Genshin Impact Sucrose Guide | Explore Her Best Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Ascension


If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact, then you wouldn’t have missed out on the gameplay of Sucrose by any chance! Let’s find out more about her today!

The game takes place in Teyvat, a colorful planet with seven separate nations, each of which is linked to a specific element. In addition to controlling the game’s main character, the Traveller, the player can also adopt the personas of a number of intriguing other heroes. This Genshin Impact Sucrose guide should help you unravel the mystery of the character!

Sucrose: A Brief Overview

One of the distinctive figures in Genshin Impact is Sucrose, also known as the “Harmless Sweetie”. She wields a Catalyst as her preferred weapon and commands the element of Anemo. Known as Alchemist Sucrose, a four-star character, she concentrates on the study of biology. She is also Albedo’s assistant in the Knights of Favonius, where he is the senior alchemist.

Naturally, the game’s alchemist will appear nerdy, but Sucrose manages to make it endearing. She adds some contrast to her outfit by donning a pair of white gloves, a couple of white boots, a blue corset, and a pair of black thigh-highs. Sucrose has her Vision—a crystal orb—attached to the collar of her cape.

Sucrose Genshin Impact

Sucrose enjoys the Teachings of Freedom, Guide to Freedom, and Philosophies of Freedom. She also enjoys the Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, Energy Nectar, and the Spirit Locket of Boreas.

Best Weapons For Sucrose

Sucrose’s weapon selection method is more complicated than it appears. Here is a list of some of the best weapons that Sucrose can use for maximum impact.

➡️ Kagura’s Verity

Sucrose is a good match for Kagura’s Verity, but only if you have at least four copies of Sucrose to prove it and have been around the Genshin block a few times. The duration of Kagura’s Verity, which can stack three times and enhance the user’s Elemental Skill damage by 12 percent, is 16 seconds. The normal cooldown for Sucrose’s skills is 15 seconds.

However, C1 Sucrose receives an additional Skill charge, and C4 Sucrose can shorten the cooldown with regular hits. This weapon has a lot of requirements, but if you have a chance to meet them all, it’s an excellent option for increasing Sucrose’s damage.

➡️ Solar Pearl

Solar Pearl is straightforward but efficient. Sucrose’s introductory critical rate is 5%. Therefore, its secondary stat, which raises the user’s required hit rate, isn’t very helpful. However, where it really shines is in the passive talent. Elemental Skill and Burst damage is increased by regular attacks by 20%, and utilizing an essential skill or burst also increases normal attacks’ damage by 20%. No matter how you deal with your enemies, it’s a win-win situation.

➡️ Sacrificial Fragments

Sucrose benefits most from Sacrificial Fragments because of her skill’s lengthy cooldown. While it isn’t 100% effective, the weapon’s passive skill provides a respectable chance of reducing the user’s skill’s cooldown time after utilizing the talent. When you add that to C1 Sucrose receiving an additional charge for her skill, you have a powerful Swirl machine at your disposal.


➡️ Skyward Atlas

Skyward Atlas is a superb choice for any catalyst user, Sucrose included. It possesses the highest base attack of all catalysts, and the secondary stat increases the user’s attack even more. The passive skill can create an orb that delivers damage equivalent to 160 percent of the wielder’s attack and increases Elemental damage by 12 percent. Any Sucrose utilized in a DPS role, regardless of whether she is developed for attack or elemental damage, will benefit from this simple weapon.

➡️ Dodoco Tales

It’s an excellent, albeit primary, option for Sucrose if you obtained the free Dodoco Tales catalyst during Midsummer Island Adventure. Dodoco Tales makes up for its weaker base attack by giving users an additional stat that increases attack. The passive skill raises normal attack strength by 8% after using a charged attack and increases set attack damage by 16% after using a regular attack.

Best Artifacts for Sucrose

Viridescent Venerer should be used as a whole set with sucrose. This artifact boosts Anemo damage by 15%, starting with two pieces. As foes reach four pieces, triggered swirls deal 60% more damage and decrease their resistance to the element that the swirl absorbed. This dramatically improves your ability to attack.

Sucrose-Artificats - Genshin Impact Sucrose Guide

Simply use Wanderer’s Troupe to fill in any gaps in your Viridescent Venerer collection for the time being. 80 points boost Elemental Mastery as a result.

For Sucrose, the optimum stat distribution is as follows:

➡️ Plume

The attack is the primary stat, while the substats are Elemental Mastery, Attack Percent, Energy Recharge, and Critical Damage.

➡️ Flower

Stats include HP (primary stat), Elemental Mastery, Attack%, Energy Recharge, and Critical Hit Rate.

➡️ Sands

Elemental Mastery is the primary stat, followed by Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Energy Recharge, and Attack Percentage.

➡️ Goblet

Elemental Mastery (primary stat), Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Energy Recharge, and Attack%.

➡️ Circlet

Elemental Mastery (primary stat), Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Energy Recharge, and Attack%.

Sucrose: Ascension and Talent Materials

The supplies needed to level Sucrose to level 90 and ascend her six times are listed below.

