Skyrim: Where To Get Quarried Stone [All Locations]


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has an abundance of various minerals and ores that players can gather to use for different purposes. However, one such material, known as quarried stones, mostly remains unknown among players, especially those who do not possess the Hearthfire DLC pack. What makes these stones special is the fact that they help players build homesteads.

The problem is that the game itself does not clarify well where to obtain quarried stones. That is why most players find themselves in a puzzled state while looking for them. But there is nothing to worry about. Here, I will give you a comprehensive list of all the quarried stone locations in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Read on to find out more.

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What is the Quarried Stone?

Quarried stone is a material found in the world of Skyrim that is necessary for building and upgrading houses. This is true, especially in the case of Hearthfire Homes, included in the Hearthfire DLC. These are Heljarchen Hall, Windstad Manor, and Lakeview Manor.

Quarried Stone in Skyrim

If you want to be worthy of purchasing these homes, there is no other way but to complete a task for the Jarl.

Each homestead property has a Carpenter’s Workbench where you can use quarried stones to complete particular designs picked at the Drafting Table.

Nonetheless, quarried stones are not mandatory for all homestead upgrades. Yet, having a sufficient supply of them is necessary for certain upgrades.

Where to Find Quarried Stone in Skyrim?

You can find quarried stone in two places in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – first, inside chests found in each of three homesteads and second, in stone quarries scattered across the game world. That’s all!

Note: There is no facility for purchasing any quarried stone in Skyrim.

Heljarchen Manor

Remember that while stone quarries replenish after some time, the quarried stones found inside the chests are one-offs.

➡️ Homesteads:

#1. Heljarchen Hall

South of Whiterun and the Throat of the World, you can find the Heljarchen Hall residing within The Pale tundra. In front of the Carpenter’s Table, you will find your stone quarry.

Heljarchen Hall

#2. Windstad Manor

Located within the delta of the Hjaal and Karth rivers in Northern Hjaalmarch, Windstad Manor is another quarried stone location. Head towards the northeastern rock face and stop right before the smelter. The right side of the anvil will have a stone quarry.

Windstad Manor

#3. Lakeview Manor

Situated between Falkreath and Riverwood, Lakeview Manor houses a stone quarry. You can find it on the left side of the smelter.

Lakeview Manor

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➡️ Other Places:

#1. Darkwater Crossing

The South of Eastmarch has a mine, namely Darkwater Crossing, where you can find a stone quarry. Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion soldiers supervise it, based on the events that unfold in the Civil War. Look behind the rock face boxes near the smelter, and you will obtain some quarried stones.


#2. Embershard Mine

Owned by bandits, Embershard Mine is a tiny iron mine that resides between Helgen and Riverwood. I found a stone quarry here just left of the entrance.


#3. Hall of the Vigilant

The Hall of the Vigilant is the headquarters of the Vigilants of Stendarr. It is located in The Pale and south of Dawnstar. You can discover a stone quarry northwest of Fort Dunstad or southwest of Dawnstar while walking on the bottom of the road towards the establishment.

#4. Black-Briar Lodge

Black-Briar Lodge, owned by the Black-Brair family – sits east of Riften. Behind the lodge, I discovered a stone quarry just opposite the guard tower entrance. The Black-Briar Lodge is also the home of Maven Black-Briar, one of the best characters in Skyrim; and also one of the most hated!

#5. Battle-Born Farm

Battle-Born Farm is a wheat mill that is located eastern outside of Whiterun and run by the Battle-Born Clan. Behind the farm, you will see a rock face. In that rock face, there is a stone quarry.

#6. Dawnstar

Residing on the north coast, Dawnstar is the capital city of The Pale. Head towards the Iron-Breaker Mine, and a stone quarry will be there near the smelter.


#7. Karthwasten

Karthwasten – a tiny town that resides northeast of Markarth and west of Rebel’s Cairn is a stone quarry location. You can find the quarry in arrears of the miner’s barracks. 

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#8. Northwind Mine

Situated in The Rift on the north side of the hilly region and west of Riften, Northwind Mine comprises a stone quarry that is easily locatable right of the lower entrance.

#9. Pinewatch

Northeast of Falkreath and west of Helgen lies Pinewatch which houses a stone quarry southwest of the Shrine of Talos.

#10. Sacellum of Boethiah

Sacellum of Boethiah is a Daedric shrine that resides on the eastern side of Windhelm and is home to a stone quarry. While on my way up to the shrine, I discovered the quarry on the left.

Speaking of Daedric shrines, remember to check our post on how you can get Daedra Hearts in Skyrim. With these, you can craft various armor and weapons, including the amazing Daedric Armor!

#11. Morthal

Morthal is situated in the Drajkmyr Marsh of Hjaalmarch. Head towards the backside of the Guardhouse porch, and you will find the stone quarry in question beside a Swamp Fungal Pod. 


#12. Iverstead

Iverstead is situated west of Shor’s Stone, east of Riverwood, and northwest of Riften. Move to the backside of Narfi’s shack to locate the stone quarry you are looking for. 


#13. Half-Moon Mill

Half-Moon Mill – a lumber mill lying in the north of Falkreath and the west end of Lake Ilinalta has a stone quarry on its eastern side. Simply look behind the pile of lumbers, and you will find it.  

