Red Dead Redemption 2: All Black Bear Hunting Locations


Besides its amazing main questline, Red Dead Redemption 2 has lots of other things to do that enrich the game to a great extent. This has contributed a lot to the potential the game has shown to stand the test of time. One such thing is hunting. In RDR2, hunting can benefit the player in multiple ways, such as consumption, crafting different materials, and so on. 

The Black Bear is an animal available in the game that players can hunt. However, its massive size and quickness make it difficult for some players to hunt it down. But, as any RDR2 buff will know, hunting an American Black Bear is compulsory for 100% completion. 

In this guide, I will tell you all the American Black Bear hunting locations so that you can easily track one down.          

What Is the American Black Bear in RDR2?

The American Black Bear is a mammal found in Red Dead Redemption 2 that players can hunt for eating, crafting, etc. It resides in remote forests and is smaller when compared to the Grizzly Bear. 

For the unaware, the American Black Bear is mostly passive and would run away from you if you get too close. This is not true every time, though.

What Is the American Black Bear in RDR2?

It can sometimes become a threat to your well-being and end up attacking you. Take the Moonshiner story mission in RDO, namely ‘A Bitter Means To The Bitter End’, for example. Any Black Bears I came across during this mission were outright aggressive, religiously trying to maul me. Anyway, the mini-map, however, always shows it as hostile. 

The American Black Bear is an omnivorous animal whose diet comprises small mammals, fruits, honey, salmon, and carrion. Unfortunately, there is no legendary version of this mammal in RDR2.     

Where To Find the American Black Bear in RDR2?

As we have mentioned already, the American Black Bear inhabits the remote jungles of Red Dead Redemption 2. After investing several hours in the search for the Black Bear, I have concluded that its habitat is pretty limited – within the confines of Roanoke Ridge, Aurora Basin, Bayou Nwa, and Big Valley.

Also, I have noticed that the American Black Bear spawns in the same place almost every single time. This makes it an easy target if you are proficient in hunting. 

Below are all the places where I have spotted an American Black Bear once or on multiple occasions:

Northwest of Wallace Station 

The northwest of Wallace Station is known for spawning a Grizzly Bear. But did you know that the same region spawns an American Black Bear too? Head far northwest of Wallace Station, and you will come across Watson’s Cabin in Big Valley

North of the cabin, you will see a half-closed section where the Black Bear spawns. Finding the bear here is incredibly easy. Why? It is because the American Black Bear spawns right above the “W” in “Watson’s” on your map.

Northwest of Wallace Station

It would be smart if you follow the railway tracks north past Wallace Station, followed by a turn towards the west along the Ambarino-West Elizabeth border. You have to be sneaky, though. Otherwise, you may spook the bear. You don’t want that, do you? 

Hence, it is better to sneak down the slope to decrease the distance between you and the bear before finally firing your shot. In most cases, this can lead to a clean kill.

North of Owanjila

North of Owanjila, an American Black Bear spawns in the same location as the Legendary Buck. Remember that it likes to hide behind the foliage. So, it may take some time to hunt this one down. 

North of Owanjila

What I did was sit on the cliff right above the open land with my scoped rifle and shoot the bear when I got an opening. 

West of Blackwater       

You can find another American Black Bear west of Blackwater. To be more precise, you can locate this one close to the pathway to the north of Manzanita Post.

West of Blackwater

The bear will come out in the open from time to time. So, it is up to you if you want to kill it without dismounting your horse or sneaking through the shrubs before finally catching the bear off-guard. 

As for me, I don’t get down from my horse. I wait for my target to show up from its hiding, and bang! Down goes the predator catching a slug from its prey. Oh, how the tables tend to turn sometimes!   

By the way, if you turn south of Blackwater, you’ll also find Quaker’s Cove, one of the smaller gang hideouts in RDR2 that need to be cleared on your path to 100% completion.

Bayou Nwa and Roanoke Ridge 

Well, let me be very clear. While there were multiple reports of American Black Bear sightings in the Bayou Nwa and the dense forest areas of Roanoke Ridge, I have seen the Black Bear here on just two occasions. And that too after roaming these areas for a lot of time.

Bayou Nwa and Roanoke Ridge

Needless to say, that was tiresome and exhausting. Also, their lack of resting in the shadows makes it impossible to pinpoint their whereabouts. 

So, I suggest you visit Bayou Nwa and Roanoke Ridge only if you fail to find a Black Bear in the three above-mentioned places. Also, Bayou Nwa is an excellent place to fish/hunt for the Lake Sturgeon in RDR2. So, in case you’re up for fishing, you’ll find two prey at the same location.

And, if you’re adamant about exploration, head towards head to the eastern side of the Elysian Pool, which is near Roanoke Ridge. This will give you one of the rock carvings you need to find to get the Raven Claw Talisman in RDR2.

Rocky Seven in RDR2 is also found in Willard’s Rest in Roanoke Ridge. Phew! Talk about an area that’s teeming with content!

Weapons Needed To Hunt the American Black Bear

Prior to going on an American Black Bear hunt, it is necessary to take certain things with you to avoid failure. Here are those things:

  • Bow with Poison Arrow 
  • Bow with Improved Arrow 
  • Rifle with Regular      
  • Rifle with Split Point 
  • Rifle with Express 
  • Rifle with High Velocity 
  • Throwable with Poison Throwing Knife 
  • Sniper with Regular  
  • Sniper with Split Point 
  • Sniper with Express 
  • Sniper with High Velocity 
  • Shotgun with Slug 

Most of the time, a rifle that comprises a long scope can effectively take down this massive animal from a distance. Don’t use explosives, though, as it can hamper your chance of a clean kill.

