Genshin Impact Weapons Tier List: Sorting the Best from the Rest


Genshin Impact is a primarily mobile RPG that is loved by a majority of the audience. And why not? Because the game has all the elements one would want in the same game. And, the developers have made sure that the weapons in Genshin Impact are varied for each gameplay style.

There are a plethora of weapons available in the game to wreak havoc and eradicate the enemies. However, some of them come with a price tag (not only in terms of bucks, we are talking here about the hard work you have to do for the same as well).

In this post, we will explore the best weapons in Genshin Impact. But before that, we will have a look at how you can get the weapons in the game.

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➡️ Types of Weapons in Genshin Impact

Types of Weapons in Genshin Impact
Source: Genshin Global

There are five types of weapons in the game – Swords, Catalysts, Bows, Polearms, and Claymores. Here is a brief description of all the weapon types in Genshin Impact.

  • Swords: Sword attacks are the mid-ground of all the melee weapons. Despite having a shorter reach, the swords can cause serious damage to the game’s enemies without making you sweat.
  • Catalysts: These ones are magically blessed, and you can perform both normal and charged attacks with catalysts by your side. They have the ability to cause elemental damage in the game based on the nature of the character possessing the catalyst.
  • Bows: Bows are for the players who are more into performing long-range attacks. The charged attacks with bows could even bring the monsters down. A fully-fueled attack by a bow can cause elemental damage.
  • Polearms: If you are a fan of lightning-fast attacks and need a long forward reach, the polearms are definitely for you. They can cause a moderate level of damage with every hit.
  • Claymores: Claymores have slow attack speed as compared to other weapons like swords and polearms. Nonetheless, they cause a lot more damage than the melee weapons. Claymores are the best bet if the enemies carry monsters’ shields.

➡️ How to Get the Best Weapons in Genshin Impact?

How to Get Weapons in Genshin Impact?

There are multiple ways to get weapons in Genshin Impact, and some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • You can get one-star or two-star weapons by gathering and opening chests in the game. And if you visit Mondstadt and Liyue, then you may also get your hands on a three-star weapon (that totally depends on how lucky you are that day; don’t forget to read your horoscope).
  • Apart from that, investigation spots and blacksmiths can also offer one and two-star weapons in the game.
  • Some of the NPCs in the game can give you up to three-star weapons when interacted with at the right time.
  • As for the monetization systems, wishes can award you three and four-star weapons. Specifically talking about the Weapon Event Wish, who knows, you may even get a five-star weapon.
  • Via the Blackcliff series and the Royal Series, you may get a four-star weapon.
  • Some of the four-star weapons in Genshin Impact can be forged with the help of billets.
  • Last but not least, keep an eye on the Flagship Events and Fishing Associations, as they can award four-star weapons.

➡️ How to Upgrade Weapons in Genshin Impact?

How to Upgrade Weapons in Genshin Impact?

Weapon upgrade in Genshin Impact is no rocket science as most of them can be leveled up using weapon enhancement materials. These weapons can be taken to their next phase once they reach the max level. However, to do that, you need to have weapon ascension material available in the game.

What intrigues us the most is that the appearance of these weapons changes entirely as soon as they reach the second ascension. There are a total of six ascension phases in the game. You should know that the one and two-star weapons can only reach the fourth ascension phase.

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Best Weapons in Genshin Impact

Amos’ Bow

Amos' Bow

Amos’ Bow is one of the fiercest weapons available in Genshin Impact. The weapon holds a place in history as it is an ancient bow forged by Amos to hunt boars. It takes its powers from every single element in the world. This one is five-star rated and can be found in the Weapon Event Wishes.

Fischl and Ganyu can wield the weapon in the game. It increases the normal and charged attack DMG by 12%. The DMG caused by the weapon rises up to 8% every 0.1 seconds up to five times, which makes this one dangerously powerful.

Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia could be dubbed a sword that has seen all the difficult times since its beginnings. Vennessa was the sword’s original wielder, and it is a five-star weapon. The ATK with this one increases up to 20%.

It can be availed from the Weapon Event Wishes as well as the Wanderlust Invocation. The sword can be used by a handful of characters in the game – Jean, Keqing, Ayaka, Benett, etc.

Blackcliff Slasher

Blackcliff Slasher

This one is a four-star claymore from the Blackliff series. As soon as you defeat an opponent with this one, the ATK increases by 12% for 30 seconds. At the max level, the ATK is increased by 24% for 30 seconds.

The full weapon looks amazing, but in the second ascension phase, the weapon looks killer (literally as well as metaphorically). In the game, Beidou can be seen using the weapon along with Xinyan. Coming to the availability of the weapon, you can get this in the Paimon’s Bargains.

