How to Catch the Legendary Bullhead Catfish in Red Dead Redemption 2? 


Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 ranks among not only the best games coming out of the studio but also the entire gaming industry. The vast open world of RDR2 provides more than sufficient scope to explore the beautiful surroundings and do a lot of fun things. One such thing is fishing. For the unaware, there are a total of 13 legendary fishes in the game available for players to catch. Now, when it comes to fishing, most RDR2 enthusiasts are bound to agree on one thing: the Legendary Bullhead Catfish is the hardest to catch.

If you are struggling to bag one for yourself too, this guide is for you. Here, I will discuss how to catch the Legendary Bullhead Catfish in Red Dead Redemption 2 without much trouble.

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What is the Legendary Bullhead Catfish in RDR2?

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish is the legendary variant of the Bullhead Catfish – a little, bottom-feeding fish found in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the Legendary Bullhead Catfish is bigger and heavier than its regular version. 

Legendary Bullhead Catfish

Yes, the Legendary Bullhead Catfish has a length of over 19 inches and weighs over 6 pounds (the regular one is about 7-10 inches long and weighs roughly 0.5-2 pounds). While it isn’t as big as the Longnose Gar in RDR2, this catfish still packs some size!

Reports mention its sightings around Sisika Penitentiary, and according to the fishermen, only Special River Lures attract this fish. 

Also, the weather plays a huge role in determining whether you will come across a Legendary Bullhead Catfish or not. I have observed that this fish shows the most vim during rainy weather.         

Items Required for Catching a Legendary Bullhead Catfish

Before you set out on your Legendary Bullhead Catfish hunt, you should cross-check if you have the following items: 

  • Fishing rod 
  • Special River Lure

In case there is no Special River Lure in your inventory, don’t worry. Simply go to the Bait and Tackle Shop in Lagras, Lemoyne, and purchase the Special River Lure for $20. After obtaining the lure you are looking for, it is time to go bag the legendary fish.

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Where to Find a Legendary Bullhead Catfish in RDR2?

As we mentioned earlier, the Legendary Bullhead Catfish lives in the vicinity of the Sisika Penitentiary. To be more precise, the creek deltas west of the penitentiary is the place to be. The Sisika Penitentiary is situated on the Sisika Island east of Saint-Denis. In case you were unaware, the only way to reach the island is via a boat or a hot air balloon

Although horses in RDR2 are the main mode of transportation, they won’t be useful in this case, thanks to the fish’s location.

Using Boat to reach Sisika Island

While the water around the island is pretty shallow, it should not matter much so long as you have the Special River Lure at your disposal. 

Sisika Island

One thing I recommend is to move towards the penitentiary orthogonally, and never to go beyond the center of the channel. You might be wondering why. Well, the Sisika Penitentiary is a restricted place, and you will see guards defending it.

If you approach a little too close, they will attack you. So, it is best to maintain distance. Anyway, when the game notifies you that you have arrived at a new Legendary Fish location, get to work instantly. 

How to Catch a Legendary Bullhead Catfish?

Upon arriving at the proper place, stop rowing your boat. Then, stand up and equip your fishing rod and the Special River Lure. Cast your line and wait for the Legendary Bullhead Catfish to bite the bait. 

What I find the most irritating thing about the Legendary Bullhead Catfish is that, unlike other legendary fishes, I have not seen it create the signature big waves in the water. This makes it tricky to determine where to cast the line. Nonetheless, the fish you are after is still there, and baiting one with the Special River Lure should not be too difficult.

Catching the Legendary Bullhead Catfish

When the fish finally bites the bait, press R2/RT to hook it. And once it stops struggling to break free, start reeling in.

You can do so by tilting your left thumbstick while rotating your right thumbstick in a clockwise motion every 2-3 seconds. Halt for a bit when the fish begins fighting again, and then resume the reeling process once it stops. 

Remember that catching this fish is quite a tough task. When I cast my line in the water, I had to wait for a long time and make more than one attempt until I was finally able to bag the bad boy. Therefore, maintaining your patience is not only essential but key to success.          

Uses of the Legendary Bullhead Catfish in RDR2

There are two main uses of the Legendary Bullhead Catfish: 

➡️ Gritty Fish Meat

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish can give you the Gritty Fish Meat. Those who have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for quite some time know that the Gritty Fish Meat is a good meat to consume.

It also restores all Cores to a slight extent upon consumption. However, this meat is incredibly limited in terms of recipes. You can only make the Gritty Fish Meal with it, eliminating the need for any additional ingredients. Simply light the cooking fire and prepare the meal.      

