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At first, Walter Stroud, the business magnate and financier of The Constellation in Starfield, had not been in full approval when I joined the group of space explorers. He’d thought that I would make it for Neon once I got the first artifact from Barrett at Vectera (check it out in my Starfield review) and sell it. But over time, as I kept coming back with more artifacts, his faith in me grew, and once I got two new artifacts and a special power after completing the Into The Unknown mission, he invited me to come with him to Neon to purchase a new artifact. Thus begins the ‘All That Money Can Buy‘ quest in Starfield.

walter stroud

The first major problem you could face is finding the seller who’s tried to strike a shady deal with Walter for the artifact. I am here to address that problem so that you don’t get lost searching for him. But first, we need to go to the Astral Lounge in the city of Neon. Here is how our journey starts.

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Go to Stroud-Eklund Corporate Headquarters in Neon

Walter Stroud will hitch a ride with you to Neon for this mission. Once you reach Neon in the Volii system, head over to the Stroud-Eklund Corporate Headquarters at the Trade Tower. You will meet Issa Eklund there. She is the wife of Walter Stroud and also his business partner.

Go to Stroud-Eklund Corporate Headquarters in Neon

➡️ Mutual Trust or Mutual Distrust?

Walter needs the discretionary fund from Issa. When he asks her for that, Issa reveals that she knows about the upcoming deal, something which Walter thought was a secret.

Issa knows that Walter has set up a meet with someone at the Astral Lounge. Well, how did she know that? By having someone hack into Walter’s files. Issa thinks that her actions are justified as Walter has done his bit of snooping on her himself in the past.

Issa Eklund and Walter Stroud

Issa also thinks choosing the Astral Lounge for a meeting is a bad move. But, as per Walter, The Astral Lounge is neutral territory. He’s convinced that for such a meeting, a place like the Astral Lounge fits.

Anyway, she is on our side and says that she will be monitoring the deal that’s to take place at the Astral Lounge.

Get Astral Lounge VIP Package

Walter gives you some operational funds; a thousand credits. He asks you to meet back at the Stroud-Eklund HQ once all that’s been asked of you is done.

First, you need to get the VIP Package at The Astral Lounge to get the place’s security on your side. Meet with Boone Morgan at the Lounge and persuade him to bring the price of the VIP package down from 4000 credits to 1000 credits. And, if you’re struggling for credits, check out our guide on how to earn money in Starfield!

Get Astral Lounge VIP Package

Now, make the deal. The VIP package is yours. The Astral Lounge Security would be on your side should things go wrong at the artifact deal.

Boone Morgan Astral Lounge

Take Control of the VIP Suite Doors

Next, take the elevator to the VIP Balcony, go to your booked suite, and unlock the computer.

Take Control of the VIP Suite Doors - Astral Lounge Starfield

Tinker with the door controls so that you can close them during the deal when you want to.

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Investigating the Seller

Issa Eklund is curious as to why the seller chose Walter as a buyer. She wants to extract more information from him. For the same, Walter has directed me to contact Jamer Newill, a broker who knows the seller. Go and find him.

➡️ Pro Tip

If you are able to put your persuasion skills to good use (try consuming Hippolyta before beginning the chat), you may not have to pay 2,500 credits to James Newill for information on the seller. Either way, he will point you to the location of the seller’s Sleepcrate.

He would tell you that he had hired a freelancer to tail the seller. The seller sleeps at Sleepcrate One.

James Newill Starfield

Obtain Personal Letters from Sleepcrate One

Reach the location, unlock the door to the seller’s Sleepcrate, and read all three Personal Correspondence documents you find in the computer.

Obtain Personal Letters from Sleepcrate One

You will learn from the letters that the seller’s name is Musgrove.

seller Musgrove Starfield

Once you have the docs, you can now head over to Stroud at his HQ. Everything is set now. Time to get ready to meet the seller.

walter Stroud Starfield

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How to Find the Seller at the Astral Lounge?

Once you and Walter reach the Astral Lounge, he will let you in on the secret code to verify the identity of the artifact seller. The code is “Ramsay and Travers“.

Walter will also tell you that since the seller is carrying the artifact, he would have a security briefcase big enough to hold it. That’s another clue. To look for people inside holding a big briefcase.

How to Find the Seller At the Astral Lounge?

➡️ Pro Tip

One tip is to go to Walter and open up the dialogue again. You need to go up to where Walter is waiting (near the entrance) and hit up the conversation again. This time, he will give you a valuable clue about the seller — that he is wearing Slayton Aerospace Service Pin.

slayton aerospace service pin starfield

Now, you might have to take a bit of time to locate the seller amongst the revelers at The Astral Lounge. There is no point in going and checking on people with small briefcases. Also, there is no need to check for the seller in the center of the lobby, where people are constantly coming and going.

Instead, head to where Boone Morgan is located (at the far end of the lobby). You’ll find a lone man standing to the right of Morgan’s location. Right next to him will be a security briefcase. It looks like a military crate of some kind. This man’s name is Musgrove, the same name you found in the correspondence. That’s your guy, the seller of the artifact.

musgrove seller starfield

Bring up the code “Ramsay and Travers” when chatting with him, and he will know that the buyer has arrived.

ramsay and travers starfield

He will then proceed towards the meeting location.

After you have identified the seller, meet with Walter at the elevator. The next part is the meeting at the VIP suite.

walter stroud impressed at the astral lounge starfield

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Looking Ahead

You got yourself and Walter a VIP room, have full control of the doors, and also have the security at the Astral Lounge on your side. The meeting place at the Astral Lounge is secured, and now you have also made contact with Musgrove, the man who is going to sell the artifact to Walter. In short, you have done everything Walter asked you to do.

But Walter is still worried about things going south at the deal. That’s one reason he had to bring you in as a muscle. He’s even instructed you that should Musgrove make things difficult, you can even grab the artifact and run!


How’s it going to go? Considering simple, straightforward deals are not that common in Starfield (in fact, this one is for a new artifact!), my bet is that something is going to go wrong at the meeting, and we may have to resort to some trickery to grab the artifact.

If you want to know how a cynic like Walter got impressed with what I’d achieved for the Constellation, you should read about how I solved the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield and acquired the Anti-Gravity Field power. Demonstration of that power stunned Walter Stroud, and he wanted me to come alongside for his artifact deal.

For the next part of this mission, check out our guide on how to get Artifact Nu in Starfield!

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