Weapons Needed To Hunt the American Black Bear

But at times, it may not work, and you would need other weapons capable of killing a large Black Bear. That is why I recommend going in there prepared with the weapons I just listed to maximize your chances of bagging an American Black Bear.  

How To Hunt the American Black Bear in RDR2?

If you possess some experience hunting giant animals, you should have no trouble hunting a Black Bear. Foremost, you have to be careful enough not to get too close to the mammal, or else you may scare it away.

Plus, having a good aim can be exceptionally beneficial. Why? It is because if you manage to get a clean kill, it can provide you with better rewards.

YouTube video
How I clutched the Black Bear in Red Dead Redemption 2

A rifle equipped with a long scope can be your best buddy in this case.

Do not forget to activate your Dead Eye skill as well. I recommend aiming for the mammal’s dome. A successful headshot will prevent any damage to the bear’s pelt.

Also, the stealthier you are in your movements, the greater the chances of getting the bear within your range. 

Uses of the American Black Bear in RDR2

There are two main uses of the American Black Bear in the game: 

➡️ Big Game Meat

After killing the American Black Bear, you can skin it to obtain the Big Game Meat. In case you didn’t know, the Big Game Meat is a type of useful and fulfilling meat in Red Dead Redemption 2, capable of fully restoring all Cores upon consumption. 

big game meat in RDR2

There are four recipes that you can make from the Big Game Meat after lighting your cooking fire. These are Plain Big Game, Oregano Big Game (Big Game Meat + Oregano), Minty Big Game (Big Game Meat + Wild Mint), and Thyme Big Game (Big Game Meat + Creeping Thyme). All these recipes come with their special perks. Thus, pick the one that best suits your needs. 

The Plain Big Game fully replenishes all Cores. The Oregano Big Game fully restores all Cores and gives you a Gold Stamina Core for a day. The Minty Big Game fully restores all Cores and gives you a Gold Health Core for a day. The Thyme Big Game fully replenishes all Cores and provides you with a Gold Dead Eye Core for a day. 

➡️ Crafting 

Slaughtering and skinning a Black Bear can help you craft unique items from its body parts, mainly its claw, pelt, and fat.

crafting with black bear in rdr2

Here is a complete list of everything you can create using the mammal’s remains: 

  • Cougar Cutaway Coat: Needs 2x Perfect Cougar Pelt + 1x Perfect Black Bear Pelt. Costs $39. Available at the Trapper. 
  • Bear Grenadier Hat: Needs 1x Perfect Black Bear Pelt. Costs $24. Available at the Trapper.  
  • Bear Fringed Shotgun Chaps: Needs 1x Perfect Black Bear Pelt. Costs $38. Available at the Trapper. 
  • Volatile Fire Bottle: Needs 1x Animal Fat + 1x Moonshine. Free of cost. Available at the Trapper.  
  • Volatile Dynamite: Needs 1x Animal Fat + 1x Dynamite + 1x High-Velocity Cartridge. Free of cost. Available at the Trapper.   
  • Fire Arrow: Needs 1x Arrow + 1x Animal Fat + 1x Flight Feather. Free of cost. Available at the Trapper.  
  • Explosive Slug: Needs 1x Regular Shotgun Shell + 1x Animal Fat. Free of cost. Craftable at Arthur’s Camp. 
  • Explosive Cartridge: Needs 1x Express Cartridge + 1x Animal Fat. Free of cost. Craftable at Arthur’s Camp. 
  • Fire Bottle: Needs 1x Animal Fat + 1x Gin + 1x Guarma Rum + 1x Fine Brandy/Kentucky Bourbon. 

Some Tips To Hunt More Efficiently

Let me now list some of the tips that I have utilized myself to become a better hunter. I hope they will benefit you too. After all, RDR2 is one of the best hunting games around, even though its mostly an open-world game. So, these tips are very useful!

  • Go for headshots. Aiming at other parts of an animal can damage its pelt, destroying your possibility of getting a Perfect Pelt – an essential ingredient in crafting numerous unique items. 
  • Collect more info about the animal you are about to target. Having a good understanding of its habitat, behavior, etc., can enable you to plan your moves.       
  • Utilize your Dead Eye skill to the fullest. Having a minimum of Level 4 Dead Eye can mark an animal’s vulnerable spots, such as the heart. A Level 5 Dead Eye can mark even the lungs and stomach. Once it highlights these areas, you know exactly where to aim.
  • Invest more time in getting better weapons and crafting better ammo. Using top-notch arms can increase your efficiency and bring about more kills.

Final Words  

As you can see, hunting the enormous American Black Bear in Red Dead Redemption 2 is not as hard as it looks. Despite its gigantic size, the Black Bear does not usually attack humans and tries to flee the scene when it comes face-to-face with one.

Here, I listed all the locations where I have spotted this mammal in RDR2 and told you how to hunt it without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for, hunter? Put on your cowboy hat, equip your Scoped rifle, and go hunt a Black Bear ASAP.

Now, you may read about how to hunt another notoriously hard find; the Legendary Bullhead Catfish in RDR2.

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