Red Dead Redemption 2: All Companion Item Requests Explored


Red Dead Redemption 2 is known for its stunning open world, intense missions, and beautifully written story. It is a perfect example of a video game as an art. Along the way, you interact with many NPCs, mainly camp companions, who request an item from you. Now, these companion item requests can be as simple as $5 or out-of-the-way ingredients for a home remedy.

The companion item requests are only triggered when you interact with the companion; sometimes, they might approach you directly. Most of these quests are assigned between a specific time from 8 AM to 8 PM and are available from Chapter 2 to Chapter 4 of the storyline.

The rewards for these companion item requests differ. If you fulfill 5 item requests, you will get an Errand Boy trophy/achievement. However, if you do not acquire this trophy before Chapter 5, you will miss it.

There are a total of 22 companion item requests in RDR2, and all of them are missable. However, they are NOT mandatory for 100% story completion.

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All Companion Item Requests [Quickview Table]

20 of 22 companion item requests are available between Chapters 2 and 4, while 2 are available in the Epilogue. Some requests will only require a few minutes of gameplay if you already have the right items in your inventory. However, some might take you to a new region.

Most RDR2 players fail to fulfill these item requests because they don’t listen to the NPC’s request carefully or don’t know where to find the item. RDR2 is one of the biggest open-world games, and since there are no instructions or map markers for these companion item requests, you will probably get lost or forget about the item request altogether.

So, here’s a quick overview of all the companion item requests in RDR2 before I take you around the Wild West to complete these side quests. You can trigger and complete them in any order between Chapters 2 and 4. 

ChapterTimeCompanionItem RequestLocation/How to Acquire?Reward
Chapter 28 AM-8 PMAbigail$5Arthur’s SavingsHonor
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-8 PMBillHair PomadeSold in general storesRevolver Cartridges – High Velocity
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-8 PMCharlesMoonshineSold in fence shopsFire Arrows
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-8 PMCharlesOleanderCommon collectiblePoison Arrows
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-8 PMDutchPipeVetter’s Echo, west of Wallace StationSpurs
Chapters 2, 3, 4
[read The Deceitful German near Hosea]
8 AM-8 PMHoseaShrew in the Fog [Book]Inside a house in Bayou (NW of South Denis)Predator Bait
Chapter 38 AM-8 PMHoseaAmerican Ginseng X2Common collectiblePotent Medicine
Chapter 28 AM-8 PMJackAbigail’s ThimbleLoot from an NPCDrawing from Jack
Chapter 2
[Complete “A Fisher of Men”]
8 AM-8 PMJackCrafting (Milkweed. Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Pomade, Stringy Meat: all are common collectibles)Five possible locations:
Osman Grove, Clawson’s Rest, Pleasance, Downes Ranch, or Lake Don Julio.
Chocolate Bar
Chapter 28 AM-8 PMJavierOleanderCommon collectiblePoisoned Throwing Knives
Chapter 312 PM-6 PMKieranBurdock Root X2Common collectibleHorse Medicine
Chapters 2, 3, 48 PM-3 AMLennyPocket WatchVetter’s Echo, west of Wallace StationDynamite
Chapter 28 AM-8 PMMary-BethFountain PenOsman Grove, east of Emerald RanchRing
Chapter 38 AM-8 PMMollyPocket MirrorMartha’s Swain, east of Three SistersCigar
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-12 PMPearsonRabbitHuntingNutritious Stew
Chapter 2
[play poker]
8 AM-2 PMPearsonNaval CompassBraithwaite ManorRum
Chapters 3 and 4 [complete“Further Questions of FemaleSuffrage”]8 AM-8 PMSadieHarmonicaGrangers Hoggery, east of Flatneck StationGun Oil
Chapters 2, 312 PM-6 PMSeanKentucky BourbonSold in general storesFire Bottle
Chapters 2, 3, 48 AM-8 PMSusanOregano X2Common collectiblePotent Miracle Tonic
Chapter 2
[play dominos]
8 AM-8 PMTillyNecklaceLoot from lock boxesMedicine X2
Epilogue 28 AM-8 PMCharlesEagle FeatherHuntingHorse Reviver
Epilogue 28 AM-8 PMUncleMedicinal CreamCrafting (Milkweed. Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Pomade, Stringy Meat: all are common collectibles)Clothes

You do not need to fulfill all these item requests at once. You can fulfill an item request when you find it, even when doing your side missions. However, I have noticed that when you are doing a story mission, the item request is not triggered.

Abigail’s Request for $5

To trigger item requests in Red Dead Redemption 2, you simply need to talk to the companion character.

