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GTA is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the market. And we can’t deny it is still relevant due to the regular updates of GTA Online. What intrigues us the most is that GTA Online is a world in itself. You can cherish the nostalgia along with meeting and encountering new elements in the online version of the game. GTA Online offers you multiple opportunities to enjoy the gangster vibes. While talking about the amazing parts of GTA Online, we cannot just sleep on the GTA Online First Dose missions.

The First Dose missions in GTA Online revolve around the Los Santos Drug Wars, where you get a chance to emerge as a kingpin. However, to kickstart the mission, you need to follow certain steps and look for a few things in the game. Moving further in this article, we will talk about the GTA Online first dose missions in detail and the tips and tricks to completely nail them.

How to Get Started with GTA Online’s First Dose Missions❓


To get started with the GTA Online First Dose missions, you’ll need to get a call from Ron Jakowski. For this, you’ll need to keep playing the game and advance further. Well, that’s what worked for me. After that, you will get to see the R symbol on the map, which specifies the location of Ron. Head to your vehicle (or snatch one; it is GTA), and kickstart your journey to Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores. As soon as you reach the liquor stores, you will meet Dax, and the first mission will get started from there.

The GTA Online First Dose missions consist of six different small missions, and you are supposed to nail them all in order to be triumphant.

First Mission: Welcome to the Troupe

First Mission: Welcome to the Troupe

This one starts as soon as you enter the liquor store. Here, you will see Ron getting laughed to scorn by the Fooliganz. Moving forward, Ron will introduce you to Dax, where the leader himself tells about his plans to take control of the drug trade in the city. Nonetheless, the conversation is hijacked by a deadly attack on the Ace Liquor store by the Lost MC. Here starts the main mission; you will have to fight the Lost MC without getting killed (isn’t that obvious). Once you and the Fooliganz fight the MC off, you will have to recover Dax’s Journey II vehicle from the MC.


That’s all; you just need to do these two things in the first mission. As for the tips and tricks, make sure you get the compact grenade launcher. This one weapon will help you in tackling the MC as they come in large numbers when they attack the liquor store. Moreover, get all the aiming and shooting practice done at the ammunition store so that you are ready before taking on the first mission. If you are someone who loves action, then this one is going to give you an overdose of adrenaline for sure.

Second Mission: Designated Driver

Second Mission: Designated Driver

The second mission starts as soon as you retrieve Dax’s RV or Recreational Vehicle. Right after that, Dax will take you to the abandoned warehouse that goes by the name Freakshop. It will be used as a storage space for the entry of Fooliganz in the drug trade. In simple terms, the Freakshop is going to be the center of the drug trade that you are going to jump into with Dax. You will eventually get a call from Dax to get some ‘part supplies’ from a trailer located at the Jetsam terminal.


Now, the catch here is that these supplies are owned by Lost Motorcycle Club. You have to steal the truck cab from the docks and then connect it to the trailer. Moving further in the mission, you will have to visit the clubhouse of Lost MC and rob their plans. If you are in love with thrill, then you can also try your luck in stealing the cash. However, that will result in amplified resistance from the MC. Make sure you are loaded with weapons before taking the second mission, as they are crucial in mid of the encounter with MC members.

This one can be a bit trickier than the rest of the missions. So, make sure that you save your game in GTA Online before proceeding!

Third Mission: Fatal Incursion

Third Mission: Fatal Incursion

Once you deliver all the supplies and plans in the second mission, you will get a call from Dax for the third mission, which is Fatal Incursion. You will head to the Stab City, where you have to get to a trailer that is parked on the outskirts of Grand Senora Desert. The plans robbed by you in the previous mission suggest that there is a large methamphetamine shipment on the way to the location that Dax has his eyes on.


Now, you will have to visit the Lost MC’s trailer park and destroy a hefty amount of property to hammer down their chances of participating in the shipment. While destroying the property, you can open fire on it or even bomb it, so make sure you have an adequate amount of weapons. After that, you will have to move to Miller’s Fishery and steal the shipment and any and every meth that you get to see at the lab.

Fourth Mission: Uncontrolled Substance

Fourth Mission: Uncontrolled Substance

This mission is one of those where you get to experience something entirely different from the other missions. After three successful missions, the Fooliganz assemble at the Freakshop to celebrate and offer you respect as you have pulled the job for them. Things take a wild turn when you sip the beer (spiked with acid) and start experiencing hallucinations and facing non-existent beings. There is not a lot to do in this one, but you still have to overcome it before moving on to the next mission.

Fifth Mission: Make War Not Love

Fifth Mission: Make War Not Love

As soon as your acid experience ends, you will be raised to alarm by a call from Dax telling you that a potential competitor is based in a camp in the desert. You will have to join Dax and other members of the gang in destroying the equipment of the competitor and tracking down the delivery vehicles.


Here, the catch is that the last few delivery vehicles will be protected by the Altruist camp, and they are armed to the teeth. You have to annihilate the Acid van and Altruist’s Valkyrie helicopter to be successful in this mission.

The helicopter can be difficult to deal with. So, you’re better off pursuing it in an aircraft or plane of your own. Make sure to check out our post on how to fly a plane in GTA V to get that all-important edge!

Sixth Mission: Off The Rails

Sixth Mission: Off The Rails

This is the last mission from the GTA Online First Dose series. This one starts with Labrat requesting you to steal classified chemicals from the Humane Labs. Stealing is the only option, as you cannot purchase these chemicals without getting under the suspicion of authorities. You will have to visit the storage of Humane Labs and steal from the storage as fast as you can.


After successfully stealing the chemicals, you have to head to the train station. There are other chemicals in the train requested by Labrat that you need to steal. You will have to divert the train on the wrong track, giving birth to the collision. After getting all the supplies, you will have to steal a Brickade 6×6 from the Humane Labs and then escape in it as well.

What’s Next❓


With this mission’s completion, the first dose series will come to an end. But that’s not the end of the story; now you will have to invest $7,00,000 to set up an Acid Lab in the Brickade you stole. The money includes the cost of the Maibatsu Scout bike that will be your delivery vehicle. Once this is done, you can run the acid lab like any other business in the GTA world and earn a decent income from there that will work as fuel for other shenanigans in the game.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you are supposed to get past the GTA Online First Dose missions. One thing that I would like to add here is to try to make a crew in GTA Online and indulge in the missions with them, as it really becomes effortless when there are a handful of people to execute a job.

Also, if you’re working on the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in GTA Online, make sure to check out our tips and tricks for that as well!

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