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After some adrenaline-pumping action in Starfield’s Groundpounder mission and the excitement of the Mantis quest, I decided to go and check with Vladimir Sall of the Constellation at The Eye for further missions related to the major mystery of the Starfield universe: the inscrutable artifacts. And so began the Into the Unknown mission of Starfield for Artifact Iota.

Vladimir wants me to go and check for artifacts in two locations he found during his deep space scans at The Eye, the starstation of The Constellation.

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The Eye - Starfield

He is also worried about Andreja, one of the Constellation rookies, who has not been heard from after she went in search of the artifact, and wants me to go and investigate. I have to find the artifacts and also what happened to Andreja.

Vladimir Starfield

Starfield: Into the Unknown Mission

Starfield’s Into The Unknown Mission is about finding two artifacts in two different locations. For the first leg of the mission, I chose the Tau Ceti VIII-B part first.

As for Andreja, she should be at one of the two sites he’s marked on your map. These are Tau Ceti VIII-B and Nesoi. You need to check out both. As I mentioned above, first, I decided to pay a visit to Tau Ceti VIII-B.

Tau Ceti VIII-B is a moon of Tau Ceti VIII, in the Tau Ceti planetary system.

Tau Ceti VIII-B

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Land on Tau Ceti VIII-B

From the planetary scan, you would know that you have to land near an abandoned mine on Tau Ceti VIII-B. The mine should be the place that has more answers for you.

Land on Tau Ceti VIII-B

Enter the Abandoned Mine

There is no need to be on the lookout for any hostile crew outside the location. Just some landmines. Steer clear of them as soon as they give off the trigger alarm (you can use your boostpack for quick evasion) and look for items and equipment you can loot. You will see that there is a watchtower at the site.

At the top of the watchtower, there are some interesting items to be found. You can get a Modified Calibrated Maelstrom rifle with some ammo.

Enter the Abandoned Mine

There is a room too, on your way to the topside, below the roof of the watchtower. Don’t miss the view up top. It’s stunning.

Tau Ceti VIII-B views Starfield

When you are done looting, you can come back and enter the mines. Or conversely, you can enter the mines first and think about looting the outside items later. Your choice. No enemy will hinder you outside.

Meeting Andreja

Go inside the Abandoned Mine. You will see a gate that is the entry to the Deep Caves. Time to enter the Deep Caves now.

Deep Caves Starfield

Upon entering, you will see a girl shooting two people over and over until they are dead. She turns out to be Andreja, the Constellation rookie Vladimir sent you in search of. She looks safe. And dangerous. Because the next thing she does is point your gun at you and ask who you are.
Once she knows Vladimir sent you, she will treat you as a friendly.

Andreja Starfield

The people she just shot dead are Va’ruun Zealots. Now, why would Andreja kill the Zealots? The Zealots may be considered the difficult lot amongst the three Starfield governments, but they are no pirates. Does Andreja have some beef with them? At this point in the story, the game gives no answers.

Andreja talks to player Starfield

But there is no time for questions related to Andreja now. Both Andreja and you have to find the artifact inside the caves first.

The Deep Caves: How to Tackle the Enemies

You’ll have to descend to get to the artifact’s location. If you crouch and peer down, it would dawn on you that you have a serious advantage against the enemies inside the cave, especially with a long-range rifle with a scope.

You can snuff out the lives of a few pirates with your rifle simply by sitting at the top. If you are at a good height, they won’t be able to throw grenades at you as well, which wasn’t what happened in the Mantis Quest in Starfield.

The Deep Caves: How to Tackle the Enemies

Descend slowly, use the boostpack to gain tactical position, and keep clearing out the enemies in your way. There will be Pirates, Pirate Brigands, Pirate Marauders, and the lot.

clearing out enemies in the Deep Caves Starfield

Keep checking the corners; you’ll also find useful items like med packs, resources, credits, etc.

Looting Deep Caves Starfield

➡️ Pro Tip: Use Your Scanner

If you are at a considerable height, bring up your scanner to know the location of hidden enemies. It can also identify items and storage containers of interest.

scan for hidden enemies Starfield

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The Deep Caves: The Loot

As for the loot, you have the chance to get a Frenzy Maelstrom (Legendary weapon) if playing on Hard difficulty.

The Deep Caves: The Loot

The Bashing Coachman shotgun should be inside an industrial crate, along with resources like Iridium and Helium. Make sure you also loot money from the bodies of the enemies, as this can be one of the fastest ways to earn money in Starfield!

Bashing Coachman shotgun

You should be able to snag a Calibrated Star Roamer Spacesuit too.

Calibrated Star Roamer Spacesuit

From a Pirate Marauder, there is a chance to get a rare item like the Ablative Refined Pirate Raiding Skip Pack (if playing at Hard difficulty).

Ablative Refined Pirate Raiding Skip Pack

Into The Unknown Mission: Getting the Artifact Iota

In time, you will reach the innermost depths of the caves that house the Artifact Iota.

Artifact Iota

The mission on Tau Ceti VIII-B is nearing completion now. The Artifact Iota is right in front of you. All you have to do is blast away some of the minerals shrouding it, and it will be in your hands.

getting artifact iota starfield

Once you grab hold of the Artifact Iota, there will be similar visions waiting for you.

visions through artifact iota starfield

It seems like you would go into a trance for a few moments, as when Andreja calls to you, you won’t be able to hear her for those few moments. Then, you would recover. With the Artifact in your possession and Andreja looking to go her own way, your mission on Tau Ceti VIII-B is complete.

looting artifact iota

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Andreja is Hiding Something

When you found Andreja in the caves (your first time seeing her), she shot dead a Va’ruun Zealot right in front of you. After your mission is complete, she will bring up the incident.

Andreja is Hiding Something - Starfield

She would request you not to mention the shooting to Vladimir as it will not bode well for her. It might be that if the Constellation got wind of the Zealots’ shooting incident, they would forbid her from getting new assignments for a long, long time.

Andreja would also reveal that the Va’ruun Zealots have been after her for far longer.

So, what’s Andreja’s secret? She likes to take risks, and I could note a touch of admiration for reckless acts in her. Would she become a problem for the Constellation later on? She is a new recruit, like me, but seems to have a darker, troublesome past, more like a trouble-attracting past.

Starfield’s Into The Unknown Mission: One Half Done, One Half Remains

Andreja would not tag along with you for the return trip. She would meet you at The Lodge in New Atlantis, Jemison, when you have secured the other artifact from Nesoi as well. You just have to go to your spaceship now and plan for the next leg of your mission, which is going to Nesoi in search of one more of these artifacts.

leaving Tau Ceti VIII-B Starfield

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Summing Up

My search for the artifacts in the Into The Unknown mission got me the Artifact Iota. I also found Andreja safe inside the mine, and she will soon be on her way back to New Atlantis. Andreja is hiding something from me and the Constellation, but that, I think, we will come to know in the future. Meanwhile, Nesoi, here I come.

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