How to Get Artifact Nu in Starfield | All That Money Can Buy Quest [Part 2]


Previously in Starfield, I began the ‘All That Money Can Buy’ quest with Walter Stroud of the Constellation. Stroud tagged along with me to Neon, and we met his wife and business partner, Issa Eklund, at the Stroud-Eklund Corporate HQ. But why exactly are we here in Neon? Someone wishes to sell an artifact to Walter, that too on Neon, a city rife with corruption and danger. This would be the Artifact Nu, and one of Constellation’s top priorities is to get Artifact Nu as soon as possible.

In my earlier outing, in part 1 of the ‘All That Money Can Buy‘ quest, I found and met the seller before the scheduled meeting with Walter. A prior investigation into the seller revealed that he stole the artifact from someone and is on the run. We have to get the Artifact Nu from the seller (Musgrove is his name), and we want to close the deal with as little hassle as possible.

In part 2 of the ‘All That Money Can Buy’ quest in Starfield, Walter Stroud and I are ready for the meeting. Let’s see how that went through.

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The Meeting at the Astral Lounge

When you reach the VIP suite, you’ll find both Musgrove and Walter seated and the security briefcase containing Artifact Nu on the table in the middle.

The Meeting at the Astral Lounge

Musgrove would be jumpy since you are just standing there armed. He is all twitchy during the meeting and would want you to sit down and not stand there.

Maybe he feels intimidated by you. To remedy that, just sit in the chair facing him. We are here to do business, and the smoother we can go about it, the better.

musgrove tells the player to sit starfield - Artifact Nu starfield

That will pacify the jittery Musgrove. He was expecting some trouble from your end since you are the muscle for Walter here, but your response would erase the doubts from his mind.

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How To Persuade Musgrove Successfully?

Musgrove will eventually open up the briefcase to show that he has brought Artifact Nu in it.

How To Persuade Musgrove Successfully - Artifact Nu starfield

But negotiating with him won’t be easy. He will actually ask for double the previous amount agreed upon.

musgrove wanting double for artifact nu starfield

Now, you have three options: persuade him, grab the artifact, or lock the doors by remote triggering them. If you think you can convince Musgrove to honor the agreement with Walter and sell the artifact at the amount he promised Walter for with your words, here’s what you should do.

Pro Tip 💡: To make your honeyed words more potent, you should gulp Hippolyta or one of the wines to increase your chances at persuasion BEFORE ENTERING THE VIP SUITE.

➡️ The Dialogue Options You Need For Successful Persuasion

After he has shown Artifact Nu to Walter and has asked for double the amount, here’s how to persuade Musgrove into settling on the amount formerly agreed upon.

Go with this option first –

persuading musgrove starfield

Musgrove will now threaten to walk out of the deal. But he knows he would get nothing then.

Now, choose this option from the dialogue window –

negotiating with musgrove starfield - Artifact Nu starfield

Walter would try to reason with him logically. And it’s a sound logic. Without the deal going through, Musgrove would get nothing. No money. Plus, he is desperate to get the Artifact Nu out of his hands as quickly as possible. With a successful deal, he will at least get the amount he agreed upon with Walter.

walter trying to persuade musgrove starfield - Artifact Nu starfield

That is why, going with the following dialogue option will finally convince him –

musgrove being persuaded in starfield to sell artifact nu

That’s it. You have done it. Full success at persuasion in Starfield!

The Artifact Nu is yours without Walter having to pay extra.

Congratulations, you have closed the deal with Musgrove without things turning ugly! Walter is pleased and will now be following you, in addition to any other companion you brought along.

Walter becomes a companion

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What Lies Ahead

Do you think that now that you and Walter have Artifact Nu, you can simply go back to The Lodge and add it to the Collection? Wrong.

walter and player preparing to lean neon in starfield - Artifact Nu starfield

Something is going to happen now that’s going to put a big obstacle in your path. Because when you come out of the VIP suite, elated that you closed the deal with the seller Musgrove, you’ll be accosted by someone and accused of stealing somebody else’s property. You’ll also get to know that your ship has been impounded at the spaceport. What in the world? Neon city did get us, after all!

In Starfield, getting Artifact Nu from the seller is one thing, and leaving Neon with the artifact is quite another. It appears that things did go wrong in spite of the Astral Lounge meeting going right.

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