9 Best Mobile RPGs For On-the-Go Adventures


Do you want to discover what the best mobile RPG games are?

Who knew that while we were playing classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate in the ’90s, we’d one day be able to play them on our mobile devices?

The genre has evolved considerably throughout the years, and we now have a wide range of RPGs to choose from, from classics to spin-offs and new endeavors. So, let us now look at some of the greatest mobile RPGs that will keep you entertained in the dentist’s waiting room.

Types of Role-Playing Games On Mobile

RPGs have been popular among PC and console players for decades; it is one of the video game medium’s fundamental genres. As a result, RPGs have thrived in the mobile market, with Android and iOS serving as innovation hotspots for the genre.

Escaping to another planet and embarking on a huge adventure is more appealing than ever. And no other genre fits the bill quite as well as an excellent role-playing game. 

Fortunately, we can now all get our fill on our phones. Because of smartphone processing power and screen technology advancements, rendering these enormous worlds on our pocket devices is now theoretically simple. But what are the different types available?

Playing a role-playing game is fun and exciting!
Source – Android Authority

➡️ Video Game Console RPGs

Following the popularity of the initial RPGs on mainframe computers in the 1970s, video game consoles entered the market. 

Dive into an RPG for weeks on end.
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The first was the Atari in 1982, and today’s consoles range from Xbox to Nintendo and PlayStation. Modern video game systems can handle high-production titles with many minigames and side missions.

➡️ Single-Player RPGs

It is a game where you play from a single point of view and frequently use character creation panels to allow the user to create their avatar with numerous features. The finest RPGs offer several pathways to choose from throughout the game, making each play unique.

➡️ Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs (MMORPGs)

These games include dramatic showdowns and conflicts between numerous players, combining features of massively multiplayer games (MMOs) and role-playing games (RPGS). Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends are the most popular multiplayer RPGs. 

The battles occur in reality, and players may test their rapid response battling abilities. Some mobile MMORPGs are co-op games requiring players to collaborate with party members to fight opponents.

➡️ Action RPGs

With a major emphasis on fighting, this RPG genre focuses on fights rather than characters or stories. The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect are examples of action RPGs with popular fighting systems.

➡️ Sandbox RPGs

These RPGs are built for global exploration and take the longest to complete due to their size and complexity. The Elder Scrolls, Disco Elysium, and the Fallout series from Bethesda Softworks and Interplay Entertainment are examples of popular RPGs in this way.

➡️ Tactical RPGs

Strategy games like chess and tabletop war games like Risk heavily influence this type of RPG. Turn-based RPGs are also an example of Tactical RPGs. You can also include 4X games in this category.

➡️ Roguelike RPGs

This role-playing subgenre, originating with the 1980 game Rogue, is separated by gameplay mechanics rather than theme or style. Some rogue RPG themes include a dungeon crawler character who navigates multiple levels, the main character’s permanent death, and randomized content.

Expect wide-open worlds with engaging stories.
Source – Forest Interactive

Finding a good mobile RPG is like seeking a needle in a haystack. But it doesn’t have to be. This list covers a selection of mobile RPGs that are extremely outstanding. Take a peek and see whether you have played any of these games.


YouTube video

There are far too many mobile games based on Akira Toriyama’s seminal manga/anime Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Legends, a frantic action RPG featuring a who’s who of Super Saiyans, Androids, and more, is the one we can’t get enough of. 

You’ll be able to assemble a superpowered dream squad and compete in 1V1 real-time combat reminiscent of the epic clashes you remember seeing as a kid. There’s a lot to appreciate here, with recognizable faces from the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT periods (plus an all-new hero conceived by Akira Toriyama himself!).

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Release Date: May 18, 2018

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, step inside Teyvat, a huge realm brimming with life and elemental force.

YouTube video

You and your sibling emerged from another world. An unknown deity has separated you from your skills and placed you in a deep sleep. You have now awakened in a world quite different from the one you entered.

Thus begins your adventure over Teyvat, searching for answers from The Seven – the elemental gods. Prepare to explore every inch of this amazing land, join forces with a diverse cast of people, and solve Teyvat’s myriad secrets! 

Publisher: Cognosphere

Developer: miHoYo

Release Date: September 28, 2020

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic

YouTube video

Fans who enjoy being transported to a “galaxy far, far away” consider the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series the greatest. It is because combining aspects from George Lucas’ ever-expanding sci-fi world gets so many things right. In other words, it’s one of the best Star Wars games of all time!

Both games in the series include interesting combat settings that allow you to deal damage with lightsabers and laser weapons, memorable characters (HK-47 is the finest android ever! ), and big story themes that will surprise first-time players. The KOTOR games look fantastic on mobile.

Publisher: LucasArts and Aspyr

Developer: BioWare and  Aspyr

Release Date: March 19, 2011

➡️ Download: Android | iOS


YouTube video

Another Eden is another choice from two creative geniuses well-known in the field of RPGs. Masato Kato, the writer, and Yasunori Mitsudam, the music composer, are two skilled professionals who collaborated on Xenogears and the Chrono series.

Here is a standard RPG with a time-travel storyline over three periods: Antiquity, the Present, and the Future. The game’s turn-based warfare system and a plethora of main/side content will entice you into a fascinating journey through time.

Publisher: WFS, Inc

Developer: WFS, Inc

Release Date: March 30, 2021

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

YouTube video

Based on Joe Madureira’s fantasy comic book series, Battle Chasers: Nightwar transports players to a mystery island inhabited by vicious characters eager to profit from a vast amount of freshly found mana. Your five-person war brigade explores the island from an isometric perspective, then switches to a turn-based battle scenario when it’s time to defeat some bad guys.

