Where to Find Squid Kids in Stardew Valley?


Squid kids are one of the monsters you’ll find in the Stardew Valley mines. You’ll only come across these dangerous and notorious creatures once you’re in the deeper levels of the mines, and you have undertaken the journey to make it to the bottom.

What makes it even more interesting is there’s not one. There are two types of squid kids you could find in Stardew Valley. One of them is the squid kid, and another is the squid kid (dangerous) version. We’ll get into where to find both these squid kid variants in Stardew Valley, along with ways to defeat each of them and persevere longer in the game.

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Squid Kids: What Are They, and What Are Their Stats?

Normal squid kids are enemies that look like pink balls in the mines. They will move quickly and shoot fireballs at you.

Now, while squid kids are very easy to kill because they have only 1 HP, do your best to dodge the fireballs, as one hit can reduce 18 points for you. When you kill one, you’ll receive 15 XP.

Let’s talk about the second variant of squid kids now: Squid kids (dangerous) version. They can inflict higher damage, are yellow in appearance, and wear sunglasses.

You should watch out for the dangerous squid kids because their HP is 250, in comparison to the single HP of your normal squid kids. Each dangerous squid kid will throw 4 fireballs at you, and their base damage is between 22-32.

Finding Squid Kids in Stardew Valley


You might not find squid kids as often as other enemies in the mines, but you’re sure to find squid kids between the levels 81 – 119 of the mines.

Squid kids (dangerous), like the name suggests, is the more dangerous version found in mines between levels 81 – 119 only when the Shrine of Challenge effect is active. Moreover, you can find the dangerous squid kids in the mines when the Danger in the Deep quest is on as well. They’ll also be your guests in the Skull Cavern of Stardew Valley.

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Monster Loot: What Does the Squid Kid Drop in Stardew Valley?

No matter the type of squid kid, normal or dangerous, they will drop the following monster loot items:

➡️ Bomb

A bomb is a one-time-use explosive item that will damage items or kill monsters when thrown. If not anything, it’ll be a good distraction while you run off to a safer spot or escape the mines. There’s a 10% chance that a normal squid kid or a dangerous squid kid would drop a bomb.

➡️ Dwarf Scroll III


The Dwarf Scroll III is an artifact that can be dropped by a squid kid 0.5% of the time, and donated to Gunther’s museum. Donating all the dwarf scrolls to the museum will unlock the Dwarvish Guide and add it to your wallet. You can use it to converse with the Dwarf in the mines and have him help you navigate the treacherous bottom pits of the mines.

➡️ Dwarf Scroll IV

Though chances are only 0.01%, the Dwarf Scroll IV is the final scroll you need to donate to Gunther’s Museum to unlock the Dwarvish Guide to talk to the Dwarf. He sits on the right side of the mines.

➡️ Gold Bar

The chances of getting a gold bar are around 0.5%. You’ll need 5 of them each to upgrade tools in Stardew Valley to the gold grade. Getting a gold bar saves you from the task of smelting them in a furnace. Through these, you can upgrade tools in Stardew Valley.

➡️ Mega Bomb

Again, another 5% chance of getting a mega bomb. This one’s useful for all your visits to the deeper levels of the mines and Skull Cavern, where monsters galore. It’ll generate a massive explosion, kill monsters, or distract them to get you safely out of harm’s way.

➡️ Solar Essence


With 75% chance of getting a solar essence, you’ll need solar essence to craft important items in the Stardew Valley game, like a mega bomb, mini obelisk, hyper-speed gro, barrel brazier, and others. A mini obelisk will open up two places on the farm to support easy transport between them. In contrast, a hyper-speed gro reduces the time required to grow crops. Moreover, a barrel brazier provides light, whereas an iridium band can increase attack damage by 10%.

➡️ Squid Ink

The chances of getting squid ink is 20% from a squid kid in Stardew Valley. You can use squid ink to sew a midnight dog jacket and cook squid ink ravioli and seafoam pudding.

➡️ Diamond

Diamond is one of the most valuable minerals in Stardew Valley. You can sell it for 750 gold coins, gift it to Pelican Town villagers (almost everyone loves it), and upgrade melee weapons. You can also craft unique items like fairy dust, a geode crusher, and a ring of Yoba. The chances of getting a diamond are only 0.05%.

➡️ Prismatic Shard

Another rare monster drop, Prismatic Shard, is the rarest mineral in the game. Moreover, it sells for 2000 gold coins and can be used for getting the Galaxy Sword, enchant tools, gifted to everyone as a universally loved gift, used in tailoring and crafting.

You can also do away with your children in the game by turning them into doves when you offer a prismatic shard to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness at the Witch’s Hut in Stardew Valley.

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What Other Monsters Can You Find in 81 – 119 Floors of the Stardew Valley Mines?


Now, if you haven’t ventured out into the deeper pits of the mines yet, you must be intrigued to know what you might find in the levels between 81-119. I thought I’d give you a quick sneak peek of the monsters in Stardew Valley mines:

➡️ Lava Bat

With a base HP of 80 and base damage delivering rate of 15, Lava Bats can drop 2 batwings, bombs, rare disks, or Dwarf Scrolls.

➡️ Lava Crab

Lava crabs disguise themselves as rocks, and have a base HP of 120. They can deliver base damage of 15 and can drop bombs, crabs, and dwarf scrolls. In fact, they can also drop rare and valuable items like prismatic shards and diamonds.

➡️ Shadow Brute


Also popular as the void spirit monsters, Shadow Brutes have a 160 base HP and a base damage rate of 18. In fact, resist knockback with this creature – that’s the only way they attack. They can drop coal, copper bar, gold bar, dwarf scrolls, iridium bar, iron bar, prismatic shards, strange buns, rare disks, and void essences.

➡️ Red Slime


A red slime has 205 HP and can drop coal, diamond, dwarf scrolls, red slime eggs, sap, slime, and white algae.

➡️ Shadow Shaman

With a base HP of 80, Shadow Shamans are also void spirit monsters that have a base damage of 17. They are magic healers. Not only will they heal themselves, but also all other enemies around them with 60 points. Shadow Shaman drops include coal, copper bar, iron bar, gold bar, iridium bar, dwarf scrolls, rare discs, prismatic shards, diamond, and void essence.

➡️ Metal Head


Metal head is an enemy to look out for. They have high defense (the number’s 8 in case you’re wondering). The two other variants include Metal Head (dangerous) and Hot Head.

Metal head drops rare items like Squire’s Helmet (to help increase airflow), solar essence, diamond, and prismatic shards. You can also find copper ore, iron ore, coal, and dwarf scrolls as more of its common drops.

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Steer Clear of the Squid Kids

The squid kids throw fireballs at you from a distance. Hence, it’s important to dodge those fireballs, and save yourself. Each hit will slow you down, ruin your health, and eventually kill you if you’re not careful. Hence, you’d also want to kill the squid kids as soon as you see one hurling towards you.

You can use an iridium sword to slay them in no time. You can purchase powerful swords from the Adventurer’s Guild that’s beside the mines in Stardew Valley.

While you’re down in the mines dealing with a squid kid, you might want to check out how to get iron ore in Stardew Valley as well!

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