How to Get Through Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring?


In this Elden Ring guide, I will give you a walkthrough of one of the best locations in Elden Ring for some notable loot – Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave.

Elden Ring’s massive open world is quite notorious among gamers for its hidden locations and lootable items. Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is not exactly hidden but surely missable. This dungeon is located in the southwestern region of the Mountaintops of the Giants, close to Flame Peak

You can find a lot of notable loot in this dungeon, for example, Flame, Protect Me incantation, Giant’s Seal, Grave Glovewort, Golden Rune, and Zamor’s armor set and curved sword.

So, let’s jump into the post.

Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Location

The Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is a dungeon on a high plateau in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. Reaching this location requires you to circle around most of the region’s northeastern sections. 

You can reach Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave from the Grand Lift of Rold. The dungeon lies northeast of the Grand Lift of Rold.

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However, some players also like to access the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave from Giant’s Gravepost as it is much easier than the one above. Head west for the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave from Giants’ Gravepost.


I took the route from Giants’ Gravepost and hopped on my Torrent to reach the dungeon. You will find some Trolls roaming around. Fight them or avoid them, your choice. Along with some Trolls, you will find some Hands as well.


As you keep heading west, you will see a monument. Enter the monument while saving yourself from some Hands. Stand near the monument’s door and open it.


As you enter the monument, you will see a lift that will take you down. If the lift is not available, you’ll find a Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave lever nearby; pull it to bring the lift up.


When the lift reaches the basement, exit it and head to the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave site of grace. Touch the grace and put the dungeon on the map.


➡️ Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

Before you enter the main area of the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, you must have a Stonesword Key. Use the key at the entrance to unlock the area.

use-the-stonesword-key-to-open-the-grave - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Now, let’s do a walkthrough of this dungeon and take some notable collectibles before we head to the boss arena and take on the Ancient Hero of Zamor.

Flame, Protect Me Incantation

If you are going for a spell-focused build, then the Flame, Protect Me incantation is a must-have in your arsenal. This incantation buffs your character with fire damage negation.

You will find this incantation just as you enter the main area after using the Stonesword Key. You can loot it off a corpse lying near the bookshelf.


Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is largely associated with the War of the Giants, led by Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. Flame, Protect Me is one of the relics of that ferocious war. It is said that this incantation protected the champions of the Erdtree.

Fight Fire Monks to Collect Runes

Throughout the Giant-Conquerer Hero’s Grave, you will find some Fire Monks. You need to fight them; otherwise, they won’t let you progress further.

fight-fire-monks-to-collect-runes - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

In many cases, the Fire Monks will drop one of the following items: Fire Monk Set, Monk’s Flamemace, Monk’s Flameblade, Smoldering Butterfly, and Fire Blossom. You can also get up to 1,076 Runes.

Most new Elden Ring players don’t know where to go from here. You need to go West and break the false wall with a sword attack.


Golden Rune [11]

Keep walking west till you see a shining item on the pillar; this is a Golden Rune [11]. Collect it and jump down from the barricade.


When you land on the surface, you will see some Imps running towards you. They are easy to kill. I had a Bloodhound Fang, but you can enter the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave with any of the katanas in the Elden Ring.


After you finish off the Imps, fight the Lesser Burial Watchdog standing near the stairs. Be careful when you fight these beasts, as they have powerful attacks with the Frostbite effect.

kill-the-lesser-burial-watchdog - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Grave Glovewort

Throughout the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, you will find an upgrade material called Grave Glovewort. You will find multiple variants of this material inside the dungeon.

Once you kill the watchdog, enter the tunnel on your left.

take-the-lower-staircase-to-collect-grave-glovewort-Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Inside, you will find some Grave Glovewort [9]. Similarly, find 7, 8, and the Great Grove Glovewort variants. These materials are mainly used to increase the level of ashes further.


After you collect the Gloveworts, exit the chamber and climb upstairs. You will be attacked by some Shadow Imps. You can run away from them, but they will chase you anyway, so it’s better to finish them off.

exit-the-chambers-and-climb-the-stair - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Shut Down the Fire Pillars

To access the next part of the dungeon, you need to enter the chamber that lies to your south. Be cautious, as there’s a fire-throwing pillar in the chamber. You can also collect a Grave Violet (farming item).


