Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Catch Lake Sturgeon?


Since its release, Red Dead Redemption 2 and its online component, Red Dead Online, have been able to acquire a high rank in the gaming world. RDR2 is famous for its amazing gameplay, breathtaking graphics, immersive storyline, memorable quests, and more. Fishing is an activity that Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have enjoyed and still enjoy to this day. Along with hunting, it plays an important role in the game. Players can catch various fishes in the game using a fishing pole and appropriate bait or lures. Lake Sturgeon is among the fishes that players can hunt in RDR2.

Whether you are trying to catch it independently, as part of ‘A Fisher of Fish’, or to complete daily challenges in Red Dead Online, I have got your back. Below, I will explain where to find Lake Sturgeons and how to bag one. Read on to find out more.

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What is the Lake Sturgeon in RDR2?

The Lake Sturgeon is a species of bottom-feeding fish that looks kind of archaic and has spines along its back. This fish is not only large but also stout. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Lake Sturgeons live in the deeper waters of some of the southern lakes and marshes. According to the reports, Lake Sturgeons get enticed to artificial Lake Lures

Its legendary counterpart is rare and lives in the waters of southwestern Saint-Denis. For the unaware, the Legendary Lake Sturgeon is way bigger and heavier than the regular Lake Sturgeon.

While its regular version weighs around 14 to 20 pounds, the Legendary Lake Sturgeon weighs around 46 pounds and has a length of approximately 50 inches. The difference in size is easily perceptible, right? If you thought the Longnose Gar in RDR2 was big, prepare to be amazed!

Lake Sturgeon

After searching for the Lake Sturgeon in places known for its sightings, I have observed that the fish becomes increasingly active during overcast weather. Thus, anyone trying to increase the likelihood of catching a Lake Sturgeon should go hunting when it rains. 

Similar to other large fishes in the game, catching a Lake Sturgeon or a Legendary Lake Sturgeon can be a pain in the neck. And you may not do well on your first attempt. However, provided that you have prior experience fishing such big boys, bagging one should not be too difficult.      

Items Required for Fishing a Lake Sturgeon

Before you go on a Lake Sturgeon fishing trip, you have to possess the following items: 

  • Fishing rod
  • Lake Lure
Items Required for Fishing a Lake Sturgeon

If you do not have the Lake Lure, it is best not to settle for some random bait or lure you may have in your inventory. By doing so, you are sabotaging your chances of bagging a Lake Sturgeon, as nothing attracts this fish more than the Lake Lure.

Therefore, visit the Bait and Tackle Shop in Lagras, where you can buy the Lake Lure for $2.50 only. Once you have got your hands on all the crucial items, it is time to go catch a Lake Sturgeon.       

Where to Find a Lake Sturgeon in RDR2?

As I have mentioned before, the Lake Sturgeon lives in some southern lakes and marshlands. I won’t lie; the search for the Lake Sturgeon was a tiresome, time-consuming affair, especially because I didn’t know where exactly to look. But after careful observation, I was finally able to pinpoint its habitats in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here are all the places where I have found Lake Sturgeons in RDR2: 

➡️ West Elizabeth 

West Elizabeth is perhaps the biggest Lake Sturgeon habitat in Red Dead Redemption 2. The southwest area of Flat Iron Lake is where you need to be. Finding the lake should not be a tough task. You can easily find it in the Great Plains, south of Blackwater

Flat Iron

➡️ New Hanover 

New Hanover, situated northeast of the Flat Iron Lake, is a great Lake Sturgeon location. Visit the shores in The Heartlands as well as the Lemoyne border, Scarlett Meadows.

New Hanover

➡️ Lemoyne 

Lemoyne has the greatest number of Lake Sturgeon habitats scattered across the area, especially in the Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa

Watch out for the area where the Kamassa River branches around St. Denis and Calliga Hall. It is an excellent spot for some Lake Sturgeon hunting. 


Second, follow the main branch of Kamassa River, and you will see an extension just off of Calliga Hall’s northwestern boundary. Yes, the boundary just beyond the Ringneck Creek is another awesome place to catch a Lake Sturgeon. 

Also, I have seen Lake Sturgeons in the water in the middle of Lakay and Lagras

As for Bluewater Marsh, the bay off of the Lanahechee River is home to the Legendary Lake Sturgeon. 

You’ll notice that most of the areas are accessible via the horses in RDR2

How to Catch a Lake Sturgeon in RDR2? 

Provided that you have your fishing pole and the Lake Lure with you, you are ready for your Lake Sturgeon hunt.

Visit any of the places I listed above and throw your line into the water. Remember to maintain your patience and wait for some time until the fish bites the bait.

I have noticed that gradual reeling in, along with sporadic line flicking, can prove to be beneficial in luring a Lake Sturgeon.

Legendary Lake Sturgeon

When your target bites your bait, you will feel a slight vibration in your controller. Press the R2/RT to hook the Lake Sturgeon. Now, start reeling it in by rotating your right thumbstick in a clockwise direction while pressing your left thumbstick at 2 to 3-second intervals.