The first companion item request Arthur gets is from Abigail Marston, John’s wife and Jack’s mother. To trigger Abigail’s $5 request, simply initiate a conversation while she is playing with Jack in front of her tent. She will mention that she needs some money to buy clothes for her son, Jack.


Arthur, being an honorable man, offers $5 to Abigail. Actually, I play as an honorable Arthur, but I know some people play (and even like) low-honor Arthur.


When you give Abigail $5, she will thank Arthur and walk away. In fact, Abigail is the only companion who does not offer any reward to Arthur for fulfilling her request. 

Arthur’s reward for fulfilling Abigail’s item request is an increase in honor. 🤠


Bill’s Request for Hair Pomade

Talk to Bill while he is sitting on a chair next to his tent. He will request some hair pomade. Sometimes, he himself approaches the player and makes the item request. When he does, Arthur sarcastically says, “Sure… I’ll buy you some hair pomade.”


When Bill makes his companion item request, just enter any general store. The shopkeeper will ask you to browse the catalog and search for what you want.


In the shop catalog, open the Tonic section. That’s where you will find the hair pomade.


When you find the hair pomade, just buy it. A small box of hair pomade will cost you $1.13. 

Can we get hair pomade that cheap now? 😂


Return to the tent and interact with Bill by choosing the “Give Request” option when you are near him. Arthur will hand him the box of hair pomade.


As a reward for fulfilling Bill’s item request, you get a box of high-velocity revolver cartridges. You can see the box on the table outside Arthur’s tent.


Charles’ Request for Moonshine

Walk up to Charles when he is working on Fire Arrows near the campfire. He requests Arthur to bring a bottle of Moonshine; in return, he will make some Fire Arrows for Arthur.


In RDR2, moonshine is a consumable sold at any Fence. I headed to the one at Rhodes, Scarlet Meadow, to buy a few.


After buying a few bottles of Moonshine, return to the camp and hand one to Charles. After a brief conversation, Charles says he will make some fire arrows for you later.


As a reward for fulfilling Charles’ Moonshine item request, you get fire arrows. You can find these arrows on the table outside Arthur’s tent.


Charles’ Request for Oleander

Sometimes, you get multiple companion item requests from the same NPC, and Charles is one of them. This time, he is making poison arrows by the campfire. Talk with him, and he will request you to fetch him some Oleander.


Oleander sage is a collectible item that is mainly found near river banks. So, head to any nearest river and search for the poisonous plant. I traveled to the shores of the Kamassa River in the Bluewater Marsh region of the Lemoyne territory. 


Just beside the river, you will find a lot of Oleander Sage. Collect a few leaves and then leave for the tent.


After returning to the tent, hand the collected Oleander Sage to Charles, and this companion item request is completed. Charles will tell you that he’ll make some poison arrows for you and leave them by your tent.


As a reward for completing Charles’ second request, Arthur will get poison arrows.


Note: I suggest you pick up as much Oleander Sage as you can because Javier also makes an item request for this poisonous plant. So, if you have more of it in your inventory, you can just hand it to Javier to fulfill his item request quickly.

Dutch’s Request for Pipe

To trigger Dutch’s Pipe request, talk to him while he is smoking a cigar outside his tent. Just approach and greet him. He will tell you how sometimes he prefers to smoke pipe but left his old one at Blackwater.


Since this is not a direct item request, Arthur promises Dutch that if he finds a pipe, he will give it to Dutch. In RDR2, Dutch’s pipe is located in Vetter’s Echo, a small shack west of Wallace Station.


Inside the shack, you will find a small study table; on that table, you will find the pipe. Pick it up and head back to the tent.


Sometimes, along with the Pipe, you can also find a silver pocket watch. If you find it, collect it too. The pocket watch is an item requested by Lenny.

Hand the pipe to Dutch, and as a reward, you get a set of Spurs from Dutch.


Hosea’s Request for Shrew in the Fog [Book]

Read Hosea’s book near his tent while he is around you or near you. Hosea must see you read his book; otherwise, you will miss this companion item request and the subsequent reward.

Hosea’s item request is not a direct one, but it will get updated in your log when you pick up The Case of the Deceitful German book near Hosea’s tent.


After your log is updated with Hosea’s request, head to a small house in Bayou Nwa – just below the O.


Inside the house, you will find a book lying on the table. However, if you go to this location at night, a local gang might be taking shelter inside the house. So, there might be a shootout.

Pick up the The Case of the Shrew in the Fog book from the table.


Return to the tent and give the book to Hosea; he will really appreciate it.


