The Witcher 3 Possession Quest | How to Kill the Hym & Save Udalryk


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the GOATs of the gaming world, even after nearly a decade since its release. Besides its wonderful graphics and satisfying gameplay, The Witcher 3’s interesting quests have long been a major reason behind its popularity. Moreover, with the Possession Quest in The Witcher 3, you’ve got some tricky decisions to make!

This post is intended to give The Witcher 3 enthusiasts a walkthrough for the ‘Possession’ mission. The quest revolves around Geralt and Cerys trying to lift a curse that has clouded Jarl Udalryk’s life and is undoubtedly a fun mission to complete.

So, without further ado, let us explain how players can finish ‘Possession’ with ease.

How to Get to Spikeroog?

After completing ‘The King is Dead – Long Live the King’ quest, players can start ‘Possession’. But first, they have to reach Spikeroog. For the unaware, Spikeroog is a tiny island in the Skellige archipelago and belongs to Clan Brokvar.

The Island of Spikeroog

Geralt can reach this island in several ways: Of course, he can find a boat and sail there. But the easiest way to reach Spikeroog is via fast travel. Players can find many merchants selling maps in the Kaer Trolde Harbor area. By buying such a map, they can open a fast-travel point on the island. Also, they may visit a nearby pop-up shop and buy ‘The Lonesome World Guide To Spikeroog’ map to fast-travel to Spikeroog. 

Where to Find Udalryk?

Once on the island of Spikeroog, you have to visit the south of Svorlag to find Udalryk. Here, you will see Udalryk speaking to a man, namely Hjort.

Within a few moments of your arrival, Udalryk departs. So, you only have Hjort, whom you must ask about your queries.

Players can either ask him about Cerys’ whereabouts or Udalryk’s well-being.

If they pick the option to know about Udalryk, they will get an extra objective, that is, asking the local villagers about Cerys.      

➡️ Asking the Villagers about Cerys

If Geralt needs information about Cerys’ location, he can go to the north direction from Udalryk’s place. There, he will find a woman sweeping the ground whom he has to question. The woman will direct Geralt to Bergthora and Elric.

Before going to their house, you will notice a man sitting on a chair just up the street. Players can ask him about Cerys, but it will not prove to be sufficiently fruitful, as the man does not have much info.

Svorlag looking for Cerys - witcher 3 possession quest

Thus, they have to move further to the north, where they will see Bergthora working outside. She will let you know that Cerys went to talk to her husband Elric, on a nearby sea beach.

Geralt can reach the place by heading north through the woods. Upon arriving at the beach, he will find Drowners – the water-dwelling scroungers – torturing an unaccompanied Elric.

After getting rid of the Drowners and saving Elric, Geralt can speak to him about Cerys’ whereabouts. Doing some to and fro will make Elric reveal Cerys’ current location – Udalryk’s old family house.      

➡️ Where to Locate Cerys?

As Elric has revealed, Geralt can find Cerys in Jarl’s old family house, which is presently deserted. Players, as Geralt, have to navigate to the northwestern part of the village – a hilly region.

Upon entering the house, Geralt needs to utilize his Witcher senses, which will reveal some footprints. Follow those footprints, and soon you will discover Cerys an Craite in an unconscious state.

Cerys an Craite

Once you locate Cerys, a cutscene will trigger. After getting out of the abandoned house, Geralt and Cerys will have a brief conversation where Cerys an Craite narrates a story about Jarl’s past.

According to the story, Udalryk’s father gave the Brokvar Sword to his younger brother, Aki, instead of him. This triggered a series of events that eventually caused his brother’s death by drowning while he went to fish.

Now, Cerys thinks Aki’s ghost is haunting Jarl, and placing the Brokvar sword on Aki’s remains can put an end to all of this.

While Geralt is not so sure about the plan’s success, he is ready to give it an attempt.

➡️ Where to Find the Brokvar Sword?

In order to give life to Cerys’ theory, first, Geralt needs to grab the Brokvar sword from the same house you found her. Note that it is possible to take the sword even before locating Cerys.

Anyway, to retrieve the clan’s sword, players have to reenter the Udalryk’s old house and search for it.