Immediately stop reeling in the fish whenever it starts struggling, and then recommence once it calms down.

As the Lake Sturgeon is a large-sized fish, especially the Legendary one, it might end up breaking your line while fighting to break free. Holding the fishing pole upright when the Lake Sturgeon begins its wriggles can minimize this possibility, though. 

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Uses of the Lake Sturgeon

The Lake Sturgeon has three chief uses in Red Dead Redemption 2:

➡️ Consuming the Meat

By catching a Lake Sturgeon, you can obtain the Flaky Fish Meat. All RDR2 enthusiasts know pretty well that the Flaky Fish Meat is great to consume, and benefits the players to a certain extent based on the recipe they make.

There are multiple recipes to cook the meat. These are Plain Flaky Fish, Oregano Flaky Fish, Minty Flaky Fish, and Thyme Flaky Fish. Choose your recipe based on your specific needs.           

Consuming Lake Sturgeon as meat

The Plain Flaky Fish restores all Cores to a moderate degree. The Oregano Flaky Fish (Flaky Fish Meat + Oregano) greatly replenishes Stamina Core and brings about a medium refill of Health and Dead Eye Cores.

Next, the Minty Flaky Fish (Flaky Fish Meat + Wild Mint) greatly restores the Health Core and moderately restores Stamina and Dead Eye Cores. Lastly, the Thyme Flaky Fish (Flaky Fish Meat + Creeping Thyme) greatly replenishes Dead Eye Core and moderately replenishes Health and Stamina Cores.

➡️ Selling to Merchants

If you don’t want to eat the Flaky Fish Meat, you can sell the Lake Sturgeon you caught to merchants as well. For one Lake Sturgeon, you will get $5 in the Tumbleweed town and Trappers in West Elizabeth. In all other places, however, you will get $4.

Selling to merchant

Compared to many available fishes in the game, the Lake Sturgeon’s selling price is higher. So, you may consider starting a successful trading business to earn some extra cash.

Besides eating and selling, Lake Sturgeons has another great use as well. You can craft various items using various parts of the fish.

Crafting unique skins using Lake Sturgeon

For example, you may use the skin and scales of a Lake Sturgeon to make unique outfits and accessories. Similarly, its bones and teeth can give birth to different tools and weapons.

These items not only let you show off your crafting talent but also enrich your overall RDR2 experience. 

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Helpful Tips for a Hassle-Free Lake Sturgeon Fishing Session

As I said before, catching a Lake Sturgeon can take a few tries before you finally succeed in bagging your desired fish. Nonetheless, I have some tips that may come in handy in your next Lake Sturgeon hunt. Here, take a look:

#1. Understand the Nitty-Gritty Well

Going on a fishing trip without knowing what you need to do is a one-way ticket to failure if you ask me. As a fisherman/woman, your fishing pole is your best buddy. If you don’t know your fishing rod inside out, you cannot dream of success.

Fishing for the Lake Sturgeon

First things first, pressing the L2/LT button will make your character hold the rod using both their hands. R2/RT makes the line cast. Now here’s the thing: the longer you hold the R2/RT button, the longer the casting.

Here’s another fact: when the fish bites the bait, pressing R2/RT again will hook it. After you have hooked what you aimed for, slowly reel in by tilting the left thumbstick while rotating the right thumbstick clockwise with tiny 2-3 second pauses. 

#2. Get the Right Gear and Equipment

Making the most of your fishing expedition takes more than just skills. If you lack the right fishing gear and equipment, you are bound not to get satisfying results. From fishing poles to lures to baits – bringing your A-Game every single time is vital.   

First, let’s talk about the fishing pole. Although the game offers you a basic fishing rod as a default option, you don’t need to stick to it forever.

Lake Lure Bait and Tackle

During particular events and promotions, special or limited-edition rods may be up for grabs. Don’t miss such opportunities to obtain advanced fishing poles that will take your fishing to the next level.

It is the same with baits and lures too. Using sturdier, more robust, top-quality baits and lures can make dealing with a large creature like the Lake Sturgeon easier.

#3. Pick the Appropriate Time

While you may catch a Lake Sturgeon any time of day, it is best to go fishing early morning or late evening. Why? It is because players have reported that they found more success in fishing a Lake Sturgeon during these hours.

Fishing during evening hours

Plus, the fish shows the most vitality when it rains. Hence, only plan your fishing trips in cloudy weather conditions.    

#4. Be Patient

As the Lake Sturgeon lives in deeper waters, it may take some substantial time before a prey bites your hook.

Losing your patience means that you are thwarting your progress before things consummate. So, be patient, and stay ready for multiple failed attempts when you go on your Lake Sturgeon hunt.  

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Final Words

To conclude, the Lake Sturgeon is a fish available to catch in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as Red Dead Online. Besides obtaining the Flaky Fish Meat, you can utilize it to craft various unique objects or sell it in exchange for money.

In this guide, I gave you all the locations where the fish resides, and useful tips on how to catch it. All you have to do now is to go out there and test your fishing expertise. Best of luck!

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