As a reward for completing Hosea’s item request, you get a box of predator bait. It attracts average predators in the vicinity.


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Hosea’s Request for American Ginseng

Hosea’s next item request is for American Ginseng – a medicinal plant he uses to make potent health tonics. He claims that the tonic will keep any man healthy for a long, long time.

To trigger this item request, talk to Hosea at the poker table while he’s using a pestle and mortar.


American Ginseng can be found in most places across the Wild West, but I went to the south of the Cumberland Forest.


Once you are in the Cumberland Forest, collect the American Ginseng. Collect two branches of this medicinal plant.


Return to the tent and hand over the American Ginseng to Hosea. In return, he promises to make you some potent tonic.


After a while, when you return to Arthur’s tent, you will find the reward for completing Hosea’s item request – Potent Health Cure Tonic. This tonic can restore Arthur’s health and even the Dead Eye meter.


Ironically, in Cumberland Forest, near the Dakota River, you will find one of the Rock Carvings. Finding and mailing the rock carvings is a part of the “Geology for Beginners” stranger mission. A mission that contributes to 100% game completion.

For doing the “Geology for Beginners” mission, you get Old Brass Compass, a special item that helps you craft the Raven Claw Talisman. The talisman is a buff that decreases weapon degradation by 20%.

Jack’s Request for Abigail’s Thimble

When Arthur is in the camp, Jack Marston runs towards him and asks Arthur to find his mother’s Thimble that he lost. Arthur says he’ll keep an eye out for one and bring him when he finds one. This companion item request will be updated in Arthur’s log.


A thimble can be looted off any corpse or kill some NPCs; you might find it on them. There is no specific location in RDR2 for a thimble.


Once you find the thimble, return to the camp and give the thimble to Jack.


As a reward for finding Jack’s thimble, Arthur will get a cute drawing from Jack. You can find the drawing lying on the table outside Arthur’s tent.


Jack’s Request for the Otis Miller and the Black-Hearted Lady [Book]

Jack makes one more request to Arthur during Chapter 2’s story mission, “A Fisher of Men”, so this companion item request is unmissable. While riding with Arthur, Jack mentions leaving his storybook in Blackwater.

Arthur says if he finds a storybook during one of his adventures, he will give it to Jack. And so, Jack’s item request will be updated in Arthur’s log.


There are five possible locations to find a storybook for Jack: Osman Grove, Clawson’s Rest, Pleasance, Downes Ranch, or Lake Don Julio. I found the storybook at Osman Grove, west of Emerald Station.


You will find a small house, kick down the door, and enter the house. You will see murdered residents; you can loot their corpses to see if you find anything. However, just near the main door, on a nightstand, you will find a storybook called “Otis Miller and the Black-Hearted Lady”.


Return to the camp and find Jack. Click on “Give Request” when you’re near him and hand him the storybook.


As a reward for finding Jack a storybook, he will give you a Chocolate Bar. Of course, Arthur is his favorite uncle, after all. 


Javier’s Request for Oleander Sage

Talk to Javier at the poker table, and he will tell you that he is poisoning his knives. He will ask Arthur to bring him some Oleander, and he will make some poison knives for Arthur, too.


When Charles had requested you for some Oleander, I suggested you carry more of this poisonous plant because later on, Javier will ask for the same plant. I had it in my inventory, so after spending some time, I offered Javier the Oleander I had in my inventory.

If you do not have any Oleander with you, then you can find this poisonous plant near any riverbank.


As a reward for completing Javier’s item request, you get some poisonous throwing knives that you can use while hunting.


Kieran’s Request for Burdock Roots

Kieran is a horse-lover, and you will mostly see him tending to horses. Interact with him when he is tending a horse near Arthur’s tent. Kieran will mention that he can make a poultice to cure horse ailments and make them healthier. But for that, he needs Burdock Roots.

Arthur takes notice of Kieran’s item request for Burdock Roots, and the log is updated.


Burdock Root is a common collectible and can be found mainly in the Greater Plains region of West Elizabeth. However, you can also find it near rivers and railway tracks. So, look for Burdock Roots near any river


I found Burdock Roots near the Dakota River. Just collect a few and then return to your tent.


As a reward for completing Kieran’s item request, he will give you a bottle of horse medicine. Since horses in RDR2 are your main travel option, it is crucial that you take good care of them.


Along with the horse medicine, you will also find a pamphlet with a horse meal. You can find these items, or check your inventory if you have them already, and craft this horse meal for your horse.


