How to Solve Temple Eta Puzzle in Starfield | Into The Unknown [Part 3]


Up until now in our Constellation quests’ journey in Starfield, I have acquired Artifact Beta, Artifact Chi, Artifact Iota, and Artifact Zeta for the space explorer group, of which I am a part. Obtaining both Iota and Zeta was part of Starfield’s Into The Unknown main quest, but one last final part remains. It’s the most exciting one in the quest since it requires me to solve the puzzle at Temple Eta and get Anti-Gravity Field Power.

I got my first artifact in Starfield inside the mines at Vectera (you can check it out in my short Starfield review). That makes a total of five artifacts till now.

After I added Artifact Zeta to the Collection at The Lodge in New Atlantis, Vladimir Sall wanted me to go and meet him up there at The Eye, the starstation of The Constellation that orbits planet Jemison in Alpha Centauri.

going to Procyon-III

In case you need a Starfield refresher, New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, is there on Jemison. As is The Lodge. It’s not much distance to travel in space if you are there on Jemison. You just need to time your docking with The Eye well.

As you can imagine, Starfield’s Into The Unknown mission is a long one. The first part of the mission has me securing Artifact Iota and meeting Andreja. The second part takes me to another planet to get Artifact Zeta.

Now, I have reached the third part of the mission, and it requires me to go to the planet Procyon III, in the Procyon A system.

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Into The Unknown: What’s Special About Procyon III Mission

The special thing about the third part of the Into The Unknown mission is that after I land at the designated spot on Procyon III, I need to bring up my scanner, look for distortions in the readings, and follow them to the source. Following the distortions should get me closer to the possible location of another artifact.

Upon doing a planet scan, I found that the place I needed to land was just marked as a Scanner Anomaly. No confirmed structure like a cave, mine, or outpost. Vladimir couldn’t figure out more about the place.

Procyon-III starfield

There are no human enemies on the route, and if you want to avoid the alien animals, you can, easily.

scanner anomaly starfield

Just mind your own business and keep following the distortions on foot, and you will come to a mysterious-looking place.

heading towards Temple Eta Starfield

It looks to be an ancient building of some kind. The name of the place — Temple Eta — hints at something related to a divine power of some kind.

Temple Eta starfield

There are rocks floating up around it, rocks that glint in the sunlight. This means the gravity is acting funny around the place, and the the pull of gravity on this particular location is not that strong. What to expect now? Only one way to find out. I have to enter Temple Eta.

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Inside Temple Eta

As soon as you step inside the temple, you would start floating due to the low gravity in the place. There are three metallic rings rotating in space in front of you. What to do now? You can float up and down but cannot walk.

Inside Temple Eta

Your companion will be floating beside you.

companion and player in Temple Eta Starfield

The instructions say: “investigate the source of the anomaly“. There will be no pointer, nothing. How do you progress then? Now, I will tell you how to solve the puzzle of Temple Eta.

How to Solve Temple Eta Puzzle

There is no visible puzzle inside Temple Eta as such, but the issue at hand is puzzling enough, is it not?

What you need to do is to keep floating around the rings, pull up your scanner again, and look in the space around the rings for small gatherings of sparkling dots/little spheres of light. The moment you spot one happening, float quickly towards it and pass through it.

How to Solve Temple Eta Puzzle

Once you pass through one, you will hear a sound as if a game achievement has been unlocked. You are close to the meaning. The sound means that part is successfully done, and it’s time to repeat the process with other such patterns that appear around you.

go through sparkling dots in temple eta starfield

Then, look for more sparkling patterns and keep looking and passing through till the rings stop rotating and become vertical.

See that? The rings have stopped rotating.

rings stop rotating temple eta puzzle starfield

That’s it. Now, you need to float to the center of the ring and see some magic happen.

➡️ The First Otherworldly Power You Get in Starfield

Once inside the circle, your body will get imbued with thousands of sparkling light dots, and the music and the visions you get upon touching any artifact will begin again.

The First Otherworldly Power You Get in Starfield

This time, however, you will get to see more.

visions in temple eta starfield

The next image you see in your vision signifies the power you just got.

Anti-Gravity Field starfield

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The Power of Anti-Gravity Field and How to Equip It

What you have got in Starfield now is the Power of Anti-Gravity Field. With this power, you can generate a small region (a localized field) of intense low gravity wherever you use it.

When you open your eyes next, you will be outside Temple Eta, with a worried companion asking about your well-being. They would want to take you back to The Lodge immediately.

The Power of Anti-Gravity Field and How to Equip It

To equip the power, press TAB. The data menu will open. Right at the top in the center, above your head, you will see the option of ‘POWERS’. Click on it.

powers option starfield

Choose the Power of Anti-Gravity Field.

anti-gravity field power in starfield

Now, it will be equipped and can be used by pressing Z once.

➡️ Starfield Has 7 Undiscovered Temples Still

You would have already paid attention to the fact that the menu says ‘POWERS‘ and not ‘POWER‘. This means you would get more special powers in Starfield as you progress through the game.

The Powers Menu also says that there are seven temples yet to be discovered. Kinda like the dragon shouts that one had to learn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Remember the Th’uums of the Dragonborn? If you have played the game, that is.

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Meeting Vladimir at The Lodge

At the Lodge, you would find that Vladimir has come down to get the report directly from you.

Meeting Vladimir at The Lodge

Vladimir and Noel think something has happened to you physically, too. As per Noel, your cardiovascular and neurological readings are not normal.

noel at the lodge starfield

Vladimir would then ask you to demonstrate the power you received at Temple Eta. For that, press Z in front of him. Everyone will be awe-struck by the low gravity field you just generated out of yourself!


The phenomena would pique the interest of even Walter Stroud, the financer of The Constellation, who had been cynical of you joining the Constellation ranks at the beginning of the game.

Walter Stroud Starfield

Andreja, like the others, would have no explanation for your powers.

andreja starfield

Also, different Constellation members will have different theories now. If you decide to keep the knowledge only among those who saw it at The Lodge, everyone would appreciate your thinking.

Into The Unknown: What Lies Ahead

As per Sall, there could be more temples with powers (which I mentioned earlier), and each artifact could be linked to a temple. I have found a total of five artifacts till now. As per theory, once we find the other two and all the temples, the mystery of the artifacts will be revealed to The Constellation. Vladimir is going to look for more such planet anomalies.

vladimir sall in starfield

Thus ends the Into The Unknown main story quest in Starfield. On successful completion of the quest, you get 11,800 credits and 2 AMPs, in addition to 400XP. Earlier, you’d got 200XP when you gained the power of the Anti-Gravity Field.

Completing the main story quests fetches a lot of money in Starfield. If you are interested in increasing your bank balance fast in this game, be sure to check out our guide on how to earn money fast in Starfield.

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