How to Get Artifact Zeta in Starfield | Into the Unknown Mission [Part 2]


The magical artifacts lie at the core of the main storyline in Starfield, and ever since I met Vladimir Sall of the Constellation at The Eye in space, the search for the artifacts has intensified. I found Artifact Iota on Tau Ceti VIII-B, through Vladimir Sall’s mission. You can check my full walkthrough on how to get Artifact Iota in Starfield. Now that Artifact Iota is secure, I have to get Artifact Zeta in Starfield.

To make things clearer, getting Artifact Zeta in Starfield is the next part of Bethesda’s space RPG’s Into The Unknown mission. For the next part, I need to visit Nesoi in the Olympus system.

As soon as I grabbed hold of Artifact Iota, I knew there was no time to waste and no other mission to focus on, except going for the next artifact. So, from Tau Ceti VIII-B, I made straight for Nesoi.

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Where to Land in Nesoi

The planet scan for Nesoi would show that the artifact is located inside a Deserted Robotics Lab. It’s the lab I need to land close to.

Where to Land in Nesoi

After I landed, I did not have the good fortune to find the area deserted (contrary to the area outside the Abandoned Mines on my previous mission) and found out that Pirates had overtaken it.

Deserted Robotics Lab Starfield

Prepare for Pirates and Robot Dogs

There would be different classes of Pirates waiting for you, like Pirate Brigands, Pirate Freebooters, etc. The Crimson Fleet has built a base here, alright.

Crimson Fleet Artifact Zeta

Robot Dogs and anti-personnel mines would also make your task a bit more challenging.

If you play the mission on Hard Difficulty, there’s a chance to get a Legendary Shattering Rescue Axe.

Legendary Shattering Rescue Axe

Enter the Science Facility

Explore each structure outside and kill all the Pirates there. You will find some Pirates guarding a cabin. Take good care of them by feeding them enough bullets and enter the cabin.

Enter the Science Facility

You would find the door of a Science Facility inside. This is where you should go. The next artifact should be inside the facility itself.

entering the Science Facility - Artifact Zeta Starfield

Inside the Science Facility

You already know that Pirates have taken over the whole place, so what chances are there of the scientists being alive inside? None. You will find more Pirates inside, and the dead bodies of scientists. Take whatever you can from dead people. Again, you don’t want to miss out on looting bodies — it’s an excellent way to earn money in Starfield.

Inside the Science Facility Starfield

Before you go deep into the facility, however, there are some doors on the sides you should try to unlock. See what you get.

looting the Science Facility Starfield

➡️ How to Get a Modified Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Put your lockpicking skills to good use and unlock the safe you find in the room on the left. You would get a Modified Old Earth Hunting Rifle, an extremely useful long-range rifle with armor-piercing rounds.

How to Get a Modified Old Earth Hunting Rifle - Artifact Zeta Starfield

On top of that, you would also get 56 of 9x39MM ammo to use with the rifle and 926 credits. The number of credits you get could vary depending on your skill and game levels.

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Clear Out the Floor of Pirates

Along with the open area on the floor, check out the Break Room and the Cafeteria (these lie on the right of the floor) and eliminate all hostiles.

Clear Out the Floor of Pirates Starfield

➡️ The Loot

People playing on Hard mode should get quite interesting items. For example, I got an Epic Antiseptic Deepseeker Pack from a Pirate Marauder’s body.

Epic Antiseptic Deepseeker Pack

Another Pirate’s corpse yielded the Space Adept Modifield Maelstrom, a Rare Rifle in Starfield.

Space Adept Modifield Maelstrom - Artifact Zeta Starfield

A Science Crate should yield a Bolstering Shocktroop Spacesuit.

Bolstering Shocktroop Spacesuit

➡️ Delgado’s Directive

You would also get an audio slate from a Pirate’s body, called the Delgado’s Directive.

