How To Level Up Fast in Starfield | 12 Tips You Need To Know!


Every Starfield player wants to level up fast in the sci-fi RPG, as there are tons of missions and other things that still remain even after spending hours and hours in the game. And, we want to get good at trouncing the challenges early on.

On a very basic level, let’s just say that the more XP you earn in Starfield and the faster you do it, the quicker you will level up. Leveling up in Starfield is essential as it unlocks skill points, which can be used to enhance your character’s ability across various parameters like Physical, Combat, Scavenging, Commerce, etc.

In order to make your Starfield character more powerful, leveling up is one major area you need to focus on. Worry not, I am here to help with my Sparkian guide on how to level up fast in Starfield.

Complete Main Story Missions

The most straightforward way to level up fast in Starfield, though they can involve several stages and, as such, take some time to finish. The main story missions include doing a lot of things that would give you XP, like killing enemies with a particular weapon, working your way up a skillset ladder, unlocking doors, safes and weapon cases, putting your persuasion skills to use, completing the optional objectives, and lots more.

All the XP you collect is compounded hugely when you finish the whole quest, as you net several hundreds of XP in addition to the ones you got during the mission.

All this would help push your character level up significantly. You get big monetary rewards — several thousands of credits — upon completing Starfield’s main story missions. It’s also one of the fastest ways to earn money in Starfield.

complete main story quests starfield

Complete Faction Questlines

Starfield factions like the United Colonies Vanguard, the Freestar Collective (after becoming a Freestar Ranger), and Ryujin Industries have their own questlines. Completing them would add to your experience as a Starfield player and would help you level up fast. Faction missions also earn you money and some items.

Complete Starfield Faction questlines

Complete Missions Listed On Faction Mission Boards

The Constellation, UC Vanguard, and Freestar Collective have got their own mission boards across several locations in Starfield, most commonly in the local pubs. These are standalone missions that are not tied to the main storylines and usually involve killing a Crimson Fleet Captain or outlaw leader or locating something research-worthy.

You would also see hostage rescue missions on the boards. Take on these missions, carry out the specifics, and you’ll get rewarded with not just credits but XP points as well, which help you level up fast.

complete mission board missions

Clear Out Bases marked as ‘Unknown’ on the Map

Land on a planet, open up your scanner, and then look for the spots marked as Unknown on the surface map. These are usually locations considered to be deserted but are actually occupied by pirate groups.

unknown bases starfield

These bases hold valuable loot in the form of credits, weapons, spacesuits, helmets, metals, and useful organic materials. But to get them, you would have to clear out the base of the bad people, which is another way to load up on XP and level up fast in Starfield.

For example, the Mantis Outpost in the Starfield Mantis quest is one that you have to clear out. Fortunately, it provides you with some fantastic rewards, such as a spacesuit and a spaceship!

Loot spacesuits in Starfield

Visit and Scan New Planets

Every time you discover a new planet, you get some XP. If you land on the planet and scan it for landmarks and animal and plant life, you will get additional XP. Remember that without landing, though you can scan a planet, you cannot scan the flora and fauna on it.

Visit new planets in Starfield

Scan Gas Giants and Asteroids For Data

In the case of gas giants and asteroids, earning XP and leveling up is easier in Starfield because you just have to scan them from a viable distance. Since you cannot land on them, the scan data you get would be treated as a complete survey of the planetary object and will net you some XP.

You can then sell this data to Vladimir Sall on The Eye, the starstation of the Constellation located in Jemison’s orbit. Vladimir will also grant you the mission in which you have to get Artifact Iota in Starfield!

Sell survey data to Vladimir Sall

Destroy Enemy Ships in Space

Blasting enemy ships to smithereens is a good combat experience and will help you rack up more XP, paving the way to level up faster. The more enemy ships you can destroy, the better.

Destroy enemy ships in starfield

Board Enemy Ships and Kill The Soldiers

If you are looking to gain some loot as well, there is this alternate option to board an enemy vessel first before blowing it up.

To make sure this plan works, destroy the ship’s engines but refrain from blowing the ship away; you just have to stop yourself from annihilating the ship. Then, board the ship, kill every hostile inside (gets you XP), and loot whatever you want to.

Kill hostile soldiers starfield

After that, return to your ship, undock, and then blast the enemy ship into pieces. This method gets you some additional XP through killing enemy soldiers and the chance to get some loot too, most of which you can sell to any seller in Starfield.

Sleep More To Get the ‘Well-Rested’ Buff

You get the ‘Well-Rested‘ buff in Starfield when you sleep on your own bed. Sleeping on a bed that’s not owned by anyone also gets you this buff. Even if you sleep for an hour, you would still receive the Well-Rested buff.

The Well-Rested Buff in Starfield gives you +10% XP for about 24 minutes, which increases XP gain and makes leveling up faster. It is one of the most effective ways to level up fast in Starfield.

Get the ‘Emotional Security’ Buff

To get the Emotional Security Buff, you have to get married first in Starfield! The logic is that if you sleep next to your married partner, you feel more emotionally secure and can gain more XP in a short time.

This buff gives you a +15% XP boost. so it is 5% more than what you get by sleeping as a single person. So, if you haven’t already, think about romancing the companion you have always wanted to and get married!

And if you are commitment-phobic in real life, I don’t think tying the knot with someone in a game would hurt. Instead, you get more XP!

marry your companion in Starfield

If you are new to Starfield, don’t just go about hitting on anyone in the beginning. To be able to romance a companion, you would need to spend a lot of time with them, and that includes going together on important quests and conversing with them about the state of things, knowing who they are as a person. Then, when your bond becomes stronger, your chances of romancing and marrying them get higher.

Kill Animals on Planets With Abundant Fauna Stat

This is another fast way to get XP in Starfield, though you could call it XP farming. High-level planets with Abundant Fauna stat have plenty of animals, and as cruel as it may sound, they are there, ready and waiting to be farmed for XP.

If you are carrying a Laser Cutter, you don’t even have to spend ammo on them as the Cutter can kill them pretty effectively. Take a companion with you for some assistance with the culling. You can even lower the game difficulty level to kill the animals faster.

➡️ How To Know if a Planet Has Abundant Fauna

For this, hover over any planetary system in the starmap, zoom in, and then check over each planet for its stats. The Fauna rating would be included there, so that’s how you get to know.

check planets for fauna rating

Make Yourself a Cup of Alien Tea for Some XP Support

One other way to help yourself get some passive XP is by drinking Alien Tea. You can make Alien Tea using one item each of Distilled Water and Fiber. This beverage grants you +1% XP for a duration of a good 15 minutes.

I get it; it is just 1%, but over a period of time, it will add up. You know that Starfield is not a small game; you will end up spending hundreds of hours in it.

If you shore up on enough Distilled Water and Fiber, you can keep making this XP-enhancing beverage. Plus, it is a legit way to earn some XP. Why not give it a shot?

Summing Up

I am sure that by following this guide on leveling up in Starfield, your progress in the game would speed up and you would be able to unlock a lot of character abilities by using skill points.

Also, you could check out our guide on how to get infinite storage in Starfield. That’s right — if you’re a hoarder, this post will give you a field day!

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