Craft, Setup, Enchant: The Complete Minecraft Enchanting Table Tutorial


My favorite place to upgrade armor, weapons, and tools in Minecraft is the enchantment table. This item is made of diamonds, obsidian, and a book that provides a variety of powerful spells to use on equipment. Experience points (XP), which can be earned by mining, smelting, or eliminating enemies, are used to enchant an item.

I can choose spells that are indicated by light letters floating above the bookcases around the table by spending XP levels and putting an item in a slot. Libraries are pretty important because they affect the possible spells and their levels based on how close they are. The quality of the enchantment increases with your XP level and the number of shelves around the table. This interesting feature gives your gear upgrades in the game more depth and strategy.

In this post, I’ll list the essentials before building an enchanting table and walk you through the process in Minecraft step by step. Additionally, I will discuss how to maximize enchantment levels. Let’s get started!

Items Required To Set Up an Enchantment Table in Minecraft

A few things I always make sure when building an enchantment table in Minecraft are:

➡️ Diamond

diamond in minecraft

In order to create an enchanting table and a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian, you need to collect at least three diamonds. Check out our guide on how you can mine diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 at the Y-level!

➡️ Obsidian

break obsidian block

You’ll have to get at least four obsidian blocks for the enchanting table structure by mining lava and water.

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➡️ The Book

book in mineraft

One book is required as a key element for the spell table; it is made of three pieces of paper and one piece of leather. Also, paper’s pretty useful in the game, so make sure to take a look at our guide on how you can make paper in Minecraft!

➡️ Experience Points (XP)

By engaging in various activities such as mining ores, smelting and killing enemies, you can earn enough experience points (XP) to properly enchant things. And, if you want to speed things up, you can use the XP command in Minecraft to gain more XP.

➡️ Bookshelves (Optional)

bookshelf in minecraft

Shelves placed around the enchanting table are optional, though they enhance the spells on offer. For maximum enchantment, you can collect fifteen shelves (45 books and ninety-nine wooden boards).

Steps To Setup an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an enchanting table in Minecraft.

#1. Gather the Required Materials

First, make sure you have everything I mentioned above to create an enchanting table in Minecraft.

#2. Create an Enchanting Table

enchanting table in minecraft

First, make a diamond pickaxe out of diamonds. Mine obsidian with the pickaxe (obsidian can be made out of lava or mined directly). Construct the enchanting table by placing the book in the middle square and arranging the obsidian blocks in a “T” shape, as shown in the image above.

#3. Select a Location

location for bookshelf in minecraft

Find a suitable place for the enchanting table. It should be close to your base and have enough space. To keep it safe from the crowds, I like to surround it with bookshelves or keep it inside a house.

#4. Bookshelves (Optional)

bookshelves for enchantment table minecraft

If you have enough materials (ninety-nine wooden boards and forty-five books), you can build shelves around the wizard’s table.

I usually place them two or more blocks away from the table and build a frame to amplify the spells available.

#5. Set Up the Spell Table

Put the enchanting table where you want it. A 5×5 area must be built around the table to guarantee the shelves have the most spells.

#6. Collect Experience Points

To properly enchant items, focus on gaining experience by farming, smelting, mining ores, and fighting mobs.

#7. Enchant Items

enchant items in minecraft

Now that you’ve accumulated enough XP and the spell table is ready, jump into it. After putting the item you want to enchant into the slot, use the XP points to choose the enchantment from the glowing letters.

You can take a look at our Minecraft sword enchantments guide to better understand the concept of enchantment.

How To Maximize Your Enchanting Levels in Minecraft?

Here’s how I maximize enchantment levels in Minecraft:

#1. Build Libraries

libraries in minecraft

Start by building bookcases to surround my charming desk. The greatest amount of spells is guaranteed when they are arranged in a 5×5 space around the table.

#2. Get Experience Points (XP)

My main strategy for leveling up enchantment is to gain experience points (XP) from mining ores, smelting things, farming, breeding animals, or taking out groups of enemies. My level of experience increases the enchanting possibilities that become accessible.

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#3. Strategic Enchantment

Your goal should be to enchant high-level items with higher XP levels, rather than always enchanting low-level items. This optimizes your chances of getting stronger enchantments for your gear.

#4. Combine Enchanted Items

Here’s what I do to combine my enchanted items:

I get different enchantments by separately enchanting multiple lower-level items. I then use the anvil to fuse them together to create a powerful, fully enchanted tool or gear element. This strategy allows me to use multiple spells on one item.

#5. Looting and Trading

Librarian Villager in Minecraft for trading

You can obtain already enchanted items or spell books by looting and trading, searching towns for librarians offering enchanted books, or trading with locals.

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Enchantments are a crucial aspect of Minecraft, so learning how to enchant your items becomes key to progress in the game. Here, I’ve explained everything there is to know about the enchantment tables, different enchantments, and how you can combine them.

You can also focus on XP accumulation, crafty enchantments, and gear building to create great gear pieces. Once you learn these techniques, you will gain an upper edge on the various hurdles in the game.

You can also use Minecraft’s mobs for resources by farming them. For this, you’ll need to read our Minecraft Piercing Enchantment guide!

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