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Once inside the house, you will notice two rooms that are isolated from the main area. Enter the one closest to the main entrance, where you will find a key that opens the cellar door.

Exit the room, and from the main area, move to the north corner to discover a trap door with a lock. Next, open the trap door with the key you have just found.

Climbing down the stairs will take you to an unlit basement. Here, you will see a table atop which there rests the Brokvar sword. Pick the weapon, exit the house, and meet Cerys.

The two of you will then have to visit Jarl and talk to him. He will give you the location of Aki’s drowning.

Head a bit to the east from Udalryk’s present residence and dive underwater. Remember that this place is known for being home to numerous deadly creatures. But you can kill them easily using a crossbow.

Your Witcher senses will tell you the exact place containing Aki’s remains. Place the sword there and return to Jarl to find him gouging his eye out.

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➡️ The Real Cause of Udalryk’s Curse

After questioning Jarl for a while, Geralt privately converses with Cerys to tell her that the Hym, not Aki’s ghost, has made Udalryk’s life miserable.

The Hym is a rare, terrifying monster that attaches itself to those who have done something horrible and thrives on their feelings of guilt.

Geralt and Cerys - witcher 3 possession quest

When Jarl took Aki out on a fishing trip to rejuvenate their bonding, a storm hit, which made Aki fall overboard. Jarl was busy with the sails. So, he did not notice the tragic incident until Aki fully drowned, and it was too late to save him. However, some locals opine that Udalryk himself killed his brother.

Regardless of the reason, Jarl’s guilty conscience turned him into the Hym’s prey.

Geralt tells Cerys that there are two ways to save Udalryk – either deceiving the Hym or doing things The Witcher Way.

The Witcher must examine the hearth and the cradle before proceeding further.

➡️ Cerys’ Plan to Trick the Hym

Tricking the Hym is about pretending to do something heinous and making the Hym come out of Jarl to infect the new victim. But upon realizing the trickery, the Hym has to leave.

Cerys likes this idea and has a plan. If you decide to go Cerys’ route, Cerys will hand you Udalryk’s child and tell you to throw him in the oven.

You are free to either return the child to Udalryk or put him in the oven. If you choose the former, you must fight and kill the Hym.

Geralt holding Udalryk’s child.

But if you do what Cerys dictates you to do, you have to fight Jarl’s guards while the Hym attaches itself to you.

Nonetheless, Hjort soon comes with the baby – safe and sound. Once the Hym grasps what just happened, it must leave.     

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➡️ Geralt’s Plan to Eliminate the Hym

The alternate way to save Jarl is via the complete annihilation of the Hym. Spending a night with an infected person in the Hym’s lair will make the monster come out, allowing Geralt to kill it.

To do so, first, inform Udalryk about the creature and then go back to the haunted house while placing torches in the area of your entrance. The game will mark their locations. The Specter Oil and the Moon Dust are Geralt’s best bet in defeating the Hym.

Cerys examining the oven - witcher 3 possession quest

Next, go talk to Udalryk outside the house and ignite the torches. This will make the Hym appear.

Fight and deal damage to it utilizing your sword, Moon Dust, and Igni. Sometimes you have to relax Jarl using Axii.

When the Hym receives a lot of damage, it flees the scene and takes shelter in the cellar. Track him down and kill him there.

No matter what method you choose to get rid of the dangerous monster, you talk to Udalryk one last time. The end of the conversation marks the conclusion of the quest.    

Final Words

As you can see, ‘Possession’ in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fun quest to play and tells a disastrous story. Jarl Udalryk is guilt-ridden since the fishing trip that caused his brother Aki’s death.

While Cerys first thinks it is Aki’s ghost that is haunting Jarl, Geralt discovers that the real culprit behind all this is the Hym – a scary creature feeding on Udalryk’s guilt.

In this post, we explained how to complete this quest and drag Jarl out of his misery. Hope it will serve as a guide to those struggling to finish ‘Possession’ and progress one step further in completing the entire game. Have a great Witcher 3 experience!

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It’s quests like these that cement The Witcher 3’s position as one of the best story-driven games of all time!

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