Imbued Sword Keys in Elden Ring: Find All Three to Unlock Secret Locations!


The Lands Between is in itself a massive world to explore, but what if there is a way to unlock some secret locations? That’s why the Imbued Sword Keys in Elden Ring are essential!

The Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes has four towers with awesome Waygates that take you to the other side of Lands Between and give you even more adventure to enjoy.

However, these Waygates at the Four Belfries won’t open with general Stonesword Keys. You will need special Imbued Sword Keys to unlock these Waygates and the mysteries beyond.

There are 3 Imbued Sword Keys in the Elden Ring. With one key, you can unlock one Waygate. Yes, there are four Belfry towers, but only three have Waygates. One Belfry tower has the first Imbued Sword Key you can find. 

For the other two Imbued Sword Keys, you must travel to Sellia in Caelid and Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes.

But that information is not enough.

So, in this Elden Ring guide, I will show you how to find the three Imbued Sword Keys and how to open the Four Belfries Waygates to get the best story experience in the Elden Ring. 

Imbued Sword Key Locations

Imbued Sword Keys are key items in Elden Ring. In total, there are three of these keys. You need to insert the Imbued Sword Key in the Imp Statue at the Waygate in the Four Belfries. The key will be lost on use.

These waygates will take you to another secret location to fight more bosses and discover new items.

imbued-sword-key-locations-in-elden-ring imbued sword keys in Elden Ring
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So, now let’s see the Imbued Sword Key locations in Elden Ring. 

➡️ Location #1: The Four Belfries

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you need to go to The Four Belfries location to find the first Imbued Sword Key. It is a hill with four Belfry towers; three have the Waygates, and one has an Imbued Sword Key.

imbued-sword-key-location-1-four-belfries imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

On your way to the Four Belfries, you will discover some jellyfish and giants. You can fight them or avoid them, your choice.


On entering the Four Belfries location, you will see the first tower. This tower has a Waygate, not the key.


Turn right from the first tower and climb the hill to find the highest of the Four Belfry towers. Just keep riding on your Torrent.

find-the-belfry-tower-in-the-back-for-imbued-sword-key imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

At this tower, you will discover a chest. In this chest, you will find the first Imbued Sword Key. In my case, the chest is empty because I already collected the key.


If you think that one was easy, hold on. The next two Imbued Sword Keys are not easy to find, and you will have to fight some powerful enemies on the way.

By the way, if you’re wondering what’s that sword in my hand, it’s Blasphemous Blade, one of the best Greatswords in Elden Ring.

➡️ Location #2: On a Corpse at Raya Lucaria Academy

After collecting the first key, you can find the second Imbued Sword Key in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, too.

Just head to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace in Raya Lucaria Academy.


Once at the Debate Parlor, head north to go rooftop-hopping again.


But beware, there will be a lot of enemies on your way – some undead and some sorcerers.

enemies-on-the-way imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

After you defeat the sorcerer, head south and jump on the rooftop ahead.


Here, you will find some four-armed enemies. Just kill them off, and you are good to go.

fighting-enemies-with-four-arms imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Climb the ladder on your west to reach a bell tower.


Here, you will be ambushed by some bird enemies and a sorcerer. Kill them and keep moving ahead.

fighting-enemies-on-the-top imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

After fending off the enemies, head to the Northwest and keep jumping the rooftops.


On the east, you will see a corpse lying. Just head to the corpse.

head-east-to-reach-the-bell-tower imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

You can loot the second Imbued Sword Key off the corpse.

collect-imbued-sword-key imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

➡️ Location #3: Sellia in Caelid

The third and final Imbued Sword Key is located in the dangerous region of Caelid – a place where players fear to even step into. The Caelid region is known for its Scarlet Rot, the location of General Radahn, and the homeland of vicious dragons.

In fact, in the northern region of Caelid, you can find and kill the Sleeping Dragon Greyoll. You can easily farm at least 50,000 Runes here.

🧭 Accept Gowry’s Quest

Before you head to Sellia, Town of Sorcery, you need to collect a note from Gowry at his shack near the Sellia Gateway. You can start at Aeonia Swamp and just head north.


Head to Gowry’s Shack via Sellia Gateway. On your way, you will find a few enemies. It’s your choice whether or not you want to engage in combat.

enter-the-gates-of-Sellia-gateway imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Just before the Shack, you will find a Beast Dog that I recommend you kill off. Since I was on level 200 and had Blasphemous Blade as my weapon, it was a two-hit fight for me!


After killing the Beast Dog, head straight to the Shack and talk to Gowry. You need to accept his quest. 


Gowry will send you off to kill a boss as the first part of his quest. After killing the boss, return to the Gowry’s Shack and talk to him again. He will give you the Sellia’s Secret note.


🔥Light the Three Flames

To get the third Imbued Sword Key, you need to head to Sellia, the Town of Sorcery. In this region, you will find three towers. You need to climb these towers and light their flames.


To reach Sellia, Town of Sorcery, head north from Gowry’s Shack. On your way, you might find some enemies, but it’s best to avoid them.

And yes, do have a torch in your hand (buy one from Merchant Kale if you don’t have one) because the place is dark.


