Red Dead Redemption 2: All Gang Hideout Locations


The Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with perilous criminals who like to hurt people. As most criminals tend to form a group to increase their power, security, and so on, there are various gangs in this game. Naturally, there are multiple gang hideouts in RDR2. You have to clear out these menaces for 100% completion.

Although you will get an opportunity to eradicate many gang hideouts during the main storyline, players face difficulty in finding some camps. Below, I will tell you all gang hideout locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 so that you can wipe them out. 

Here are all the gang hideout locations I have come across during my playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2: 


Situated in the State of Ambarino, the deserted settlement known as Colter was once briefly a Van der Linde Gang hideout. But today, O’Driscoll Boys reside here.

Colter - gang hideout

For your info, the Ambarino region is cold. So, I suggest you take the necessary winter clothing when you go up there.     

Fort Mercer

Fort Mercer is arguably the most notorious fort in all of Red Dead Redemption 2. An abandoned military fortress – Fort Mercer is well-known for being a Del Lobo Gang hideout. You can find it in the Rio Bravo region of New Austin.

Fort Mercer

There is a Gattling Gun in the middle of the fort, capable of wiping you out swiftly. So, don’t forget to take appropriate cover.   

Hanging Dog Ranch 

Located in the Big Valley, West Elizabeth, Hanging Dog Ranch is an O’Driscoll Boys hideout in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hanging Dog Ranch

I have heard many gamers complain that they struggled a good bit before the hideout spawned. Well, if you face the same issue, I recommend simply visiting the Wallace Station and coming back after a few moments. This should spawn Hanging Dog Ranch where it is supposed to.         

Quaker’s Cove

South of Blackwater, in the Great Plains, you will find Quaker’s Cove, which ranks among the most compact gang hideouts in RDO. Quaker’s Cove is pretty much a jetty and an accompanying cabin. Hence, it is easy to clear out.

Quaker’s Cove

Shady Belle

Situated in Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, Shady Belle is a Lemoyne Raiders hideout. Remember that Shady Belle is a large hideout. So, the enemies will be plenty. However, provided that you have a decent aim and proper cover, dealing with your adversaries should not be too difficult. 

Shady Belle

Solomon’s Folly 

Located in the Gaptooth Ridge, New Austin, Solomon’s Folly is a Del Lobo Gang hideout. Want to hear an interesting fact? Solomon’s Folly is the only hideout in the game, above which vultures don’t fly about after you have cleared it out. 

Solomon’s Folly

Thieves’ Landing 

Thieves’ Landing is a Del Lobo Gang hideout located in Hennigan’s Stead, New Austin – close to the San Luis River.

Thieves’ Landing

The huge enemy count inside this hideout makes it a challenging location to attack. Nonetheless, if you maintain good cover and keep an unwavering track of their positions, you will be able to wipe out your enemies without any trouble. 

Twin Rocks 

Twin Rocks – a gang hideout situated in Cholla Springs, New Austin, is special. The hideout location is in the middle of nowhere, but it is also a fun ride, especially if you have one of the best horses in RDR2, in the deserts close to Armadillo. Also, it is perhaps the easiest hideout to clear out due to only a handful of gang members.

Twin Rocks

Now that you’ve checked out all the gang hideouts in RDR2, let’s also take a look at the various gangs that you’ll encounter in your playthrough of the game.

Gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2

Gangs are a big part of Red Dead Redemption 2’s storyline. Here is a list of some of the gangs infesting the land of the Wild West.   

➡️ Watson Boys

You will have an optional encounter with the Watson Boys and their mother in RDR2. Apparently, the boys are in the robbing scene, as they want money to provide their mother with a comfier accommodation.

Although their means are outright wrong, their cause is reasonable. However, that does not make them righteous. Despite their smaller number of murders, they are still murderers, with even their mother asking for occasional killings. Yikes!

➡️ Van der Linde Gang

The Van der Linde Gang is the gang that you play with for most parts of the game. It is led by Dutch Van der Linde, who later in the storyline turns from Arthur’s father figure to a selfish maniac.

Van der Linde Gang

While the gang comprises of robbers and killers, they are also the most fun characters in the entire game.

➡️ Del Lobo Gang

While the Del Lobo Gang is more famous (or infamous) for their thievery, they are down to kill anyone obstructing their progress.

Del Lobo Gang

They are also incredibly loyal, with some of them even putting their lives on the line to break an associate out of prison.

While the loyalty they show for each other is commendable, I feel that their other traits kind of overshadow it. 

➡️ The Anderson Boys

The anecdotes floating around in RDR2 suggest that The Anderson Boys once abducted three rich persons for money. But even though they got the ransom, they maimed two out of the three hostages without any fair reason.

Their sadistic side and the mindless torture they put their victims through have rightfully earned The Anderson Boys the hate they get. They deserve every bit of it!   

➡️ The Foreman Brothers

The Foreman Brothers is a gang that has zero body count in RDR2. Quite surprising, right?

There were heavy allegations that Malcolm tried to sexually assault Tilly Jackson, costing his life in the process.