➡️ Selling for Cash

If you are not planning to prepare the Gritty Fish Recipe, you are also free to sell the Legendary Bullhead Catfish. Unfortunately, it will provide you with measly amounts of cash.

You will get $0.75 in Saint-Denis and Rhodes and $0.94 elsewhere. While the money you receive from selling the fish is outrageously substandard (I still can’t get over this bad of a deal), there is nothing to do. 

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Tips to Make Fishing a Legendary Bullhead Catfish Easier

Although the Legendary Bullhead Catfish is a headache for the fishermen in RDR2, the below tips have helped me a lot. Utilize these tips to catch the fish without any trouble: 

#1. Grasp the Basics

Going on a fishing trip, especially a legendary one, without knowing the fundamentals of fishing is a recipe for disaster. 

Pressing L2/LT makes you hold your fishing pole using both your hands. When you press R2/RT, it casts the line. 

Baits for Legendary Bullhead Catfish

The duration of your holding R2/RT is the deciding factor in the casting distance. If you hold it for a brief time, the distance of the casting will be shorter. But if you hold it for long, the casting will be longer. 

Holding the L2/LT button, the right thumbstick helps you lure your target, while pressing R2/RT flicks the pole. 

The controller in your hand will sightly vibrate whenever a fish bites your hook. As the fish stops fighting, tilting the left thumbstick along with a clockwise rotation of the right thumbstick every 2-3 seconds helps you reel it in. 

#2. Use a Bandana to Cover Your Face 

As mentioned earlier, the Sisika Penitentiary is a restricted zone. So, carry a bandana with you and cover your face as you approach the area.

Why? It is because if you accidentally move too close to the penitentiary and end up catching the attention of the guards, your identity will remain concealed. Hence, you can safely leave the place without attracting an undesired bounty. 

Bandana RDR2

Besides, covering your face can help you avert any prompt reaction from your adversaries. 

#3. Be Patient 

As I said before, patience is a vital virtue to possess if you strive to hunt a Legendary Bullhead Catfish. This fish is arguably the hardest to catch. 

You may have to wait for a frustratingly long time before your target bites the bait. And even after that, you may fail to bag one and resume the entire process again. 

Losing your patience is pretty much a death spell on your chance to successfully catch a Legendary Bullhead Catfish. 

#4. Watch Out for the Notification 

Every time you arrive at a new Legendary Fish location in Red Dead Redemption 2, there will be a pop-up on the top-left corner of your screen. Peep this notification to make out whether you have reached the right destination. 

Notification for Legendary Fish

If the pop-up does not appear, you are yet to arrive at the apt location. So, start rowing again and move to another spot. 

#5. Make Sure the Time is Suitable 

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish becomes the most active during rainy weather. Going for a fishing trip in other weather conditions would not be that fruitful.

Thus, it is important to monitor the weather in the game and plan your fishing expedition only when it starts to rain or is about to rain.

Also, players have reported that if you go fish during the early morning or late evening hours, you are more likely to bag a Legendary Bullhead Catfish.

Darker hours are better for catching the Legendary Bullhead Catfish

So, choosing the right time can make or break your Legendary Bullhead Catfish hunt. I suggest you camp out if possible (at a safe distance, of course) and wait for the right time to strike. 

#6. Use the Appropriate Lure 

It is a known fact among RDR2 aficionados that not all lures are suitable for catching legendary fishes. Getting just one lure and hoping that it suffices in alluring every possible fish in the game is ridiculous. 

Certain baits or lures are indispensable for the fish you are targeting. In this case, getting the Special River Lure is necessary.

Special River Lure

Now, while the $20 price may seem like a bit too much (I know that the parsimonious outlaw in you may wake up during such situations), go for it. It is a good one-time investment, as you can reuse the lure while catching other fish species too. Pretty solid, isn’t it? 

#7. Carefully Observe Your Target’s Behavior

Although the Legendary Bullhead Catfish does not make the signature big waves when it moves under the water, you can still see its movements because of the shallow water.

Examining the fish’s movements and patterns will surely aid you in making the perfect plan to bag it.

Carefully observe the fish's behavior RDR2

Just like any other situation, if you know your opponent well, your success rate is bound to increase dramatically.

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As you can see, the Legendary Bullhead Catfish is a type of fish that Red Dead Redemption 2 players can catch on their own or as part of ‘A Fisher of Fish.’ Apart from obtaining the Gritty Fish Meat, you can sell it to a merchant in Saint-Denis, Rhodes, etc., as well.

In this guide, I told you how you can catch the Legendary Bullhead Catfish without hassle. Besides, I offered you some tips that will be super useful in your fishing voyage. All the best! 

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