As you go through the game’s brilliantly illustrated biomes, you’ll surely feel like you’re in the middle of a graphic book. This high-quality console RPG must be played on mobile. In fact, it’s one of the best mobile multiplayer games you can play today!

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Developer: Airship Syndicate

Release Date: October 3, 2017

➡️ Download: Android | iOS


YouTube video

Chrono Trigger is often ranked among the top RPGs of all time. And no one is astonished when it does – throughout its great production, this 16-bit masterpiece included the efforts of the ideal dream team of developers.

Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy series), Yuji Horii (creator of the Dragon Quest series), and Akira Toriyama (character designer behind Dragon Quest and author of the Dragon Ball manga series) collaborated to create a time-traveling adventure filled with memorable characters, strategic combat encounters, and a highly praised art style.

And, happily, you can revisit or play this RPG classic on your phone or tablet for the first time.

Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Release Date: February 27, 2018

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Diablo Immortal

YouTube video

Despite the controversy surrounding the game’s microtransactions, Diablo Immortal remains a fantastic ARPG to play on your phone. You can play Diablo Immortal as a free-to-play player if you have some self-control and don’t have a history of spending much money on mobile games.

Diablo Immortal also supports cross-platform play on PC and mobile. As a result, you may effortlessly play the game on PC and resume where you left off on mobile.

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Release Date: June 2, 2022

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Monster Hunter Stories 

YouTube video

Monster Hunter Stories focuses on teaming up with other hunters and fighting till your last breath against the most fearsome animals you’ve ever seen. Its charming offshoot enters turn-based RPG mode, endearing itself to the Pokémon fanbase. 

Monster Hunter Stories is about building deep friendships with “Monsties” and combating hordes of creatures that Monster Hunter fans will enjoy seeing again. You can play the single-player story and engage in multiplayer fights via the PvP online network combat mode while fighting off the increasing threat of the “Black Blight”.

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Capcom and Marvelous

Release Date: September 8, 2017

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

RAID: Shadow Legends 

YouTube video

RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed adventure in which your Champions face up against the Dark Lord Siroth and his wicked troops. There are 14 distinct factions of fighters to choose from, and you’ll engage in hard-fought turn-based combat with tough sorcerers, knights, elves, the undead, and much more. You’ll enjoy playing the game’s PVE Campaign and PVP Arena modes!

Publisher: Plarium

Developer: Plarium

Release Date: July 29, 2018

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Now that you’ve seen the list of games, let’s check out the reasons behind their popularity!

Best mobile RPG games are timeless; they have existed since dawn and were popular long before PCs. Throw out your old board games and immerse yourself in one of the many gorgeous RPG worlds that PC gaming has brought to life. 

But why are they so popular? What distinguishes them from all the other fantastic video game genres? 

The many types of play allow you to be yourself. Or it’s all the locations to visit. There is so much to adore that it might be anything.

Let’s take a look.

➡️ Players Love the Fantasy Universe:

RPGs frequently have the biggest and most breathtaking environments in video games. It isn’t easy to compare the enchantment of games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age to anything else. With such vast realms, the game’s allure never wears off; there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, or a new spot to discover. 

The role-playing element is wonderfully realized in such vast environments. The more areas a player may visit, the more opportunities there are to develop their character. Furthermore, larger worlds encourage more content; missions are more numerous, fascinating, and rewarding. 

Play excellent mobile exclusives of the RPG genre.
Source – Android Authority

➡️ RPGs Let Players Create New Characters

In the best mobile RPG games, the replayability factor is rather high. There are so many various roles a player can take on that it takes time to become bored.

Replaying the same content with a completely different character and viewpoint on the situation will seem like a new experience. It can happen for various causes, including changes in battle, attitude, looks, strengths, weaknesses, and encounters with NPCs.

Replaying RPGs is an exciting breeze if you are a gamer who gets into the role-playing experience; you view the events of the game through the eyes of whichever character you are playing as, and you can change up that perspective multiple times in reruns without the experience becoming too similar. That is another reason to enjoy RPGs.

➡️ RPGs are Filled with Interesting Quests

Side quests are a distinct characteristic of the best mobile RPG games and essential to the genre. They take an already vast and entertaining base game and extend it further. Side missions expand the breadth and length of the game and enrich the surrounding universe with fantastic narratives, leading to deeper immersion for players.

Side quests help the player comprehend the main objective better. At the very least, they contribute to developing the backdrop stage for the rest of the game. The characters for whom you perform side missions will likely be crucial later. This makes mobile RPGs some of the best story-driven games in any segment!

Play the best mobile RPGs on iOS and Android devices.
Source – RPG Maker

➡️ RPGs Foster Communication and Collaboration

RPGs need a variety of interpersonal skills. The team has to communicate with others in a battle scenario. For example, your gang could come upon a huge. With a strategy, the group is likely to lose casualties. 

➡️ RPGs Present the Opportunity to be a Hero Once in a While

Role-playing is what RPGs are all about! 

They take us away from the worries of everyday life, letting us focus on a world that may be better than our own. Through gaming, we can pick our superpowers and become the finest versions of ourselves imaginable if we choose. That is the key; we have complete freedom!

The best mobile RPG games are not only entertaining, but they also provide a terrific getaway from the real world, making gamers’ lives that much better as a result.

Wrapping Up

The mobile genre is not just for ‘free to play’ games but also for some fantastic RPG conversions and custom-built gems. It reminds us of how far gaming has progressed over the last two decades, and we hope you like our curated top suggestions for the best mobile RPG games!

And, if you like your RPGs and mobile games in general to take you on a journey, don’t miss our list of the most popular mobile adventure games!

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