zero.

The game has multiple phases and stages that you can learn more about in detail from any YouTube channel. It is beginner-friendly, but there is a steep learning curve that can make things difficult.

Co-op game, perfect for team building and playing.Steep learning curve.
Perfect for every age.Expensive.
The components are of high quality and keep you hooked.
Unique strategic approach.

Pandemic: The Cure Board Game

We have another very popular dice board game on our list. Pandemic The Cure is a co-op game where you will work together with other players as a team of specialists to stop the outbreak of diseases around the world. If you’ve got just another friend to play with, it also makes for one of the best two-player board games available today.

Pandemic: The Cure Board Game

The objective of the game is very simple. There are multiple diseases that are spread in a virtual world, and you need to look for a cure before the time runs out. However, if the infection or the disease spreads beyond control, you will lose.

Instead of cards, the game has custom dice representing diseases and player actions. The game starts with each player choosing a different role, each with its own special abilities, and working together to contain and cure the diseases.

Pandemic: The Cure Board Game - 1

You have to roll the dice when your turn comes, each representing different actions or results, including treating diseases, moving to different locations, collecting samples, or dealing with outbreaks.

There are multiple colored dice where the diseases are represented by their own set of dice. All the players will come together and manage each dice roll to cure the diseases. Ultimately, If you’re able to find the cures for the four different diseases, you win and save humanity.

The game promotes teamwork and cooperation.Based mainly on luck.
Custom Dice are designed to offer unpredictability, keeping the game interesting.Challenging for newcomers.
High replayability due to multiple roles and characters.
Offers quicker and more streamlined experience.

Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age

Have you ever played the popular Roll Through The Ages series before? Well, this is a new addition to the series that involves intense dice rolling and is a sequel to the earlier game “Roll Through The Ages: The Iron Age”, which has been immensely popular as well.


Now, speaking of the gameplay, players take on the roles of rulers of ancient civilizations. You have to build a thriving civilization by managing resources, trade, and development. This game invites 1-4 players, and the player with the most prosperous and advanced civilization at the end of the game wins.

Each player gets their own board that keeps track of their food and other resources. At the beginning of the game, you have three cities; hence, you will roll only three custom dice that represent different resources and actions.

Preview Product Rating Price
BARD Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age BARD Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age No ratings yet $24.95

The game is typically played over several rounds. Players score points for various achievements, such as constructing buildings, completing developments, and having a well-fed population. If you’ve played Settlers of Catan, you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the best board games like Catan available in the market right now!

Easy to learn and play.Downtime waiting time for other players turns can be challenging.
Set up is pretty easy and quick to get started.
The average playtime is only 30 minutes, which makes it worth it.
It is highly portable and can be carried around.

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TENZI Party Pack Dice Game

TENZI is considered to be the best dice game for all age groups. Whether you are a kid or a much older person, you can enjoy it every time. Also, the gameplay is quite simple. If you’ve got a kid, this is a perfect board game for 8-year-olds and above. You will only find different colored sets of 10 dice.

TENZI Party Pack Dice Game

The major aim to win this game is to roll all ten of your dice to the same number. It’s a race to see who can achieve this goal the fastest.

Each player gets a set of 10 dice of a single color. The dice are the traditional number dice you might have used for playing Ludo. Once you start playing, you have to keep rolling all the dice to get the same number on all your dice. Now, this does look challenging as it is pure luck and does not include any strategy whatsoever.

This game can be modified and played in so many different ways. If it becomes too challenging, you can simply put a timer and check who has the most dice that match instead of all of them. Since this is a party pack game, you can invite multiple players or even set up a team with each colored set.

Easy to learn and play.Entirely luck driven.
Perfect for all age groups.It is repetitive as there isn’t much depth to it.
Highly engaging and fast-paced gameplay.
Components only include dice, making it easy to maintain.

Castles of Burgundy

If you are looking for a board game that has strategic depth and will keep you hooked for hours, Castles of Burgundy is at the top of our list. There is no doubt that it is one of my favorites as well because of the quality of the components it has and overall gameplay.

Castles of Burgundy

Your aim as a player is to accumulate the most points by developing your estates. Points are earned by completing various activities such as building structures, trading goods, and more. 

The game starts after you have set up the main board by placing all the components on the board as mentioned in the manual provided to you. Then, each player gets their own separate playing board. Now, since this is a dice board game, there are four different colored dice of 2 pairs each.

Each player can choose the color and then use it throughout the game to progress. You will take turns rolling two dice and using the results to take action. The dice can be used for various purposes, such as acquiring tiles, trading goods, and more.

This is a highly strategic game where you have to make the best use of the dice roll you have made in each turn. Furthermore, The game’s central mechanism is the use of hexagonal tiles, which represent different features of your estate.

It is popular for its depth and replayability.Steep learning curve.
You get a perfect balance of luck and strategy to win the game.
Exceptional quality components such as dice, boards, etc.
Perfect for 2 or more players

Fostering Connections Through Dice Board Games

People often talk about how much fun it is playing board games or how it is simply a tool to pass the time. But not everyone talks about the social impact it creates in our lives, whether you are playing it with your family, cousins, or friends.

➡️ Creating Social Bonds

Board Game bonds

We are glued to our phones all day long, and there is hardly any time for family or friends anymore. These board games serve as a perfect escape for us, especially because they give us enough time to spend with our families and keep that bond alive.

Also, you might find board games in restaurants, where you can play and spend time with your friends rather than on social media.

➡️ Inclusivity

Unlike some games that require a deep understanding of strategy or complex rules, dice board games are easy to grasp. Whether you are 80 years old or eight years old, you can enjoy any board games with your family and make the most of it.

You do not have to be an expert or a professional while playing these games. All you need is to have fun, and hopefully, you might have a chance of winning if the luck is with you.

➡️ Friendly Competition

board game competitions

Another beautiful aspect of board games is that there aren’t any professionals or seasoned players for such games. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, thanks to the dice.

Furthermore, healthy and friendly competition does not hurt anybody. All your strategic movies and planning to win the game are things you will remember for years since, in the end, the connection matters that came with these dice board games.

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Get Your Dice Ready to Roll!

Which game did you find the most interesting? There are so many options in this list we have reviewed that you might need to learn about each of the gameplay before getting one for yourself or even gifting someone. I love each of them equally. 

Each has its own unique aspect to add, whether you are a kid or a 70-year-old granddad. These games are here for anyone and everyone. Make sure to go through each of these games and get the one that suits your budget. 

Now, if you want something slightly different and challenging, you can also check out our list of the best puzzle board games!

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