Elden Ring’s Torrent: Where to Find the Spectral Steed?


In open-world role-playing games like Elden Ring, Ghost of Tsushima, Skyrim, etc., you generally have to traverse great distances on foot. These games feature large maps divided into different regions. Each region has its own NPCs, quests, challenges, and rewards. In short, there is a lot of ground to cover, both literally and figuratively.

While walking, hunting, and collecting important items (and also drinking in the sights) is one way to appreciate the richly-rendered virtual landscapes in Elden Ring, the quests need to be accomplished too. Roaming around on foot could get tedious. A lot many times, the questlines take us far into the terrain, and we wish that there were a faster way to get from one place to the other.

Several games include the option of “Fast Travel”, which instantly transports you to one of your previously discovered locations, somewhat similar to playing the role of an invisible Nightcrawler of Marvel’s X-Men. And others provide you with a vehicle or a mount. Elden Ring does both.

The Torrent: Your Mount in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you get to ride a horse-like spectral animal with curled horns called the Torrent. It is a spectral steed that can be summoned wherever you are on the surface world of The Lands Between using the Spectral Steed Whistle. Using this particular whistle does not cost you anything and is like summoning your horse. But know that you cannot summon Torrent when inside a dungeon or a cave. You can’t summon him in PvP and co-op modes, either.

The Torrent: Your Mount in Elden Ring

When riding a Torrent, you can make it go faster by pressing the Spacebar. Should you wish to dismount, just press X (or blow the whistle again), and your steed will literally vanish before your eyes. You can summon him immediately again. Want to jump? Press X.

How to Get Torrent in Elden Ring

Even if you fancy yourself as some Soulsborne expert who does things their way only, you would benefit from having Torrent as your companion. To get it, you will have to find Melina first.

To find her, you need to touch and discover at least three Sites of Grace. At the third site, she will appear and have a conversation with you. At the same place, she will grant you the Spectral Steed Whistle using, which you can call Torrent at any time. Read our detailed guide on how to find Melina for more information.

How to Get Torrent in Elden Ring

Know that your Torrent could die, but you can bring him back to life by using one Flask of Crimson Tears.

Bringing Torrent back to life in Elden Ring

Advantages of Riding Torrent in Elden Ring

There are several advantages if you ride the Torrent in Elden Ring. Here we list several ones:

➡️ He’s Fast

He is fast and will help you cut down distances pretty quickly. Since he gallops fast, you can also collect several collectible flora and other items that can be used for crafting pretty quickly.

➡️ Helps in Combat

You can engage in combat when mounted on the Torrent. It takes some getting used to but can be fun against other mounted enemies as riding the Torrent, you become a highly mobile, and hence, harder-to-track and difficult-to-put-down enemy.

You can lock on enemies (using Q) while on ‘Torrent’back in the same way you can when not on Torrent. In melee combat, you can train yourself to circle fast around foot soldiers to send them to their graves with 3-4 quick slashes (provided you have upgraded your weapon at least twice).

If you are a bow-and-arrow person, then Torrent gives you a nice advantage against enemies on the ground. You can shoot them from a distance, and it is easier to get away from them when they try to close the gap. Then you dispatch your arrows again. Infuriating for them, no?

➡️ Can Evade Enemies

The Torrent can also help you evade monsters and bosses whom you do not wish to fight. Let’s suppose you are trying to complete a questline, and suddenly, in your path (as it would happen multiple times), 3-4 wolves or giants appear. In this scenario, Torrent helps you escape unwanted battles easily.

You can make Torrent do a double jump. While in the first jump (after you press F on PC ), when you press F/the jump button again, Torrent jumps again in mid-air without touching the ground. Experienced players can make use of this ability to escape from area-based attacks.

Using Torrent to evade

Collecting Golden Runes from glowing skulls is easier when riding Torrent. You just have to pass over the skulls, and as soon as they come under Torrent’s hooves, they will crack open, and you can collect Golden Runes without having to dismount. If you were traveling on your feet, then you would have had to perform a roll over the skulls to crack them open. Plus, the agony of retracing your steps to collect the runes! Torrent saves you time.

Our Final Thoughts

Using Torrent to wander around in Elden Ring is something you would want to do often. Just make sure you anticipate how he can tip the scales in your favor in certain situations, and you would benefit from your spirit companion. If you haven’t already, find Melina first, and through her, you would get the gift of Torrent. To be exact, it is the Torrent who chooses you to be his rider, so it’s something to be proud of, Tarnished!

Besides Melina, you would also do well to find Merchant Kalé soon if you want some handy items in Elden Ring. Do that and make your prospects better in this Soulsborne adventure. Happy journeying through The Lands Between!

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