You need to fight a Fire Monk before you can reach this pillar. You can shoot it from a distance using a bow and arrow or throw a kukri at it.


Cranial Vessel Candlestand

Now, take the southern stairs to collect one of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring, the Cranial Vessel Candlestand.

take-the-southern-stairs - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Fight a fire monk on the upper stairs. You will also find some Grave Glovewort in the area.


Head north, and you will see an area locked by the fog. Use a Stonesword Key to unlock the area. 

use-a-stonesword-key-to-unlock-the-area - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Inside the area, head straight to a corpse and collect Cranial Vessel Candlestand alongside Grave Glovewort [8]. You will be attacked by some Shadow Imps, so beware.


Cranial Vessel Candlestand is a Great Hammer (Warhammer) and scales primarily with Strength and Faith. It is a potent weapon with a formidable range, suitable for high-strength players who want to deal Fire damage and can tolerate this hammer’s weight.

You can also combine this new weapon with Elden Ring’s Lightning Spear incantation, which is also perfect for Faith builds!

Just when you exit the chamber, you will find Freezing Grease, too.

Giant’s Seal 

As I said, Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is associated with the War of the Giants, and you will find a lot of vestiges of the war in this area. One of the vestiges of the war you will find is the Giant’s Seal.

So, let’s grab the seal. Take the alley to the south. You will find a lift. Hop on the lift and activate it.

head-south-and-enter-the-alley - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

As the lift goes down, hold tight.


Once you get off the lift, you need to send it back up. So, jump on it and move away quickly. When the lift goes back up, you will see a small space carved inside the lift.


Pull the lever on your left and quickly hop back into the space. 


Once you are in the basement, get off the lift and travel east. Take two left turns, and you will see stairs. 


This is not a fire monk; it’s a Fire Prelate, and they are quite powerful. Take your time fighting this enemy and collecting around 2,000 Runes.

fight-fire-prelate - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Once you have defeated the Fire Prelate, go to the right side of the room and collect Giant’s Seal. It is a sacred seal that scales with Faith and is a good accomplice for Giant’s flame incantations.

(I collected it before killing the enemy! 😎)


Fight the Troll to Open the Boss Arena Door

Next, head south, and you will see a gap between two walls. It is big enough that you can jump down. Take the plunge!


Run towards the east, and you will find a ladder to take you up. On the way, you will find some enemies, especially the Lesser Burial Watchdog, that will thwart you. Engage with them or run away; it is up to you.

escape-the-lesser-burial-watchdog-and-take-the-stairs-up - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Head east, and you will see a closed door with a lever beside it. Pull the lever to open the large door.


Once the large door opens, you will see a Troll that’s waiting for your arrival. Fight him inside the dungeon or make him chase you to the circle of light.


Trolls are weak to light, so if you make him chase you into the circle of light, he will weaken, and you can finish him off easily. Once you kill the door, the boss arena door will be opened.

boss-arena-door-opened - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Fight Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Arena Boss

Once you kill the Troll, keep running toward the east. Take the staircase down, and you will see the entrance to the boss arena.


Once you enter the boss arena, be ready for a tough fight. You can even summon someone to fight alongside you.

fight-the-ancient-hero-of-zamor - Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave

Once you defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor, you will get his full armor set and his curved sword – the Zamor Curved Sword.


The Zamor Curved Sword is not powerful, in my opinion, but it can be dual-wielded with most curved swords/greatswords in the Elden Ring, most particularly with the Bloodhound Fang. 

The Zamor Curved Sword scales primarily with Dexterity, with reduced scaling in Strength. It is a good weapon if you’re looking for weapons with the Frostbite effect.

However, the sword’s ash of war, Zamor Ice Storm, is a powerful ally to have in your artillery. It allows the user to unleash a freezing storm that batters the surroundings.


Use the nearby spirit of light to exit the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave and return to the entrance.


Final Thoughts

Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is a late-game area for most Elden Ring players, so you will be leveled up enough to kill the powerful enemies in this area, such as Fire Monks, Fire Prelates, and the arena boss, Ancient Hero of Zamor.

As a reward for doing the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, you get Giant’s Seal, Golden Rune [11], Grave Glovewort (multiple variants), Cranial Vessel Candlestand, and more.

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