Lenny’s Request for Pocket Watch

Lenny’s item request is not a direct one, but it is updated in Arthur’s log when he listens to his story near the campfire. For Lenny, you will have to find a pocket watch.


You can find a pocket watch almost anywhere in the Wild West. You might loot it off a corpse, find it during one of your missions, or even find it next to the pipe at Vetter’s Echo when you are collecting the pipe for Dutch.


In some cases, Arthur might have to fight off a bear, so keep a gun handy. I suggest you keep a shotgun with you and wait outside the back door if you don’t want to take on the bear head-on, as I did. 


After killing the bear, you will find a silver pocket watch on the same desk where you found a pipe for Dutch. RDR2 does reward players who spend a lot of time in the environment looting stuff.


Back at the tent, when you return the silver pocket watch to Lenny, you will get a dynamite as a reward.


Mary-Beth’s Request for Fountain Pen

Mary-Beth is an avid reader. You will almost always see her reading a romance novel at camp. She aspires to be a novelist one day. She mentions that she’d love a fountain pen to write the most beautiful stories.

Just talk to Mary-Beth near her tent to trigger her item request for a fountain pen. Arthur promises her that if he finds a fountain pen, he will give it to her.


Most of the time, if you have multiple item requests in your logbook, you can find those items at the same place. For example, you will find a fountain pen in the same house in Osmon Grove, on the same nightstand where you found a storybook for Jack.


Collect the fountain pen, which is inside the drawer, and return to the tent. When you see Mary-Beth, initiate a conversation and give her the fountain pen.


As a reward for giving her a fountain pen, Mary-Beth will give you a gold wedding ring.


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Molly’s Request for Pocket Mirror

Molly will approach you with a question about her broken mirror and the bad luck it brings. Arthur has a light conversation with her and promises her that if he finds a pocket mirror, he will bring it to her.


For Molly’s pocket mirror, go to Martha’s Swain, east of Three Sisters. You might also find a pocket mirror on a corpse or during your looting adventures.


On the nightstand, inside Martha’s Swain, you will find a pocket mirror. Grab it and return to the tent. Find Molly and give her the pocket mirror.


As a reward for finding a pocket mirror, Molly will leave a cigar on the table outside Arthur’s tent.


Pearson’s Request for Rabbit

Mr. Pearson is the head cook of the camp, and Arthur duly acknowledges that a lot of people don’t appreciate him enough. Interact with Pearson while he’s behind the wagon table with the cauldron on top, drinking a beer.

Pearson will tell you that if you find him a rabbit, he can make a special soup for you.


Rabbits are widely available for hunting in the world of RDR2. The moment you see any, just take out your rifle and shoot one down. Return to the tent with the rabbit.


When you come back to the tent with the rabbit, just donate it to the camp. As a reward for Pearson’s item request, he will cook a nutritious rabbit stew for you. You also get a Scout Jacket as a reward for this item request.

Pearson’s Request for Naval Compass

RDR2 is one of the best story-driven games out there. Many of the NPCs in the game have their own backstory, and Mr. Pearson has his as well. When he was in the Navy, he had a compass, and now he has lost it.

While playing poker at the poker table, if Mr. Pearson is playing with you, he will mention his naval compass, and Arthur promises that if he finds one, he will bring it for Mr. Pearson.


To find the naval compass, you must go to a port that lies west of Braithwaite Manor.


Inside the boathouse in Braithewaite Manor, you will find the naval compass lying on the table. Grab it and return to the tent. Give it to Mr. Pearson, and he will be elated.


As a reward, Mr. Pearson has nothing much to offer Arthur, but he has some Guarma Rum, and Arthur takes it as a reward for Pearson’s item request.


Sadie’s Request for Harmonica

Sadie Adler is one of the characters that you encounter early in the game. Remember that shoot-out with O’Driscolls when you rescue a woman from the burning house? 

Sadie’s item request is a harmonica. The item request will be logged when Sadie discusses it during the story mission “Further Questions of Female Suffrage” in Chapter 3.


You can find a harmonica in Grangers Hoggery on a cupboard inside a shack east of Flatneck Station. The item can also be looted off a corpse.


You might find some enemies on the Ranch, so use your Dead Eye to shoot down the enemies.


Inside the ranch house, you will find a harmonica resting on the cupboard. Grab it and return to the tent to hand the harmonica to Sadie.


You will get gun oil as a reward for fulfilling Sadie’s item request. Gun Oil preserves all metals from rust or tarnish. It does not corrode or become rancid and keeps all firearms clean and neat.


Sean’s Request for Kentucky Bourbon

Interact with Sean near his tent when he is making fire bottles. He will make an item request for a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon, and in return, he will make some fire bottles for you, too.


