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Starfield gives you plenty of opportunity to recruit new members to your space-faring crew. In fact, I’ve also shown you a detailed guide on how to recruit Supervisor Lin in Starfield as a crew member. What if I tell you that you could bring experienced Argos Extractors miner Heller to join your private team of space adventurers as well? Yes, it is possible. If you want to know how to recruit Heller in Starfield, you’re going to learn all about it right here.

Think of having both Lin and Heller in your own space crew. You would do so many things together. And not as employees of a mining group but as adventurers!

Let’s get started on exactly what to do to get Heller in your crew as well. Here we go.


To recruit Heller in Starfield, you have to play the Back To Vectera mission that unlocks after you complete The Old Neighborhood mission. It is one of the initial missions, so the good thing is that you can get Heller on board early on in the game. However, if you’re facing issues as a beginner, you can check out our guide on how to get Artifact Beta and make the most of this mission.

Back To Vectera is about you going back to the Moon of Vectera in search of Barrett, whom The Constellation has lost contact with.

What Exactly Happened at Vectera?

You land at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost at Vectera. Or rather, what used to be the Argos Outpost. There is just Supervisor Lin there. Everybody else has left.

You learn from Lin that Argos has pulled the plug on its operation at Vectera. They came under a second pirate attack, one in which Barrett and Heller were captured. Both are missing.

But the good news is that you and Lin both get an approximate lock on their location: Shorun.

going to shorun for barrett

If you had completed the optional quest of recruiting Lin, she would have joined your team, with a final goodbye to her life with Argos Extractors group.

Your ship is ready. It’s time to pursue that lead and find out what happened to your friends.

Shorun Has The Answers

Shorun is the moon of Lumos. You can get there by making a grav-jump to the Valos system.

Valos system starfield

Once you reach its orbit, scan it for the Crashed Ship location. This is where you need to land.

scanning for barrett

After you land, proceed directly to the location of the crashed ship.

go to crashed ship to find barrett

Once there, you will find an injured Heller slumped against an open crate. He is lying quite close to the crashed ship. There is a cot nearby, which makes me think he is forced to sleep outdoors. In that weather? I should just focus on the positive for now, I guess. Heller is alive. That’s all that matters for now.

find heller alive in starfield

Heller is pleased to see you. Who wouldn’t be in his situation? He is alone on a planet with no help in sight. You grav jumped to look for your co-worker, without a thought for your own safety. He must have thought no one else was coming. But now you are here to rescue him.

It seems like Heller would make it, but Barrett is nowhere to be seen. Time for some questions now.

Heller’s Story

Heller tells you that he has taken a lot of painkillers. And nausea meds too. So when you offer some help, he says that he shouldn’t be moving around much on account of the heavy dosage.

But he is alive and in condition to talk. Ergo, Heller can explain.

He starts telling about how it all went down after they were captured by pirates.

Whilst traveling in the spaceship, Barrett disclosed a plan to Heller. The plan was that they should pretend to fight each other so earnestly that the pirates have to come and intervene.

Heller explains the situation in Starfield

They start doing so, and the pirates buy it, coming to break up the fight. That’s when Barrett seizes his chance and gets hold of the gun of the pirate he’s started scuffling with.

But the plan goes haywire when Barrett accidentally shoots the pilot through the back.

heller says barrett shot the pilot

The ship crashes, but both Barrett and Heller survive somehow.

When Heller sees another ship arriving after some time, he gets some hope. But that ship turns out to be that of the Crimson Fleet, again. The pirates capture Barrett and take him with them, leaving Heller behind. Heller does get a signal from the new pirate ship — possibly from Barrett–before the pirates grav-jump.

Heller says barrett has been taken by the pirates

Recruiting Heller

After Heller gives you Barrett’s audio transmission (which reveals that Barrett’s captor is Matsura The Grim), he will ask you to take him on board.

recruit heller in starfield

Further, he will tell you a bit about what he can do. There are two important skillsets your mining buddy has. One is mining (Geology). The other is optimizing outposts for material production or Outpost Engineering.

heller's skillsets

After you recruit him, he will slowly start walking towards your ship. Hey, wait a second. Didn’t he say that he wanted to lie down for a bit? And now he just gets up and starts moving? Looks like the rescue and the new job infused him with fresh energy! There he is, walking towards your ship.


Welcome aboard the Frontier, Heller!

heller and lin as crew members

Heller’s Specialization

So, after all the trouble you’ve gone through for recruiting Heller, you’d want to know why adding Heller to your crew is worth it. As stated earlier, Heller has two skills – mining (Geology), and an Outpost skill, which is in the third tier.

This means that while he won’t be that useful aboard your spaceship, he’d be excellent at managing Outposts that you’ve captured and secured. Of course, if you’re going down a mine, Heller should also be a part of your crew.

In short, you can use Heller for Outpost research!

Our Thoughts

Getting your old teammates as crew members on your ship is kind of cool, isn’t it? Heller was always the chill guy with a good sense of humor. On a more serious note, he has expertise in Geology and Outpost Engineering, something you can use later on in the game.

Next, we have to go and find out what happened to Barrett. Last heard, he was a prisoner of the pirate Matsura The Grim.

In case you’re facing any sort of stutters or lag when playing the game, make sure to take a look at our detailed explanation of the Starfield system requirements.

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