Destiny 2: How to Get a Rat King | Unlocking and Upgrades


Have you ever heard of Destiny 2’s Rat King? We’ll inform you that it’s not your ordinary rodent monarch right away. 

The Rat King is an Exotic Sidearm that is more effective when used by several players in a fire team. This weapon has a maximum magazine size of 15 rounds and can fire 300 bullets per minute.

The Rat King is worth owning in addition to finishing your collection because it is one of Destiny 2’s stranger weapons. Normal operations begin with its “Vermin” perk, which gives you a brief spell of invisibility after you reload following a kill. However, this weapon’s particular “Rat Pack” benefit is why you would desire it. When using Rat Pack, the sidearm’s damage output somewhat rises for every additional Rat King nearby.


This baby shines if you work in a team! It helps defeat more difficult foes because it can deal more damage when more people are using the same weapon. Adhere together and use it to the best of your advantage. It’s a rat-themed challenge to get you and your friends to stay together and let those bad guys know who’s in charge.

How to Get the Rat King?

To obtain the Rat King, players must finish the “Enemy of my Enemy” objective on Titan and then complete the “Rat King’s Crew” quest, which involves a number of puzzles and obstacles. Furthermore, the player must carry out a particular task with a minimum of one more Guardian in their fire team to finish each of the four riddles.

But pals, there is one catch here. You must finish them together! Prepare yourselves to properly plan and coordinate as these tasks are made to test your coherence and teamwork.

Here is a short summary of what these four riddles consist of:

➡️ Riddle 1: Complete three patrol missions with at least one other Guardian on your fire team.

➡️ Riddle 2: Defeat two open events while having at least one more Guardian on your fire team.

➡️ Riddle 3: Two Crucible matches must be completed with at least one more Guardian on your fire team.

➡️ Riddle 4: Finish a Nightfall strike with at least five seconds left on the clock.


Once you’ve overcome these challenging riddles and demonstrated your strength as a team, it’s time to head back to Titan and see Sloan. She will be very impressed by your commitment and cooperation. As a reward after this, you will receive the exotic sidearm known as the Rat King.

That’s all there is, Guardian! Working together, communicating, and overcoming obstacles with your friends at your side is essential on the route to becoming the Rat King. Create that fire team, face those obstacles, and rise to the status of legendary rat-killers that you were meant to have.

How to Get the Rat King Catalyst?

Players who frequently intend to use this weapon should definitely get the Rat King Catalyst. It increases the weapon’s range significantly and increases its usefulness for hunters that rely on invisibility.

After performing Heroic or Nightfall Strikes, the player will randomly receive the Rat King Catalyst. There is no conclusive proof that performing either one will enhance the likelihood of a drop. 


Even though no one knows the exact chances, it is speculative. According to the gamer’s abilities, it will probably take a few dozen strikes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to raise the opportunities that Rat King Catalyst will show up. Moreover, players shouldn’t be shocked if they receive another Catalyst based on Nightfall Strike, similar to the Merciless Catalyst.

Furthermore, if you get the Catalyst, it is worth having. The abilities and the increased power that the Rat King Catalyst provides will benefit you if you use it wisely.

Benefits of the Rat King Catalyst

Let’s examine the advantages of using that Catalyst on your Rat King to wreak havoc. 

➡️ Tasty Stat Bump

Once you install the Catalyst, your Rat King’s stability receives a nice boost. We are all aware of how crucial steadiness is when shooting rounds like a crazy Guardian. This implies that your shots will be accurate, making it more straightforward to chain those kills and utilize this exceptional exotic’s full potential. Moreover, the Vermin trait will allow quick reload, helping you plan ahead quickly as it offers invisibility for some time.

➡️ Reload Speed Upgrade

Additionally, the Rat King Catalyst offers a valuable improvement in reload speed. Have you ever been in a tight place while frantically trying to reload as a horde of opponents is closing in? You may say goodbye to those concerns because of the Catalyst. Faster fill times give you more time to attack and less time to fumble with your weapon. 

➡️ The Rat Pack Perk

The Catalyst equipped increases the potency of this exotic perk. For those unaware, the Rat Pack perk raises your damage output for each ally nearby wearing Rat King. When you and your fire team rock the Rat King, it’s like a symphony of devastation.

➡️ Ups the Obs Generation Game

The Catalyst also ups the game in terms of orb creation. You’ll produce those gleaming orbs of light like a Guardian-producing factory as you dispatch your adversaries with the upgraded Rat King. Your comrades will also appreciate those orbs as they unleash their super abilities and cause mayhem on the battlefield.

Not least among these is the feeling of accomplishment. It’s about the adventure, not just the stat increases and benefits, to unlock and complete the Rat King Catalyst. Being a Guardian is about overcoming obstacles, defeating enemies, and developing your use of Rat King to the maximum. The Catalyst gives your games a deeper level of complexity and gives you something impressive to brag about to your fire team.

The Rat King Catalyst is your passport to a world of stability, reload speed, orb generation, and a more vital Rat Pack perk. So fellow Guardians, get one now if you want to up your Rat King game. Let the rat-tastic anarchy start by outfitting it and embracing it.

How to Upgrade the Rat King Catalyst?

It can be challenging to upgrade the Rat King Catalyst because it calls for a player to have a buddy and rack up 1,000 kills with the Rat King. While it may be a tiresome and time-consuming task, the updated Catalyst’s advantages make it worthwhile.


Finding a group of players that also want to improve their Rat King Catalysts or love using the weapon can make the task of getting 1,000 kills easier.

Remember some of these points which will help make your upgradation easier.

  • For the Rat King Catalyst upgrade, each member of the fire team’s kills counts towards the necessary thousand kills.
  • The upgrade is a team endeavor that calls for cooperation and dedication from all parties involved.
  • The Rat King Catalyst is also required for the fire team members before they can begin working towards the 1,000 kills because upgrades for the Catalyst cannot be applied retrospectively.

The upgrade is a team effort that necessitates collaboration and commitment from all parties. Because Rat King Catalyst upgrades cannot be performed retroactively, the fire team members must have one before they can start working towards the thousand kills.

So fellow Guardian, take your Rat King, assemble your fireteam, and start your epic trip. The reward of using a Rat King that is significantly more potent will be great, even though upgrading that Catalyst might take some time.

Final Words

New challenges are continuously being added to Destiny 2 for players. It keeps the game entertaining and engaging. It wouldn’t be worthwhile for your time if it wasn’t a struggle. However, certain obstacles are so tricky that they might be upsetting. It’s wonderful to approach a challenge knowing what you’re getting into and how to come overcoming the barriers.

If you don’t know where to look or how to get started looking, locating the Rat King Catalyst may take some time. Each obstacle in the game brings a new set of missions and discoveries, and this part of the game is constantly changing. When you have cooperative companions who also use the Rat King, it’s an excellent weapon because it increases everyone’s damage output.

Furthermore, acquiring the Rat King will demand a lot of patience. The Vermin perk, which gives you stealth abilities and a means of escaping danger, makes the Rat King still worthwhile on its own.

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