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Ever thought of hiring your ex-boss to work for you? Well, in Starfield, you can actually recruit Supervisor Lin. When you are just starting with Starfield, Supervisor Lin’s is the first face you see when you are being taken underground to work at the mines at Vectera. In other words, Supervisor Lin is the first character you meet in the sci-fi RPG. Next is Heller, a senior co-worker, who’s accompanying you. The three of you are part of the Argos Extractors Group, you being a new recruit.

Supervisor Lin and your co-worker Heller instruct you on the rules you need to follow as a miner. At that time, Supervisor Lin is the lady in charge of the Argos Extractors Outpost at Vectera; in short, she is your boss. You would soon have to part with her, courtesy of Barrett and the Artifact, as you begin to get deeply involved with The Constellation, the group of space explorers.

But Supervisor Lin’s part in the game is not over yet.

Recruiting Supervisor Lin would bring some valuable skills to the group, should you choose to form one. And pretty early in the game, too. Here, I tell you how you can do that.


Before you can recruit Lin as a crew member, you should have completed One Small Step and The Old Neighborhood missions. To know more about it, check out our guide on how to get Artifact Beta in Starfield!

After you finish with The Old Neighborhood mission with Sarah Morgan as your companion, the mission called Back to Vectera will unlock, along with two other missions. We need Lin in our crew, so it’s Back to Vectera we have to first concern ourselves with.

In this mission, you have to go back to Vectera in search of Barrett, a member of The Constellation who’s gone missing. You could go alone or get Sarah to tag along.

The Argos Extractors Group Has Pulled Out

When you land at Vectera, you will find that the Argos Extractors Group has suspended mining operations at the moon. You’ll see Supervisor Lin in front of you as soon as you land. There is no one else at the former outpost.

Supervisor Lin at the Argos Extractors Group

Lin will tell you that the Crimson Fleet space pirates came in again for a second round of attack after you left for Jemison. This time, the Argos group lost Calvert and Troy to them.

Supervisor Lin on Vectera

Where are Barrett and Heller?

Lin would recount the second pirate invasion. At one time in the firefight, Lin and Barrett had taken shelter behind some crates. That’s when Barrett decided to play the hero and do something the pirates may not anticipate. He came out of cover, killed two pirates, and was threatening the kill one other when the pirate crew revealed that they got Heller.

Barrett dragged a Crimson Fleet pirate out at gunpoint

If he is to survive, Barrett must stop fighting, which he does. Both Heller and Barrett now become captives. The pirates left with them for someplace, but Lin has no idea. She says that she tried pinging a transmission to the ship in the comms building before they left, but “the pirates must have fried it.”

Lin exposition on Barrett's whereabouts

She’ll direct you to fix the comms computer to get a bearing on the location of Barrett and Heller. You’ll have to go check for the computer inside the comms building.

comms computer vectera Starfield

For that, the optional quest to get three power cells will open, which you can accomplish easily. Lin has got one, and the other two can be found in a loading robot and the medbench you woke up on after the first artifact knocked you out.

use the communications computer starfield

Supervisor Lin Wishes For A Different Career

Once you have fixed the communications computer, you’ll get some coordinates from Barrett’s transmission. Actually, Barrett has attached the interstellar coordinates to the metadata on the transmission, which should help you get a lock on his location.

clue to Barrett's location

But before you take off, you have to talk to Lin first. She will send you the location data embedded in the transmission.

lin with barrett's location data

After that, she would mention that she is looking for a career change. Her contract with Argos is over, and what happened to her teammates has got her thinking about embracing a new way of life.

Why Supervisor Lin Would Want A New Career?

My experience working under her tells me that Supervisor Lin always wanted a no-nonsense way of earning, where she worked hard (alone or as a team leader) and credits rolled into her bank accounts regularly. No flirting with dangerous professions.

Earlier, when she was instructing a rookie like me, she was always going on about putting in the work and caring only about the credits the company pays you. I was not encouraged to question the nature of the assignment. Gosh, I did freak out when she’d asked me to go deep inside the cave area the drilling machine opened up all alone to check for the anomaly.

The anomaly turned out to be the first artifact I found in Starfield. I’d sensed myself being dragged into some sort of a conspiracy and being made a guinea pig for some kind of an experiment. That, however, didn’t turn out to be true. I began trusting Supervisor Lin more after that incident.

Lin is no longer working with Argos

Lin may be a strict boss but that she cares about those working under her shows when she says that two new Argos recruits didn’t make it during the Crimson Fleet attack. And, like I said, she would want to have a career where things like pirate attacks don’t happen. She looked pretty shaken up after the two consecutive Pirate attacks on the Argos mining outpost. No wonder she wants to speed up her decision on career change.

lin wants to join your crew Starfield

Supervisor Lin’s Abilities and Recruiting Her in Starfield

After Lin mentions that she is looking for a job change, you could ask her about the skillsets she brings. The dialogue prompt for the same would be there.

You would then learn that she is skilled in Outpost Management and Demolitions. She claims that if given an outpost to run, she could have it optimized quickly for rapid material production. As for her Demolitions ability, Lin says that she’s “a good hand with explosives”. She also can carry plenty of items and doesn’t mind carrying a heavy pack.

Supervisor Lin abilities

This does not mean that it is mandatory to listen to what she has to say before you get her as a companion. You could recruit her straightaway before asking about her skillsets through the dialogue prompt itself. But learning in some detail about what Lin brings to the table is always a better way to play and appreciate Starfield.

Recruit Supervisor Lin Starfield

Assign her to your ship when the crew roster window opens up.

Assign Supervisor Lin to your roster

Once you’ve recruited her, you will find her inside your ship as a traveling companion. And, no, Sarah won’t mind.

Supervisor Lin as a crew member Starfield

Funnily enough, Lin would still call you “Dusty”. You may have given her a job as a spaceship crew member, but there is something to be said for old ties. At Argos Extractors, you worked under her. Now, the roles may have reversed, but the bonding is the same.

Wrapping Up

Recruiting crew members to your ship opens up more variety-based gameplay in Starfield. As more people become part of your team, space is a less lonely place to travel through. More importantly, the skills of the new recruits would come in useful. As always, it feels good to do something for people like Supervisor Lin in their time of need. At the beginning of Starfield, Lin comes across as this no-nonsense boss who just wants to see the work get done, but later, you realize that she cares about her teammates.

Time to go and find Barrett and Heller

Some could say that it is just a game, and I am giving too much importance to the non-gameplay aspects. To them, I would suggest not trivializing these moments where your in-game response could help an ally you’ve fought alongside. It’s your approach to life (erm, game!) that makes all the difference!

Next up is the hunt for Barrett and Heller. Keep watching this space to know how the next part of my sojourn in Starfield unfolded.

And, if you’re facing lags or stutters in the game, make sure to check our detailed explanation of the Starfield system requirements. Here, you’ll get insights into what you can do for a better gameplay experience.

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