Still, Anthony leaves no stone unturned to avenge Malcolm’s death, even when it seems justified. Nevertheless, he does not murder Tilly and leaves her alone, staying true to his word.

➡️ O’Driscoll Boys 

The O’Driscoll Boys have a protracted rivalry with the Van der Linde Gang. Even though both gangs are pretty much engaged in the same crookedness, the O’Driscoll Boys triumph when it comes to brutality.

Also, I personally hate their leader Colm. Why? It is because he treats his subordinates with zero respect and finds them dispensable.

The gang is not hesitant to murder anyone interfering in their business; the age and gender don’t matter.        

➡️ Lemoyne Raiders

The Lemoyne Raiders are Confederate soldiers. For the unaware, such people are openly racist and want to make others their slaves. Besides their heinous ideology, you are bound to feel a repulsion from their vicious practices.

Lemoyne Raiders

Every time I see the Lemoyne Raiders killing or robbing someone on the streets (and that is too frequently), it disgusts me. They are truly bad guys who deserve no sympathy.          

➡️ Laramie Boys

The Laramie Boys work for the corporation and intimidate, torture, and even kill farmworkers to scare competing ranches on behalf of their employers.

Despite their low body count, they are still crooks. But even after that, the Laramie Boys are small fishes in a pond full of giants if you ask me.        

➡️ Skinner Brothers

What makes the Skinner Brothers sickening is their motive behind the killings. While most gangs in RDR2 do it for money, the Skinner Brothers do it for their entertainment.

Besides abusing random people, they decorate their hideouts with their victims’ body parts. I mean, how cruel is that?

Plus, they don’t murder their prey quickly. They torture people until they die a slow death.

➡️ Night Folk

With their zombie-like movements and antics, the Night Folk is a formidable gang in RDR2. However, they are more than what meets the eye. They are not completely mindless. In fact, they show the capability of thinking higher.

So, one can’t simply dismiss the Night Folk’s heinous acts as mental illness. They know pretty well what they are doing.     

➡️ Murfree Brood

The Murfree Brood is more of a group of savages rather than a conventional gang. These savage people (or, should I say monsters?) don’t only murder their victims but also brutalize them. Women suffer the most, as the Murfrees are known for assaulting them.

There are truly no bounds to their atrocious deeds and barbarism, making them one of the most feared gangs in RDR2.         

➡️ Micah’s Gang

After the Van der Linde Gang collapses, Micha Bell’s own group, namely Micah’s Gang comes into being.

The leader – Micah has a bad reputation for his cruelty. So, there’s no surprise that the gang is cruel too, slaughtering and robbing people at random.

Their viciousness becomes clear when Cleet becomes a target of the group after preventing Micah from slaying a little girl.      

➡️ Ike Skelding’s Boys

Led by the famed gunman Ike Skelding, Ike Skelding’s Boys is on the peripheries when it comes to legal bounty hunting.

They are famous for capturing those who have earned bounties from the government and exploiting them for monetary gains.

When you stop the gang from handing Sean – a member of the Van der Linde Gang, over to the federal authorities, it ruins Ike’s contingent.    

➡️ Angelo Bronte’s Mob/Guido Martelli’s Mob

The Mob – first led by Angelo Bronte and then Guido Martelli – is a suit-wearing, sophisticated Mafia-like gang that is involved in smuggling, racketeering, and whatnot.

The Mob controls all of Saint Denis and is hospitable towards those who do terrible deeds. And they themselves are not reluctant to get their hands dirty.        

➡️ Ku Klux Klan

Based on their real-life counterpart, the Ku Klux Klan is a notorious group of ex-Confederates, and White Supremacists is the epitome of racism.

With their signature cross-burning rituals, you will encounter the Clan members on three separate occasions in Lemoyne.

Great! Now you have an idea of all the gangs in the game. But, what do you do when you find the gang hideouts in RDR2? You wouldn’t want to go into these hideouts without any strategy, would you?

Tips on Assaulting Gang Hideouts

Here are some useful tips that will help you in your gang hideout assaults: 

  • Find a proper cover. No matter how skilled you are, gang hideouts are bound to be severely enemy-ridden. So, if you let your guard down, they might end up overwhelming you. 
  • Utilize the aim-assist to discover your closest foes to kill them first. Once they are dead, go for the enemies scattered elsewhere. 
  • Focus on the smart use of the Dead Eye bar (hopefully, full), and headshots can give you an upper hand on a battlefield where quick yet precise kills are vital.     

Final Words

To conclude, Red Dead Redemption 2 makes players come face to face with some of the most dishonorable gangs out there. As all RDR2 aficionados may already know, attacking and clearing out their hideouts is compulsory for 100% completion.

In this guide, I discussed various gangs found in the game and listed their hideout locations to make it easier for you to pinpoint them. I also gave you some tips that will come in handy during your offensives. Good luck!

While clearing gang hideouts in RDR2 does work toward 100% completion of the game, you also have to complete various requests from your companions in the game to inch closer to full completion. So, check out our guide on all the companion item requests in RDR2, helping you complete the game as fast as possible!

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