#14. Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge lets people go to a tiny community on the Karth River area, between the Markarth and Solitude cities. The left side of the Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp is a stone quarry location in Skyrim.

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#15. Rorikstead

Along the western border of The Reach, you can locate the Rorikstead village, which is home to a stone quarry that is behind the wheat field, more precisely, the chicken nests.  

#16. Whitewatch Tower

Just northeast of Dragonsreach, there is the Whitewatch Tower, home to a stone quarry. Head to the banner on the ceiled tower building’s side, and you will locate it right away next to the banner.   

#17. Shor’s Stone

Shor’s Stone is a little village that you can find close to the Velothi Mountains on the northeastern side of The Rift. The right side of the road between Sylgja’s house and the left side of the mine’s entrance houses a stone quarry. 


#18. Winterhold

Winterhold is located in the northern part of Skyrim. Behind Jarl’s house, at the bottom of the mountain, you can find a stone quarry.


#19. Kynesgrove

Lying in the Eastmarch and south of Windhelm, the little mine of Kynesgrove has a stone quarry behind the inn on the left side

#20. Hlaalu Farm

The east road of Windhelm Stables in Windhelm is the location of Hlaalu Farm, which houses a stone quarry right outside the enclosed wheat field in the vicinity of the whetstone.  

#21. Falkreath

The capital of the Falkreath Hold – Falkreath is home to a pair of stone quarries. You can easily find them on the rock face in arrears of the Falkreath Barracks.

#22. Katla’s Farm

Katla’s Farm is a small firm that is located outside of Solitude, along the Karth River. Owned by Katla, this farm has a stone quarry behind the goat pen on the right side of the Solitude Stables.  

#23. Bilegulch Mine

Bilegulch Mine is a mine situated in the southwestern part of Skyrim. To be more precise, this mine resides southwest of Fort Sungard and west of Sunderstone Gorge. The left side of its entrance possesses a stone quarry.

#24. Markarth

Residing in the hilly region of The Reach and west of the Karth River, Markarth is a major city that has a stone quarry right atop the Left Hand Mine.  


#25. Riverwood

Riverwood is a small village lying on the eastern bank of the White River in the Whiterun Hold. A stone quarry is there on the rock face behind the Sleeping Giant Inn. Also, another quarry is located behind Faendal’s House.    

How to Mine Quarried Stone in Skyrim?

Finding the stone quarries in Skyrim is, no doubt, satisfying. Yet it alone will not suffice. You must mine those stone quarries to obtain its precious elements. So, let me explain how you can mine quarried stone in the game.

First, you need to have a pickaxe in your inventory. Then simply equip the pickaxe and begin swinging it at the quarry to extract the stones you are after. If you do not possess a pickaxe, you can find and get one.

Although pickaxes are available all over the world of Skyrim, you should search for them primarily around mines or caves. Regions close to mining nodes are also excellent places to look for pickaxes.

What amused me the most is that the game has Notch’s Pickaxe (yes, a reference to Minecraft. Minecraft fans stand up!) above the Throat of the World.

Equip any pickaxe of your choice and start swinging.

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Uses of Quarried Stone

As mentioned earlier, quarried stones come with limited uses in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Their main use is for the construction and upgradation of your homesteads. To construct a homestead, you need raw materials like wood, iron, and stone.

Interestingly, while you can buy iron and wood, stones are not available for purchase in Skyrim. Here is what you can build with quarried stones:

➡️ Small House

Using 14 quarried stones, you can build a basic house in one of the three Hearthfire holds. The other items required for the construction will be available for free as part of the tutorial.

Small House Layout
Source: YouTube

➡️ Main Hall

Constructing the main hall requires 36 quarried stones. Nonetheless, it has two extra add-ons – the cellar and the aquarium. While the former costs 50 quarried stones, the latter demands 25. So, the main hall will consume a total of 101 quarried stones. Besides, you can construct the east, west, and north wings with additional stones.

➡️ East Wing

The east wing will cost 18 quarried stones for the armory, 14 quarried stones for the kitchen, and 16 stones for the library.

➡️ West Wing

The west wing will cost 18 quarried stones for bedrooms, 16 quarried stones for the Enchanter’s Tower, and 14 quarried stones for the greenhouse.

➡️ North Wing

The north wing will consume 16 quarried stones for the alchemy laboratory, 18 quarried stones for the storage room, and 14 quarried stones for the trophy room.

➡️ Exterior Decorations

Some exterior decorations, like the fish hatchery, the smelter, the grindstone, etc., will cost about 10 quarried stones each. 

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Final Words

As is clear from the above discussion, quarried stones in Skyrim are handy materials that will help you construct/upgrade your homesteads.

In this guide, I listed out all the locations where I have discovered stone quarries. Hope it helps you in your quarried stone hunt and provides you with the comforting feeling that only a home brings.

While the quarried stones aren’t as rare, they can be tough to find if you don’t know the correct spots. Moreover, to carry all these quarried stones, you’ll need to have decent carry weight. So, make sure to check out our guide on how to increase carry weight in Skyrim!

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