Crescent Pike

Crescent Pike has a long blade at the top and a crescent blade at the bottom of it. This one is a four-star polearm that is craftable. The only way you can get this weapon is by forging it.

Mastering this one is a little tough, but once you are done with it, no other alternative can match the level of performance. The charged attacks with this one will add 20% ATK as DMG for 5 seconds. At the highest level, the ATK increases up to 40%.

Elegy for the End

Elegy for the End

If you are into Bows and arrows and are looking for something that is a deadly beauty, then your search ends right here. Elegy of the End is a five-star weapon, and it can increase the Elemental Mastery by 60.

At the fifth level, the Elemental Mastery of the Bow increases by 120 and ATK by 40%. You can get this one from the Event Wishes. Yelan and Fuzan can make the most out of this one in Genshin Impact.

Engulfing Lightning

Engulfing Lightning is a five-star polearm that was first wielded by the one who guarded the path to eternity. The weapon can be yours via the Weapon Event Wishes. As per its performance in the gameplay, the weapon can induce an additional 286% energy recharge at the first level.

It can cause an increase in ATK by 28%, providing you a maximum bonus of 80% ATK. Once you use an elemental burst, the weapon can gain 30% energy recharge for a period of 12 seconds.

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Freedom Sworn

Freedom Sworn

Freedom Sworn Again is a five-star sword available in the game, and it is a part of the Millennial Movement. This one can be grabbed from the Weapon Event Wishes and is nothing but a boon for the characters wielding it.

The killer can increase damage by 10% and offers the characters Sigil of Rebellion as soon as they trigger an elemental reaction. The effect can be triggered for 0.5 seconds, increasing the attack DMG by 16% at level 5. It can reach up to a base attack of 608 and an elemental mastery of 198.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged features a violet light, which adds a star to its shoulder. This sword is a five-star and one of the few that have been given to Hatamoto by Shogun. Like the other ones, this weapon can also be grabbed from the Event Wishes in the game.

Once you get to the one stack level, the Mistsplitter Reforged emits a purple aura. One of the most prominent characters in Genshin Impact, Kamisato Ayaka, can be seen using the sword with full efficiency.

Polar Star

Polar Star

This Bow possesses the sharpness of glaciers and is a five-star weapon. It increases the Elemental and Burst DMG by 12%. After making the first move, you will get one stack of Ashen Nightstar for a period of 12 seconds in the game.

The base ATK of the Bow is 40 at level one and 608 at level 90. You can see Tartaglia in Genshin Impact wielding this Bow in the story mode quest named Mighty Cyclops Adventure.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is a polearm that has the capability of eradicating the ancient beasts. It is a five-star weapon that can be obtained via the Event Wishes. Any of the attacks used by you can trigger the on-hit effect.

As soon as you gain stack with this weapon by your side, all your stacks will get refreshed, thus providing you leverage over your enemies. You can spot Xiao using the weapon in Genshin Impact.

Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic

The Prototype Archaic hails as one of the ancient greatswords explored by the Blackcliff Forge. This four-star Claymore has the ability to induce heavy attacks. You can get the weapon in the game with the help of forging.

It can be seen in the hands of Guhua, who also possesses Rainslasher. On the base level, the weapons have a 50% chance to cause an additional 240% ATK DMG to the enemies.

Redhorn Stonethresher

The weapon was named Mighty Redhorn Stoic Stonethreshing Gilded Goldcrushing Lion Lord. It can easily make any monster run for its life in the game. It is basically a five-star claymore that you can get from the Weapon Event Wishes.

The DEF with this one increases by 28%, and attack DMG is increased by 40% of the DEF. As for the looks, the Claymore looks deadly with golden, black, and blood-red elements. And the second ascension mode looks more vibrant, undoubtedly.

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Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial Bow

The Sacrificial Bow is a ceremonial hunting bow that lets the wielder wage war with even time. The weapon has a four-star rating, and you can get the same from the Wishes. Apart from that, you can also get the Bow from Wanderlust Invocation.

Once you deal damage to an opponent with Elemental Skill, that particular skill has a 40% chance to end its own. This thing can only occur every 30 seconds.

Wrapping Up

Getting a good weapon to have an advantage over the enemies is a must in an RPG like Genshin Impact. All these weapons have different wielders in the game and help the characters in growing powerful as well. However, most of the weapons in the list are difficult to get as the only elements needed to get them are sheer luck and financial investment in the game.

No, we are not saying that you can spend money to get the weapons, but yes, you can increase your chances of grabbing a weapon in wish by increasing the number of tries.

That being said, if you have just got a character like Razor and want to know how to bring forth his complete potential, then look at our Genshin Impact Razor Guide.

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