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I’ve become completely engrossed in amethyst, the elusive stone hidden in geodes, ever since the Caves & Cliffs update for Minecraft. This is more than simply a pretty stone—it’s revolutionary! Creating a spyglass in Minecraft, Lightning Rods, and Tinted Glass using Amethyst Recipes? Please include me!

But what’s the best part? They expand! There’s something very rewarding about placing these amethyst blocks and watching them grow into clusters over time. And those ethereal noises they make when participants or other things touch them? It’s pure magic.

Discover the excitement of unearthing amethyst geodes and removing those priceless pieces of the stone in this post. You’ll also find effective mining methods and the best equipment for shard collection. The true excitement comes in creating crafts with these shards: making spyglasses or magical implements; the options are unlimited!

Now, let’s know more about amethyst in Minecraft, and where you can find them!

Where To Find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft?

Where To Find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft?

Deep in Minecraft’s Overworld are places where you can find amethyst geodes. They appear randomly in underground spaces, mostly in the recently added Amethyst biome from the Caves & Cliffs update.

Often set in stone blocks, these geodes feature a distinctive purple block exterior with an inner chamber filled with several types of amethyst blocks, such as blooming amethyst, amethyst blocks, and clusters. Explore caves and underground areas to boost chances of finding these geodes, especially within the -64 to -16 Y-axis range.

While finding the amethyst shards is relatively easy, you’ll have to separate them from the amethyst clusters. Let’s find out how you can do that:

How To Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft From Amethyst Clusters?

Use the following procedures to extract amethyst shards from amethyst clusters in Minecraft:

➡️ Location of Amethyst Geodes

location of amethyst minecraft

Explore the underground areas of the Overworld for the Amethyst Geode. Explore caves and underground spaces for these unique purple formations.

➡️ Breaking Amethyst Cluster

mine amethyst

Find amethyst clusters in an amethyst geode as soon as you find one. For maximum efficiency, mine clusters with any pick, ideally iron or diamond.

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➡️ Good Harvesting Practices

Mine carefully: To keep the cluster together for future growth, try not to break it completely.

Harvest clusters whole, preserving their form and function for regeneration, using a Silk Touch-adorned pickaxe. You can read our guide to know how to get Silk Touch for mining!

Carefully harvest budding amethyst to encourage the growth of new clumps.

➡️ Tools and Techniques

mining amethyst in minecraft

Enchanted Fortune pickaxes boost shard drops, adding more to the cluster. Efficiency-enchanted tools and beacons speed up mining.

Great! Now you know how to mine amethyst in Minecraft. But, you should also know its uses to utilize this element properly. Let’s check out what you can make with amethyst in Minecraft, shall we?

What Can You Craft With Minecraft Amethyst Shards?

You can use amethyst shards in various crafts. Here are notable items and blocks crafted from Amethyst Shards:

➡️ Spyglass

spyglass minecraft

Amethyst shards and a copper ingot are combined to create this item. Spyglasses are useful for searching and exploring as they allow players to zoom in on distant objects.

➡️ Tinted/Stained Glasses

purple stained glass

Crafted by combining amethyst shards and regular glass cubes. Stained glass in Minecraft is a translucent block that prevents the passage of light and offers possibilities for attractive architecture and impenetrable buildings.

➡️ Amethyst Block

block of amythyst

Crafted using four Amethyst Shards. This block highlights the purple crystalline texture of amethyst, serving as a decorative element in buildings.

➡️ Bundles

The Caves & Cliffs update added the ability to create tomes that can be repaired with amethyst shards, but require a rabbit hide to create.

There are a few other uses of amethyst in Minecraft that you should know. Let’s take a look at them below!

What Are the Uses of Amethyst in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, amethyst has various external applications beyond just beauty. Below are the main applications for amethyst:

#1. Creating Various Items

Basic tools like construction glass that is tinted, binoculars that allow zooming, and beautiful amethyst blocks are made from amethyst shards that are extracted from amethyst clusters.

#2. Redstone Components

Amethyst blocks have special properties associated with music. For instance, they could be used in conjunction with other Redstone items, including the making of an uncommon device like a music block, which exploits the musical attributes inherent in a block, and musical instruments.

#3. Lightning Rod

Amethyst shards combined with copper in Minecraft can be used to construct lightning rods. They provide considerable protection for buildings against fire that comes with lightning in stormy weather.

#4. Growing Amethyst

It is possible to cultivate budding amethyst blocks found inside geodes by eventually growing them into amethyst clusters. This type of farming gives a unique game play as it eliminates the continuous looking for new geodes.


There are several attractive prospects involving amethyst in Minecraft. Crafting is made realistic by creating glass of different shades and binoculars that can be utilized during the game. Besides, it plays a key role within the mechanisms concerning Redstone gear.

Its versatile value is highlighted by its musical qualities combined with the Redstone component and the lightning rod’s ability to prevent fire during a thunderstorm. In general, Amethyst provides much more than a nice photograph for the Minecraft experience. 

It goes beyond just offering players an aesthetic to play with; it offers an array of tools with which they can interact on the screen, a number of farming mechanics that they use, and various Redstone options.

If the explorer in you wants to look for amethyst geodes and more, check out our guide on how to find the Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft 1.19. You’ll also find some unique challenges and loot that aren’t available in the Overworld!

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