➡️ Ascension Materials

#1. Boss Loot and Gemstones

1 Turquoise Vayuda Sliver

46 Hurricane seeds

6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

Fragment of 9 Vayuda turquoise 

The chunk of 9 Vayuda turquoise

#2. Monster Drops and Common Items

168 Windwheel Aster

30 Shimmering Nectar

36 Energy Nectar

18 Whopperflower Nectar

#3. Hero’s Wit and Mora

420,000 Mora

414 Hero’s Wit

➡️ Talent Materials

You’ll need the following to completely upgrade Sucrose’s three talents:

#1. Books

9 Teachings of Freedom

63 Guide to Freedom

114 Freedom Philosophies

#2. Monster Drops

18 Whopperflower Nectar

93 Energy Nectar

66 Shimmering Nectar

#3. Rare Things

3 Crown of Insight

18 Spirit Locket of Boreas

Mora 4,950,000

How to use Sucrose in Genshin Impact❓

Although she has simple skills, it might be challenging for players to effectively utilize her and get the most out of this priceless character.

➡️ Elemental Mastery is the Key

The majority of the Anemo characters in the game primarily rely on Elemental Mastery, one of the key stats. This is the first thing you should know about them. Any element can be swirled by an Anemo skill, setting off a chain reaction that injures the enemy. Utilizing the Viridescent Venerer artifact set might further reduce the enemy’s Elemental Resistance to the element that is swirled.


➡️ Using Viridescent Venerer

In the Valley of Remembrance domain, an artifact set called Viridescent Venerer can be farmed with Maiden Beloved. The two-piece bonus on the set boosts the character’s Anemo damage by 15%, while the four-piece bonus ups the Swirl Damage by 60% and lowers the enemy’s Elemental Resistance for the Swirled Element by 40% for ten seconds. This is the Sucrose Best-in-Slot artifact explicitly set because of this.

➡️ Swirl the Correct Element

This is one of Sucrose’s characteristics that is simple to overlook yet crucial if you want to use her effectively. Her Elemental Burst will Swirl the first element it comes into contact with when you use it. You should Swirl several types of Elements depending on the circumstance. Let’s further examine it using an illustration.

Swirling Pyro should be prioritized if you use Sucrose with Hu Tao and Xingqiu to lessen the enemy’s Elemental Resistance. This is so that Xingqiu may initiate Vaporise without assistance as he has sufficient Hydro application in his kit.

On the other side, you might want to Swirl that element if you’re playing Hu Tao with Childe or another character who doesn’t have a lot of Hydro application when they’re off-field, so you have enough application to do reactions with Hu Tao’s Pyro element.

Best Team Compositions for Sucrose

➡️ F2P Sucrose Team

One of the finest team lineups for sucrose is the renowned 4-star-only squad, often known as the National Team. All new and free-to-play players who are attempting to complete the end-game content would benefit significantly from this squad. To improve overall Elemental Mastery and boost Vaporise damage, Sucrose will replace Chongyun, the Cryo character.

The primary DPS, Xiangling, will spend most of the time on the pitch. Pyronado, her elemental burst, vaporizes with each hit. Xingqiu, on the other hand, is the team’s Hydro Sub DPS character. He is also a potential 5-star character because of his Elemental Burst and constant Hydro Application.

Bennett and Sucrose are the most essential members of this team’s support cast. Bennett’s Elemental Burst gives every character on the field an enormous attack boost in addition to healing your active character. Sucrose is used to crowd adversaries together and control crowds. Her Anemo skills cause Swirl damage to enemies over time and lower their resistance to elements.

➡️ Elemental Mastery Buffer

This is one of the most popular team lineups for players who have been actively playing for a while and have made significant financial and time commitments to the game. Hu Tao is the primary DPS of this team, while Xingqiu will once more provide hydro assistance. Sucrose and Zhongli also offer extra benefits.

The F2P Sucrose squad uses Xingqiu and Sucrose for the same objectives. But Hu Tao’s standard and charged attacks are utilized in this team to deal significant single-target damage. Other than that, she is a much superior option to Xiangling because her Elemental Burst also provides AoE damage.

Elemental-Mastery-Buffer - Genshin Impact Sucrose Guide

➡️ Sucrose Freeze Team

This double Cryo team is an option if you want to branch out from all the Pyro-based groups and try something new. A Cryo DPS like Ayaka or Ganyu and a Cryo support like Chongyun or Shenhe are the foundation of this entire team. It also greatly aids in the Elemental Resonance when two Cryo characters are used.

The Cryo support character employs the preliminary Cryo application, which Sucrose can swirl to debuff foes. Xingqiu’s Hydro element is used to effectively freeze opponents.

➡️ True Sucrose Connoisseur Team

Players who wish to test utilizing Sucrose as the primary DPS and true Sucrose enthusiasts alike should join this squad. For this to function correctly, you must have a C4 Sucrose. When you employ C4’s normal attacks and the regular bonuses, the cooldown of her elemental skill is lowered. This implies that she will spend most of her time on the pitch while others provide support.

In addition to providing electro-element resonance, Fischl and Beidou consistently cause electro-harm. Fischl even serves as Beidou’s battery to maintain the functionality of her Elemental Burst. Because it is so simple to keep Oz on the pitch most of the time, Fischl’s Elemental Skill is a crucial component of this team.

Electro-charged reactions will result from the interaction of these Electro characters with Xingqiu. Even when they are changed out, the skills of all three support characters are still in effect. As a result, when you swap to Sucrose, she uses her incredible Crowd Control and Anemo skills to augment their overall damage.

Final Words

In Genshin Impact, the character Sucrose is adaptable and skilled at controlling crowds and reacting to elements. Her Anemo powers can successfully gather adversaries and render them vulnerable. Elemental Burst, a skill she possesses, is hugely effective at fostering team cohesiveness. She is a helpful asset to any team setup because she can deal elemental damage as well as support.

Also, did you know that Genshin Impact is one of the most expensive games of all time?

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