Elden Ring: How To Get Death’s Poker Greatsword?


Elden Ring is known for its wide variety of weapons; some are useless, but some are mysteriously powerful. And Death’s Poker is one of those OP weapons.

Death’s Poker is a uniquely shaped melee weapon with a powerful weapon art that can help you attack enemies from a distance. Thus, it is perfect for both close combat situations and long-range fights.

In this Elden Ring guide, I will show you how to get the Death’s Poker early in the game and scale it to make it even more OP than it already is.

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Everything About Death’s Poker Greatsword

Death’s Poker is one of the best greatswords in Elden Ring and can be found early in the game. It can be easily found in southern Caelid once you discover the region. The weapon is uniquely shaped and looks more like a stick and less like a sword.


According to the Elden Ring lore, Death’s Poker is a barbed rod carried by Deathbirds. Since Deathbirds are the graveyard firekeepers, Death Poker’s unique shape helps them remove the ashen remains of the dead from their kilns. 

➡️ Attributes and Scaling

Death’s Poker is a lightweight greatsword as it only weighs 8.5. The weapon scales primarily with Dexterity and secondarily with Strength and Intelligence. Thus making Death’s Poker a great early-game weapon for players who want to make a Dexterity build.


You need 15 Strength, 17 Dexterity, and 11 Intelligence to use Death’s Poker. The weapon has inherent frost buildup, making it vital against big enemies like Greyoll, the sleeping dragon, or Black Blade Kindreds. 

The weapon also has a unique R2 attack – a few steps forward and then an upward diagonal slash, similar to Sword of Milos.

Death’s Poker cannot be infused with any Ashes of War, nor can it be enchanted with Magic or boosted by Consumables. However, you can upgrade Death’s Poker by using Somber Smithing Stones.

➡️ Weapon Art

Death’s Poker comes with a powerful weapon art called Ghostflame Ignition. When performed, the attack pierces the air and creates a magical bubble called the Ghostflame. You can throw this flame (light attack) at your enemies from a distance or hammer it on the ground and create an explosion (heavy attack).


Death’s Poker’s weapon art, Ghostflame Ignition, scales purely with Intelligence, and let me say, the scaling is really good. Ghostflame Ignition deals 100% Magic Damage and can be boosted by wearing the Spellblade Set.

➡️ Location

You must go to Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace in southern Caelid to get the Death’s Poker greatsword. However, this is not the only location.


You can get Death’s Poker early in the game by defeating a miniboss Death Rite Bird, an enemy that only appears at night, at any of these locations: Liurnia of the Lakes, Caelid, Mountaintops of the Giants, or Consecrated Snowfield.

I collected the weapon from the Caelid location, the one shared on the map above.

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How to Get Death’s Poker in Elden Ring?

Once you are at the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace, you need to rest and pass the till until nightfall. That’s because Death Rite Bird, the enemy that drops Death’s Poker, only respawns at night.


From the Site of Grace, head east on your Torrent. Do choose a good weapon before you head to the battlefield; I chose Bloodhound Fang with the fire effect.


Death Rite Bird is a simple enemy to kill, but watch out for its power attacks. It does put out a decent amount of power in his heavy attacks. So, make sure you not just attack but dodge and roll, too, or you will get caught up in its heavy attack.


Once defeated, you will be granted the Death’s Poker greatsword and 18,000 Runes.


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Final Thoughts

Death’s Poker in Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the best Elden Ring greatswords, and you can collect early in the game. You can even collect it from other locations if you are nearby and do not want to visit Caelid.

Just remember to visit the location at nighttime.

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