Destiny 2: How to Complete the Symphony of Death Quest [Tips]


Symphony of Death is a quest in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep DLC expansion. You get the Deathbringer rocket launcher as a reward for completing the quest. So, if you want the exotic weapon, here’s what you need to do. Before we get started, make sure you have the Shadowkeep DLC and complete the main storyline. 

How to Start the Symphony of Death Quest?

After you complete the Shadowkeep DLC, visit Eris Morn to obtain the Memory of Sai Mota, which starts the Symphony of Death questline. 

Once you finish talking with Eris, pick up the Lunar Spelunker Bounty to earn a Firewall Data Fragment. The bounty requires you to complete three lost sectors. If you have not cleared any of the lost sectors before, they are marked as “Undiscovered”. 

How to Find the Three K1 Lost Sectors?

Here are maps for all three lost sectors in case you need help locating them:

➡️ K1 Communion Lost Sector Location


➡️ K1 Quarters Lost Sector Location


➡️ K1 Logistics Lost Sector Location


Head to the three lost sectors and loot the final chests to complete them. You can skip most enemies and kill only the Lost Sector minibosses to speed things up. After you complete all three lost sectors, open your Quests tab and redeem the Firewall Data Fragment.

How to Obtain Sai Mota’s Necklace?

To obtain Sai Mota’s necklace and progress the Symphony of Death quest, head to the K1 Revelation lost sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. We have a map below to help you out.


At the end of the lost sector, head through the orange tunnel near the exit, and you will find the necklace. 

How to Complete Symphony of Death and Obtain Deathbringer?

After obtaining the necklace, we need to defeat 20 Nightmares using Arc abilities or weapons to obtain Necklace Scraps. Use the Riskrunner or Trinity Ghoul to quickly complete this quest step. Once you have 20 Necklace Scraps, return to Eris Morn and open the chest behind her to get the Faculties of the Skull quest.

Start the quest and find Toland, the Shattered. The mission is very straightforward, and the game guides you via waypoints to Toland. After talking to Toland, fight the Hive in the area and obtain the Silent Skull.

Head back to Eris, and you will receive the Marrow’s Elegy quest step with the following objectives: 

  • Complete any Public Event in Hellmouth
  • Complete the K1 Revelation Lost Sector (again) 
  • Defeat a Wandering Bone Collector 

The first two steps are self-explanatory. To find a Wandering Bone Collector, just head to the Anchor of Light waypoint on the Moon. If another player kills a Collector, just wait a minute or two to refresh the spawn timer.


Complete the Scarlet Keep strike and kill Sulmakta the High Conductor, on the second floor of the Keep. The quest step updates to ‘Of Darkest Harmony’ after the strike. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Defeat regular enemies 
  • Defeat enemies with yellow or red health bars
  • Defeat Bosses of other Guardians 

You can run random strikes to complete the quest steps. Once you complete all three objectives, you unlock the Choir of the Damned mission in Circle of Bones. Start the mission in Circle of Bones and defeat Airam the Deathsinger to complete the quest. After the quest, head to Eris to get the Deathbringer rocket launcher.

Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher Perk Explained


Deathbringer fires remotely detonated projectiles that shoot Void orbs at combatants. Hold down the fire button to shoot out a projectile and release the button to drop small orbs on enemies that explode. Always aim above the enemies and make the projectiles drop on them to maximize the weapon’s damage.


Deathbringer is a devastating weapon in the right situations. Unlike most other rocket launchers that are used for bosses, Deathbringer is ideal for wiping hordes of enemies. If you pair it with Volatile Rounds, it can deal a lot of damage to Elites.

In Destiny 2, weapons are made even more powerful by the use of Catalysts. So, you can check out our guide on the Sweet Business Catalyst in Destiny 2 to make an excellent weapon even more terrifying to your enemies!

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