How to Get Infinite Storage in Starfield?


There are so many items of interest in Starfield that one feels compelled to comb each area meticulously for items. You’ll want to look through each locker and try to unlock doors and safes, just to check if there is anything valuable hidden. Apart from the usual weapons and ammo, there are spacesuits, clothing, helmets, and all sorts of organic and other types of resources. Hence, storage in Starfield is quite important, and if you get to have infinite storage, what could be better than that?

The suits, guns, and axes are heavy items, while the resources are not heavy but are quite useful in that they could be used to improve your weapons and other gear. My point is that there are very few items in Starfield that do not serve a purpose in some way or the other. The items you cannot use can be sold to earn some credits, but you have to carry them at some point still. That being so, one wishes to have infinite storage in Starfield.

But there is a limit to how much you can carry, and initially, in the game, you are bound to find yourself encumbered with items that make the total haul go past your carrying capacity. The Frontier’s cargo hold has a limited capacity too. You wish there was infinite storage; you could store all that you have looted or got during the Starfield missions so that you can travel light.

The good news is that you can get infinite storage in Starfield. The better news is that you can get that early in the game. Many Starfield players who have just started playing don’t realize this because Starfield doesn’t tell them so.

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Infinite Storage in Starfield: The Location

The location of infinite storage in Starfield is The Lodge, the Constellation’s headquarters, a place you must have visited if you got the Artifact you found at Vectera to them (we’ve covered it in our Starfield review).

The Lodge is located in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison of the Alpha Centauri system. New Atlantis is the capital of the United Colonies, one of the first government bodies in the Starfield universe.

the lodge

How to Get Infinite Storage in Starfield

➡️ Meet and Chat with Noel at The Lodge

Noel is a graduate student and joined the Constellation in 2336 as a scientist. She joined up at the insistence of Sarah, who wanted her in the group of space explorers. It took Sarah several months to finally convince Noel to join the Constellation.

noel at the lodge starfield

After you submit the Artifact you found in the mines of Vectera and have talked with Sarah, you should go talk to Noel about getting your own quarters in The Lodge.

alk to Noel about getting your own quarters in The Lodge

The task to talk to Noel about quarters is displayed on the top left of the screen as soon as you finish the ‘One Last Step‘ quest.

talking to noel to get a room at the lodge starfield

When you hit up the ‘Talk‘ option, you will see the query about getting your own quarters at the Constellation headquarters.

getting your own quarters at the Constellation headquarters

Noel would be delighted that you plan to stick around with their group and immediately proceed to show you the room.

noel agrees to set up quarters in the lodge starfield

➡️ Getting Your Own Room at The Lodge

Noel will take you upstairs. Follow her through the bar and into the suite of rooms that come into view when you take a right after that. Yours would be the second room from the right. After Noel’s brief tour, she will take her leave, and you can now explore your room.

Getting Your Own Room at The Lodge

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The Infinite Storage Locker

Inside your room, you will find a storage locker. Now this locker has infinite storage, so you can store all that you want here. All the precious things you would want to use later, the crafting materials, all the non-precious things, and the extra spacesuits, like the Mantis suit from the Mantis Quest in Starfield, that could fetch you some good money later on.

Basically, everything can be stored safely in your own room here at The Lodge. If you check on how much it can store on the inventory page, no mass value will show for the storage locker. So, you can store as much as you want here.

The Infinite Storage Locker

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The Infinite Storage Crate

There is another place in The Lodge itself that serves as infinite storage. Instead of taking the stairs to your room, head to the basement through the door that lies just on the left side of the stairs.

You will find a storage crate here. Note here, too, that the mass for the same is not listed, which means that it is an infinite storage crate.

Summing Up

So, now you have two infinite storage options, and that too in the same building you would want to call home. The only thing is that you would have to come to The Lodge to store your items.

It’s not that big a deal because my advice to you would be to travel light for missions, with only the most necessary items. Plus, your companions can also haul some weight for you. They can help with the loot you get during the Starfield missions. So, check out how you can recruit Heller or recruit Supervisor Lin in our comprehensive guides.

Besides, the entire team at the Constellation would want to solve the mystery of the Artifact, you included, and that means you would be coming to The Lodge plenty of times.

You will get to store a lot of items, but some of them would be valuable only because they could be sold to earn more money. It takes some effort to earn money in Starfield. To help you out with this, I have the most useful guide on how to earn money fast in Starfield. Be sure to check that out.

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