Delgado's Directive - Artifact Zeta Starfield

Delgado happens to be the leader of the Crimson Fleet. These pirates that set up base in the Robotics Lab are following his directives, the long and short of which is: occupy the buildings and outposts that were abandoned after the Colony War and, from there, take the fight to the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective.

By the way, you can become a Freestar Ranger in Starfield through the Deputized mission!

Delgado's Directive in Starfield

Go Inside ‘Electrical’

Reach the central part of the floor area and look for a stair leading down to the ‘Electrical’ section.

Go Inside 'Electrical

Inside the Electrical unit, besides the dead bodies of scientists, there is a Master level Weapons Rack on the right.

Master level Weapons Rack - Artifact Zeta Starfield

But it is the left of the room you should focus on as it leads to the location of the artifact you came looking for: the Artifact Zeta. On the left, you would see that the room’s wall has crumbled, and there is a way inside.

Artifact zeta starfield

Once you enter that area, it looks to be some sort of a cave only, with the marker pointing you to the artifact.

finding artifact zeta

Get the Artifact Zeta. Expect similar visions you saw with the other artifacts.

taking artifact zeta

All these artifacts are part of a bigger puzzle; this you have suspected for a long time. And when your mind or consciousness (take your pick) gets connected to the artifacts’ power via touch, you see a certain pattern forming in the star-field of the Starfield universe.

artifact zeta visions starfield

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Get Back to the Lodge in New Atlantis

Now, you have the two artifacts with you, Artifact Iota and Zeta. Next, you need to take them both back to the Constellation HQ, which is the The Lodge, and add them to the Collection.

Get Back to the Lodge in New Atlantis - Artifact Zeta Starfield

You would find Andreja at The Lodge, finding Noel’s questions suspicious. She thinks the Constellation was up to some fault-finding with her job. Noel would, however, be able to allay Andreja’s suspicions. She would say that she only inquired because she was worried about Andreja.

➡️ Matteo is Jealous of You Two!

And it is only expected as Matteo was also checking on leads himself but didn’t find any artifacts. You, on the contrary, have hunted down three and found one by chance, Andreja and Sam helping you out. But in the end, he concludes by saying that it is a win for you and Andreja both.

Matteo Starfield

➡️ You Can Take Andreja Out For More Adventures

After talks between the Constellation members Matteo, Noel, you, and Andreja get over, you will notice on the right of the screen that Andreja can now become your companion as well as being recruited onto your ship.

You Can Take Andreja Out For More Adventures - Artifact Zeta Starfield

I am curious about Andreja’s connection with the Va’ruun Zealots and also want to know more about her. Maybe I should take her along on my next mission?

Andreja joins as a companion Starfield

Go to The Eye and Talk to Vladimir

Now that two new artifacts have been added to the Collection at The Lodge, you need to pay a visit to Vladimir at The Eye. The former Crimson Fleet member has asked for you, and Noel will confirm that you are coming.

Up there, Vladimir will tell you that he found an interesting pattern: the grav anomaly generated by one of the artifacts matches one on another, bigger planet. I have to go check that out. The planet I have to set out for is Procyon III. As per Vladimir, I could find something bigger this time.

Wrapping Up

The visit to the Deserted Robotics Lab in Nesoi proved to be a very useful one as I got my hands on Artifact Zeta there. The faster we get more artifacts, the closer we will be to solving the conundrum of the cosmos in Starfield.

The trip to Nesoi was also satisfactory on other levels as I got to up my lockpicking skills and picked up the Modified Old Earth Hunting Rifle, a coveted weapon among Starfield players. Looting off dead Pirates got me some rare and legendary weapons and gear, not to mention the credits I kept adding to my bank balance.

And, if you don’t trust Andreja yet, maybe you can take Heller or Supervisor Lin along with you instead. Make sure to check out our guides on how to recruit Heller and how to recruit Supervisor Lin before that, if you don’t already have them as spaceship buddies!

Finally, for the third (and final) part of the mission on Procyon III, check out our guide on how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield!

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