Mastering Survival: How to Keep Inventory When You Die in Minecraft?


In Minecraft, there is a rule called “Keep Inventory” which, when activated, keeps the players’ inventory items when they die. Items usually drop at the place of death of a dying player in Minecraft, and it is their responsibility to pick them up before they disappear.

When ‘Keep Inventory’ is activated, it retains all items in the player’s inventory after death, thereby preventing the loss of items upon respawn.

Users often employ this feature in creative mode or when they desire to concentrate on building, exploring, or participating in non-competitive games without concerning themselves about losing valuables.

It contributes to a more carefree and stress-free gaming experience by allowing players to freely explore and experiment without worrying about losing important resources.

In this post, we’ll look at how to maintain an inventory after death in Minecraft, complete with step-by-step instructions. We’ll also talk about plugins and tweaks for better inventory control. To learn how to use these tactics to improve your gaming experience, keep reading.

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Steps to Keep Inventory When You Die in Minecraft

To enable “Keep Inventory” after you die in Minecraft, follow these full instructions:

➡️ Open your Minecraft World

open minecraft world

To enable “Keep Inventory“, open Minecraft and load the desired world in which you want to enable it.

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➡️ Access Game Settings

allow cheats on

To open the Options menu, click the “Options” button or use the “Esc” hotkey. After selecting “Open to LAN” or “Open World“, select “Allow Cheats: ON“. You must complete this step to access the commands.

➡️ Activate Cheat Mode

put cheat on

To access the chat box while playing the game, press the ‘T‘ key on your keyboard. After typing “/gamerule keepInventory true” without the quotes, press ‘Enter‘. ‘Keep Inventory‘ is enabled in the current world with this Minecraft command.

➡️ Confirm Activation


Check the chat window to see if the message “Game rule keepInventory has been updated to true” means that the command was executed successfully.

➡️ The “Keep Inventory” Test

Players can test this trait by deliberately dying in the game after dropping specific items. You should still have everything in your inventory when you wake up.

Note: Remember, these instructions are specific to enabling ‘Keep Inventory’ in settings where cheats are enabled. This feature won’t function on multiplayer servers if you lack the required permissions to use commands or in worlds where cheats are prohibited.

Mods and Plug-Ins for Inventory Management in Minecraft

Players can customize their Minecraft experience with many Minecraft mods and plugins that enhance inventory management features. Here are some examples:

➡️ Mods

#1. InventoryTweaks

This mod makes inventory organization easier by replenishing supplies, automatically sorting things, and offering shortcuts for purposeful sorting.

#2. IronChest

Increases inventory capacity without significantly changing gameplay by adding larger and more efficient chests for storing items.

#3. Applied Energistics 2

This mod enhances availability and inventory management by offering a sophisticated storage system enabling the storage of products in digital storage and access through terminals.

#4. Storage Drawers

It includes a variety of drawer-style storage containers that keep things neat and easy for organization and accessibility.

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➡️ Plugins

#1. EssentialsX

A popular plugin with several commands like “/keepinventory” which enables the “Keep Inventory” feature for specific players or locations.

#2. Vault

This is an API plugin that offers compatibility and integration between multiple inventory-related plugins, allowing other plugins to communicate with different economy and permission plugins.

#3. ChestShop

This plugin makes it easy to create a virtual marketplace by allowing users to open stores where they can buy and sell goods, promote business, and manipulate inventory through trade transactions.

#4. ClearLag

Its automatic removal of dropped goods, while not precisely functioning as an inventory management plugin, prevents the world from becoming too cluttered and enhances server speed.

For different playstyles and tastes, these mods and plugins offer several approaches to managing and improving inventory management in Minecraft.

Depending on their individual requirements, users can select and apply these changes, giving them more flexibility and ease of use when managing and accessing their in-game inventory.

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Activating ‘Keep Inventory‘ in Minecraft is an essential feature that guarantees a more laid-back and pleasurable gaming experience.

Players can protect their belongings after dying by using certain mods or plugins or by adhering to straightforward in-game instructions, which helps to reduce the anxiety associated with losing valuables. This feature encourages experimentation, innovation, and discovery without concern for failure.

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