How to Make & Use Your Shed in Stardew Valley?


A shed in Stardew Valley is one of the game’s most customizable buildings. You can use it for storage, turn it into an entertainment room, or make it a useful production unit for preserves, ale, gems, copper bars, and more.

A shed is just like an extra farmhouse (like the one you live in) except for a single difference. You can’t add a bed in a shed. While you might see posts about turning your shed into a guest room, don’t be fooled! That’s not possible. Stardew Valley doesn’t let you add a bed in your shed. You can put up a friend in a Cabin or use a Cabin as a guest room.

Anyway, let’s get into some real and unique ways in which you can use your shed. However, let’s start off with the most important bit: how to make a shed in Stardew Valley.

How to Make Your Shed in Stardew Valley

You can buy a shed in Stardew Valley from Robin’s Carpenter Shop. You’ll have two options to choose from: a normal shed and a big shed. While both of them are empty spaces that can be decorated in Stardew Valley, there are some crucial differences between the two!

ShedBig Shed
Materials300 pieces of wood550 pieces of wood,
300 pieces of wood
UpgradesYou can upgrade it to a big shedN/A
Exterior Footprint7×37×3

Go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop between 9 AM and 5 PM on any day except for Tuesdays when the shop is closed. Head close to the mountains, and there you’ll find Robin’s shop north of Pelican Town.


Once you’re there, right-click on her and click on Shop > Construct Farm Buildings. Keep using the arrow mark on the right to navigate to Shed. You won’t be able to view the Big Shed option until you have a normal shed. It only appears in the list of options later.

➡️ How to Maximize Your Shed Space

You can maximize your shed space by upgrading your normal shed to a big shed. You have to go back to Robin’s Carpenter Shop and complete the purchase with 20,000g, 550 pieces of wood, and 300 pieces of stone.

Now, a full shed costs 35,000g, 850 pieces of wood, and 300 pieces of stone. You can decorate the interior of your shed any way you please. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can use your shed:

➡️ How to Decorate Your Shed

How to Decorate Your Shed

You can buy individual pieces of furniture from Robin’s Carpenter Shop to decorate your shed. However, for flooring and wallpaper, you have to look in at Pierre’s General Store, which is open on most days from 9 AM – 5 PM, except for Wednesdays.

Now, while you’ll be able to buy unique pieces of furniture like bookcases, aquariums, and dining tables occasionally at Robin’s Carpenter Shop, they won’t always be available. It’s a part of rotating stock that may randomly appear in Robin’s shop inventory.

So, we recommend you buy the Furniture Catalogue from Robin’s Shop Inventory. That’ll give you unlimited access to all furniture pieces available, and you won’t even have to pay a price. You can use any as you like, and throw it in the bin if you don’t need it. It basically provides you with access to unlimited stock. The same’s true for Pierre’s Catalogue.

Using Your Shed as a Library


Tired of walking down to Gunther’s Museum every time you want to be in a library? Build your own in your shed.

Now, you’re going to need flooring, wallpaper, furniture, and most of all, bookcases for your library. You can either buy individual pieces of furniture from Robin’s Carpenter Shop or, if you have the inventory, you can access it whenever needed.

So, to build a library, you can choose from 4 types of bookcases: dark bookcase, luxury bookcase, artistic bookcase, and modern bookcase. You can get as many as you like to decorate the space.

Add in some seating, like a wizard couch or a woodsy couch. Add a rug like the blossom rug, and get tables. You can pick some unique pieces like the puzzle table and the neolithic table. You can also add armchairs, other decorative wall pieces, wall sconces for light, candle lamps, and more.

Throw in some chairs, and add a fireplace too! It’ll help you keep warm in the winter and be a source of light for midnight reading. As for fireplaces, pick a stone fireplace, a wood fireplace, or an elegant one from the catalogue.

Using it as an Entertainment Room


Want some peace and quiet on your slow days away from your kids and husband? Turn a shed into an entertainment room with things you like.

Add a fireplace for warmth and light. Add in seating options like a dark couch, armchairs, and a luxury tea table. Throw it in a dark red rug or two! Hang a few pictures, change the wallpaper.

You can also add a plasma TV, decorate the space with a few bookcases, and add plants like a manicured pine for some greenery. Enjoy your time off in a space you have created.

You can also host guests here and turn this shed into a guest room of sorts for little parties!

Convert Your Shed to a Keg Room


Looking for a way to make some sustainable profit from your shed? Turn it into a keg room where you can craft beverages like wine, mead, and beer from produce.

A big shed can fill around 137 kegs at maximum capacity. Now, hops are easy to grow on your farm. They take 4 days. If you invest in hop starters, they keep growing themselves and don’t need additional plants. By producing just pale ale from hops, you can make around 40,000g or more.

It’s a great idea to turn your shed into a keg room, especially if winter’s arriving. The demand for beverages like pale ale shoots up.