Once you enter the town, keep heading north and avoid the enemies.


In the northeast part of the region, you will find these stairs. Climb up the stairs.


From the top, you can easily see the three towers. I have marked them on my map so you can see the blue beams.


Get on your Torrent, and just at the edge of the terrace, you will find a tree trunk. Hop on the trunk and head to the first tower (the right one in the above image).


Climb the ladder to light the first flame.


Once you reach the top, just light the flame and start descending the ladder.


Get on your torrent and come back to the point where you started. Take a little left turn and jump on the trunk to the south.


Jump on the roofs to reach the second tower. I had fun when doing this.


Clim the second tower using the stairs to reach the flame.


At the top of the second tower, light the second flame.


Climb down the stairs, and just on your right, you can see the third tower. Get on your Torrent because the rooftop-hopping continues.


Head to the third tower, climb the stairs, and light the third lamp.

light-the-third-flame imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Once these three flames are lit, the chest with the Imbued Sword Key will be unlocked.

🗝️ Find the Imbued Sword Key Chest

Now, head North from the third tower to locate the chest with the third Imbued Sword Key in it.


Enter the gates to find the chest.


Here, you will find a sorcerer guarding the chest. You need to kill the sorcerer.


Once you kill the sorcerer, you can open the chest and collect Imbued Sword Key.

imbued-sword-key-2-collected imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

You can even do this adventure in reverse. As in, collect the Imbued Sword Key in Caelid first, then go to the Raya Lucaria Academy to collect the second, and then collect the third one at the Belfry tower.

Because, anyhow, you will be heading back to the Four Belfries to use the Imbued Sword Keys.

Where Do the Four Belfries Waygates Go?

So, now that you have the Imbued Sword Keys let’s head back to the Four Belfries and use the keys to access the secret locations.

You can unlock any Belfry Waygate with any Imbued Sword Key in any sequence. But if you follow the sequence that I have shared, it will give a better story experience.

➡️ Middle Waygate: Chapel of Anticipation

The Belfry in the east takes you to the Chapel of Anticipation (the game’s starting point) to fight the Grafted Scion. Use your Imbued Sword Key in the imp statue next to the Waygate. 


You will reach the Chapel of Anticipation. Yes, the area when Elden Ring begins. Just take the bridge ahead of you and enter the boss arena.


Here, you will meet the familiar enemy – the Grafted Scion. The first enemy that gave you the taste of what’s coming ahead in the Lands Between.


Upon defeating the Grafted Scion, you will receive its weapons: Ornamental Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Shield.

collect-ornamental-straight-sword-and-shield imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Once the enemy is defeated, you can roam around the Chapel. You can revisit the place where you start the game. In fact, you should. 

On the right side, you will notice a door is open now. 


Enter the area and collect an Ash of War called The Stormhawk King.


On your left, you will see another door. Enter the room and collect another Ash of War called Stormhawk Deenh.


Now, head back to the Four Belfies using fast travel and head to the next Waygate.

➡️ Top Waygate: Nokron, the Eternal City

The top Waygate takes you to Nokron, the Eternal City, far beneath the earth. Use another Imbued Sword Key to enter this location.

top-belfry-waygate-norkon-the-eternal-city imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

You will reach the enchanting landscape of Norkon, the Eternal City. The place is really beautiful. I really love the starry skies of Norkon.


Since you will be on the top of the mountain, hop places to come to the bottom of the mountain.


Once you’re at the bottom of the mountain, head to Norkon. 


Grab the Mottled Necklace off the dead body lying at the edge. Mottled Necklace is a talisman and raises Immunity, Robustness, and Focus by 40/60.

mottled-necklace-collected imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Furthermore, you can fight the Lesser Crucible Knight. He does not drop any key item but only 3600 Runes. So, engage with him only if you want; otherwise, avoid him.


Now, fast-travel back to the Four Belfrie and come to the first belfry tower at the bottom. 

➡️ Bottom Waygate: Crumbling Farum Azula

The first Waygate at the bottom of the Four Belfries hill will take you to the endgame area of Crumbling Farum Azula.


This area is ENCHANTING just to look at. You see a crumbling city as if it has exploded, but the pieces are levitating in the air. Just enchanting, I feel!


The floating pieces of land will act as a ladder to get down to the bottom of the place. Just hop one landpiece at a time; do not take a deep plunge. It’s a levitating, exploded city.


Fight a few enemies here and there. You can either engage with them in a melee combat or fight from afar using a bow and arrow.

fight-a-few-enemies-in-crumbling-farum-azula imbued sword keys in Elden Ring

Collect the Pearldrake Talisman from a corpse. This talisman reduces Elemental Damage taken by 5/7/9%. The 2+ variation of the Pearldrake Talisman can be found at Miquella’s Haligtree.


Final Thoughts

So, that’s how you collect all the Imbued Sword Keys in Elden Ring and then use them to unlock the Waygates at the Four Belfries.

Elden Ring is a massive open-world game, but these secret locations make it even more special and enjoyable. There are even more secret locations that you can uncover in Lands Between – just pay attention!

Also, make sure to check out our guide on the best katanas in Elden Ring. These swords can give you an advantage at the Four Belfries as well!

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