Warframe: How to Get Spinal Core Sections?


Spine Core Section is a farmable resource that you can get from fishing in Warframe’s Cambion Drift. You need to farm this resource to craft various components, melee weapons, and kitguns. You can get them by fishing, turning in Daughter Tokens, trading, and completing Isolation Vault bounties. In this guide, we will go over the best methods to obtain the Spinal Core Sections so you can farm the resource efficiently.

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How to Get Spinal Core Sections in Warframe by Fishing


You can fish for Vitreospina and Chondricord in the Cambion Drift to get Spinal Core Sections. Above is a map of Deimos, and we marked our favorite fishing spot near the Infested Seraglio.

➡️ Vitreospina

Vitreospina is an infested Orokin hybrid fish that is typically located in caves. We recommend using Fass Residue (fishing bait) to make farming easier. 


Here are the materials that you can get from each fish: 

#1. Basic Vitreospina 

  • Benign Infested Tumor x3
  • Spinal Core Section x1
  • Dendrite Blastoma x1
  • Tubercular Gill System x2
  • Ferment Bladder x2

#2. Adorned Vitreospina 

  • Benign Infested Tumor x4
  • Spinal Core Section x1
  • Dendrite Blastoma x1
  • Tubercular Gill System x3
  • Ferment Bladder x3

#3. Magnificent Vitreospina 

  • Benign Infested Tumor x6
  • Spinal Core Section x1
  • Dendrite Blastoma x1
  • Tubercular Gill System x4
  • Ferment Bladder x4

➡️ Chondricord

Chondrichord is a rare uncorrupted Orokin fish in the Cambion Drift. It is recommended to farm Chondrichords instead of Vitreospina as they contain two Spinal Chord Sections while Vitreospinas give you just one. 


Here are the materials you get from Chondrichords:

#1. Basic Chondrichord 

  • Benign Infested Tumor x3
  • Tubercular Gill System x2
  • Spinal Core Section x2

#2. Adorned Chondrichord

  • Benign Infested Tumor x4
  • Tubercular Gill System x3
  • Spinal Core Section x2

#3. Magnificient Chondrichord

  • Benign Infested Tumor x8
  • Tubercular Gill System x5
  • Spinal Core Section x2 

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How to Get Spinal Core Sections by Trading

You can trade Daughter Tokens at Daughter’s Exchange to get Spinal Core Sections directly. You can find Daughter Tokens by trading a random assortment of Cambion Drift Resources under the Mend the Family opinion with Grandmother. You can also find the tokens randomly in the Cambion Drift and turn them into Daughter for some Spinal Core Sections.


Alternatively, you can trade or buy fish using Platinum. If you do not enjoy fishing in Warframe, you can sell items that you do not require for Platinum and use the premium currency to buy the fish you need from other players.

Warframe.Market or the in-game trading chat will have players who are willing to sell their fish to you. Vitreospina sells for around 2 Platinum, while Chondricord sells for around 3 Platinum due to the higher rarity.

Note: This method is NOT recommended for new players and only for mid-game players and veterans who can efficiently farm Platinum by selling items. 

How to Get Spinal Core Sections From Isolation Vaults

Isolation Vaults, aka Iso Vaults, are Entrati facilities that can be cleared at various difficulties. Completing Isolation Vault bounties can reward Spinal Core sections. The types of missions you can get include: 

  • Assassinate
  • Cache Recovery
  • Excavation
  • Extract Samples
  • Hive Extermination 
  • Deimos Delicaies 
  • Cracks in Deimos 
  • Infested Research

Farming Isolation Vaults for Spinal Core Sections is not as reliable as fishing, but a lot of players do not enjoy catching fish, and running Iso Vaults can be more fun as they also yield other rewards.

What are Spinal Core Sections used for?

You need a total of 105 Spinal Core Sections to get all items that require Spinal Core Sections.

Arioli MutagenComponent8
Bonewidow Weapon PodComponent6
Cortege BarrelComponent20
Morgha BarrelComponent20
Ulnaris GripKitgun10
Voidrig CapsuleComponent15
Xaku ChassisComponent3
Zarim MutagenComponent8

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We hope our guide helps you farm Spinal Core Sections for your Xaku or other gear that you need to craft. Fishing can get tedious, but with a little patience, you should have all the Spinal Core Sections you need.

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