Now, you’ll be able to unlock the crafting recipe for a keg only when you have reached farming level 8. In fact, you need 1 oak resin, 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar, and 30 pieces of wood for a single keg. So, make sure you have enough. You can always buy copper bars and iron bars at Clint’s Blacksmith Shop and wood at Robin’s Carpenter Shop if you’re running low on supplies!

Using the Shed as an Aquarium


You can also turn your shed into a majestic aquarium. While aquariums might be in stock at Robin’s Shop, you should get your hands on her entire Furniture Catalogue if you haven’t already.

That’ll give you unlimited access to four types of aquariums: small aquarium, large aquarium, deluxe aquarium, and modern aquarium. Fill up as many aquariums as you’d like.

Now, if you want to turn the aquarium in a direction that’s more suitable to the entire layout, just keep right-clicking on it until you get the desired orientation. Once you have aquariums set up, you might think about getting fish and decorations.

You can either fish them yourself or buy them from Willy’s Fish Shop. To put them in your aquarium, you can hold your fish and throw it in. As for decorations, you can add seaweed, stone, mussel, periwinkle, and coral. You can get your hands on coral and seaweed by foraging for them on the beach.

You can also add an aquatic sanctuary, but you have to buy it from Mr. Qi for 20 Qi gems only later in the game.

Make Your Shed a Preserves Room


Talk about sustainable profit, and you can’t go wrong with a preservatives jar set up in your shed. If you’re not one of those folks who’d glam up your shed as an entertainment room, a games room, or a library, make some money!

Similar to a keg room, a preserves room will turn your fresh fruits and vegetables into preserves. Now, you might be wondering why make preservatives when you can just sell the crops?

Well, preserves are useful for crops like corn, which have low sell price and high yields. They can fill up your storage chests in no time, and make organization of produce a big challenge!

Now, of course, you’ll be making pickles from tomatoes and jellies. But that’s not only the preserves that get you profits. In fact, you can produce caviar from roe that you get from sturgeons. One jar of caviar sells at 500g.

Now, you’ll need a fishpond, some sturgeon, and jars to produce caviar. You can build a fishpond from Robin’s Carpenter Shop after paying her 5000g, 5 pieces of green algae, 5 pieces of seaweed, and 200 pieces of stones. You can catch a sturgeon in the mountain lake in either summer or winter.

Moreover, you can get a preserves jar if you’re at farming level 4. You’ll need 50 pieces of wood, 40 stones, and 8 coals for one! You can always buy some supplies at Robin’s Carpenter Shop if you’re running low and need to build too many preserves jars at short notice.

Using Your Shed as a Christmas Dinner Room


If you’re into redecorating your shed often, you can turn it up a notch at Christmas or Halloween. Love the idea of hosting Christmas dinners? Do it in your little shed!

Add a Christmas tree from Robin’s Furniture Catalogue. Add the statues you have collected to add a personal touch. Plus, you can add dining tables like the festive dining table and the winter dining table.

Throw in a set of dining chairs, and change the wallpaper to a Christmassy one! You can also add other wall decorations to add to the beauty of the space. Now, if you’re going to throw in a dinner, you might want a China Cabinet in the room as well.

What we’re trying to say is you can redecorate it however you like. Furthermore, here’s a pro tip if you’re into frequent redecorating: you can bring the catalogue to your shed.

Make Your Shed a Gem Farm


You can turn your shed into a gem farm. Going to the mines every time to look for precious gems can be a tiring act. So, what if we told you could replicate the gems right at home?

You need a Crystalarium machine to replicate any gem or mineral. The same doesn’t work for prismatic shards. But, the best part is once you put a gem in a Crystalarium machine, it’ll keep replicating it in an infinite mode.

The big question is how to get a Crystalarium machine. You get one when you donate 50 minerals to Gunther’s Museum. You can also get it as a part of the Community Center 25,000 g Bundle.

The most profitable item to replicate is the diamond. However, if you want to turn your shed into a crystalarium-based gem farm, you’ll need 30 – 100 machines. You can craft these, of course! You’ll unlock the recipe once you’re at mining level 9, and you’ll need 99 stones, 5 gold bars, 5 iridium bars, and 1 battery pack for each machine.

Get Creative with Your Shed Space

Well, I’ve rounded up some great ideas to utilize your shed space. You can do it for entertainment, or you can do it for sustainable profit. Once set up, they’ll keep generating profits, especially if it’s a gem farm.

As for a preserves jar shed or a keg room, you’ll need to put in produce every once in a while! But that’s all right, considering the profit you’ll make. In addition to the ways I’ve already covered, you can turn your shed space into a storage room full of chests that store away your foraging, fishing, and mining items.

You can also turn it into a little café of sorts or a bar to entertain guests. Irrespective of the way you choose to use your shed space, make sure that you’re not limited to the traditional ways. Moreover, you can have more than 1 shed on your property. So, hurry to Robin and have her build you an extra farmhouse.

If you’re looking for more sustainable income in the game, make sure you check out our guide on how to make maple syrup in Stardew Valley!

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