You can go to any general store and buy a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. Again, if you already have a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon in your inventory, you can hand it to Sean and fulfill the item request.


As a reward for doing Sean’s item request, he will make some fire bottles and leave them on the table outside Arthur’s tent.


Susan’s Request for Oregano

Susan will approach you and ask you for some herbs for seasoning. This item request gets logged in Arthur’s book, and he can set off to find some herbs for Susan.


A lot of RDR2 players ask, “Where do you pick herbs for Susan in Red Dead Redemption 2?” You don’t need to go to any special place. You can simply find some Wild Mint and Oregano near any river. I suggest you go near the Dakota River.


Collect a few Wild Mint and Oregano and return to the tent. Hand the herbs to Susan, and she will thank you for them.


As a reward for completing Susan’s item request, you get a potent miracle tonic. It fully restores Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye and fortifies moderately. 


Tilly’s Request for Necklace

You need to play dominos with Tilly to trigger her item request. She will mention a necklace. Arthur tells her that if he finds one, he will give it to her. Playing dominos with Tilly is marked as a companion activity.


The necklace can be found by robbing trains or clearing gang hideouts. The Hanging Dog Ranch is one of the hideouts for gangs. The ranch is located in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory


Use Dead Eye to lock on the targets and kill them at once.

Note: You can also turn off the autosave feature and create a save file before getting into the house. This is because if the necklace is not inside the house, you can reload the saved file, kill the enemies again, and then check for the necklace.


Inside the house, ransack the jewelry you find in the cupboard. Take the necklace to Tilly, and she will thank you for it. 


As a reward for completing Tilly’s item request, you get 2X Health Cure. It fully restores health and fortifies slightly.


Charles’ Request for Eagle Feather

The last two companion item requests are in the game’s epilogue. They are not part of any chapters. Talk to Charles while he is working in front of the barn after completing the story mission “Uncle’s Bad Day“.

Charles mentions his affection for eagle feathers, and Arthur tells him that if he finds any, he will bring them for Charles. 


Eagles are available for hunting all over the Wild West. They are mostly in the mountainous regions. To hunt down an eagle, I went to the north of Wallace Station.


Crouch when you see an eagle; otherwise, you might alert them, and they will fly away. Pick out a pistol or a shotgun from your inventory and shoot down an eagle. If you don’t see any eagles around, just camp someplace nearby and spend some time.


When you hunt an eagle, walk towards the dead eagle and take off some of its feathers. Collect a few feathers and return them to Charles.


As a reward for completing Charles’ item request, you will get Horse Reviver


Uncle’s Request for Medicinal Cream

Uncle’s item request is available in epilogue 2, after “American Venom”. While uncle is resting on the porch, just walk around him. You don’t need to initiate a conversation with him. He will ask for help and demand some ingredients for a medicinal cream.

The uncle will make an item request for ingredients like Whiskey, Peppermint, Milkweed, hair grease, and some skunk meat.


Go to any general store and buy a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. You will find it under Provisions >> Liquor.


In the same general store, you can buy some Hair Pomade. It is available under the Tonic category. If, during Bill’s item request, you have bought more than one box of hair pomade, then you will have this item in your inventory already.


For Peppermint, go to any stable and buy a few.


For milkweed, you can go near any river bank. I went near the Kamassa River. Again, if you already have this item in your inventory from any of the previous missions or item requests, you can skip collecting milkweed for Uncle.


Pick up some milkweed and then head to the next location for some skunk meat.


Skunks spawn only at night, so look for one near Ringneck Creek at night. 


Use a pistol or a shotgun to hunt a skunk. When you kill a skunk, do not skin it. Pick it up as a whole and stow it on your horse. Skunks tend to rot, so ensure you deliver the ingredients to Uncle before that happens.

And that’s why I would recommend you go for Skunk after you have collected all the other items.  


Deliver all the items to Uncle before the skunk meat starts to rot. As a reward, you will get clothes. Specifically, you will get Tornado Boots, a Classic Frock Coat, a Drifter Hat, and a Frontier Vest.


Final Thoughts

Completing companion item requests is a great way to bond with your campmates and also increase your honor. With each item request completion, you get various useful rewards such as Health Cure, Horse Reviver, Gun Oil, and more.

Even though these item requests do not contribute towards 100% completion, I recommend you do them to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 to its fullest.

And, if you’re in the mood for hunting, you should check out our guide on moose locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you find some Legendary Moose, you’ll definitely contribute towards 100% completion of the game!

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