How to Find and Breed a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft?


While playing Minecraft, I came across Blue Axolotls, which were introduced in the Caves & Cliffs update of June 2021. These cute underwater animals are healthy and give birth to their young in wet places and rich underwater caves. Their adorable sense of play is enhanced by their pink and white appearance, which evokes real axolotls.

What makes them unique is their outstanding capacity to revive submerged players and help them against Drowned and Guardians. It’s amazing how enthusiastically they participate and support us in the wild underwater battles. These tiny allies are quite useful in combat as well as adding a fun dynamic to Minecraft’s aquatic environment.

This post is a guide on how to obtain a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft and discover its special characteristics. Let’s dive right in!

What Makes the Blue Axolotl Unique in Minecraft?

blue axolotl

In Minecraft, the Blue Axolotl is truly a rare treasure! What sets it apart is its amazing and unique look. The distinctive blue color version of an axolotl stands out against the otherwise pink or white axolotls, thus making it eye-catching among many players within the game setting.

The blue axolotl is unique in how rare it is. Discovering one of these magnificent creatures is a significant obstacle as opposed to encountering ordinary axolotls, thus adding an engaging quest-like aspect to the game.

How To Get Blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

Here’s how to get a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft:

#1. Prepare Yourself

water bucket minecraft

You prepare by gathering the necessary materials. A bucket of water and tropical fish are essential for attracting and breeding axolotls, so I always make sure I have both. In case you need to fish for the axolotl bait, you can use the Luck of the Sea Enchantment to increase your chances of gathering fish!

Besides, it’s always an excellent time when you’re on your boat in Minecraft and fishing for rare and exotic species. So, that’s a side mission you can give yourself!

#2. Find a Lush Cave

lush cave in water minecraft

You then dive down, looking for lush caves or wet spots. Axolotls breed in these locations, including the unusual blue axolotl.

#3. Spotted Axolotls

find axolotl

You can then start your search for axolotls in these damp caves. They usually spawn in groups, and one of them may be the mysterious Blue Axolotl.

#4. Tame the Axolotls

Cautiously approach with tropical fish in hand and bump into an axolotl. The tropical fish axolotl can be tamed by right-clicking on it, as it will make it follow you.

#5. Breed Them


Once a few axolotls are tamed, you can use water to create a controlled environment and group them together by giving them tropical fish. This encourages reproduction – if you’re lucky, you might have a baby blue axolotl!

#6. Patience and Perseverance

Because blue axolotls are extremely rare, you’ll have to be patient and persistent when hunting. Finding and obtaining a Blue Axolotl is an exciting experience that may require some time and travel.

Remember – it isn’t as easy as breeding horses in Minecraft. For Blue Axolotls, you’ll just have to be patient and keep a close eye for the special one!

#7. Proper Care

After acquiring a Blue Axolotl, make sure to give it proper care. Enjoy the experience. You can create a conducive place with other animals where the Blue Axolotl can thrive and have company.


Searching for and raising a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft was unexpectedly challenging but rewarding. Playing with conventional axolotls and slowly training them to procreate while searching for the uncommon blue kind, as well as exploring lush tunnels, gave my gameplay a more daring feel.

Having at last located the elusive Blue Axolotl and raised it with its friends makes you feel accomplished. The rare discovery is an important part of my Minecraft kingdom and reminds me that patience, perseverance, and excitement of exploration are crucial for finding surprises in every corner of the Minecraft world.

If you want more adventures underwater in the world of Minecraft, along with some added creatures from the Minecraft community, check out the best Minecraft mods. These will definitely add even more depth to Minecraft’s already rewarding gameplay!

Kawya Pandey
Kawya Pandey
Kawya is a passionate gaming writer with a Bachelor's degree in English. She has a knack for penning down her thoughts and captivating readers with her writings. Her love for gaming and storytelling led her to explore the world of video games, where she immerses herself in various genres and platforms. With her talent for crafting engaging narratives and analyzing game mechanics, Kawya became a prominent gaming writer. Through her articles, reviews, and walkthroughs, she shares her experiences and insights, allowing readers to enjoy and explore the virtual worlds she encounters. Her passion for travel adds an extra dimension to her gaming adventures. She finds solace and excitement in exploring the vast landscapes of Minecraft, where she can build, create, and indulge her wanderlust in block form.

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