Channeling in Minecraft Explained: A Tutorial to Enchant Tridents


In Update 1.13, commonly known as “Update Aquatic,” channeling, distinctive, and exciting magic was added to Minecraft. A created specifically for the trident, a powerful melee weapon that can also be cast as a ranged strike, is one of the three spells added to the game.

Channeling is a compelling addition to both combat and magic gaming experiences, as it allows players to control the forces of nature and observe exciting transformations in the game. Adventures in the dynamic world of Minecraft get a new exciting element thanks to this addition.

In this post, we’ll walk through how to enchant a trident in Minecraft using channeling enchantment and explore the many benefits and uses it has. Channeling is an exciting and powerful addition to the game, allowing players to do everything from summoning lightning during a thunderstorm to transforming mobs into different species. Enchanters imbue tridents with channeling, enabling them to control the forces of nature and undergo electrifying transformations.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft?

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft?

The trident in Minecraft can be enchanted using a channeling spell. A trident that has been sent out will summon lightning to strike the intended target when thrown at them. This enchantment only works in storms or when the player is in water and near a pipe block.

Mostly, players use channeling to transform certain mobs into new creatures by striking them with lightning. For example, when lightning strikes a pig mob, and a player targets it with a channeling enchanted trident, the pig will turn into a pigman zombie. Similar to this, a lightning strike from a channeling trident can turn a villager into a witch.

The channeling function gives the trident a special and powerful component that allows players to control the lightning’s innate powers and experience exciting changes to the game world. It’s an impressive spell that adds more complexity to the game.

How to Get Channeling in Minecraft?

These are a few ways to get the Channeling enchantment on tridents in Minecraft.

➡️ Fishing

Different Ways to Get String In Minecraft

Fishing with an enchanted fishing rod is one way to get the Channeling charm. On rare occasions, you may come across spell books, and one of those spells may be Channeling.

➡️ Trading with Villagers

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Enchanted books are available for trade from several types of librarian villagers. The Channeling enchantment can be unlocked by trading with a villager from the library, if you happen to come across one.

➡️ An Enchanting Table

How To Get Channeling in Minecraft?

You can directly enchant a trident using a magic table if you have enough experience levels and an enchantment table at hand. However, because spells are unpredictable, it may take several tries to obtain Channeling.

➡️ Anvil

How To Get Channeling in Minecraft?

You can combine the trident and enchanted book with the Channeling enchantment using the anvil to transfer the enchantment to the trident. Of course, you’ll need to have all the required materials beforehand.

NOTE: Depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing, the Channeling enchantment may not be available in all locations or with all methods.

How to Find a Trident in Minecraft?

Finding the trident in Minecraft can be a bit difficult, but there are various ways to increase your chances of finding it.

➡️ Drowned Mobs

How To Find a Trident in Minecraft?

Aggressive underwater zombies, known as drowned mobs, will occasionally drop a trident. Explore the oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water to find the Drowned where they can breed.

➡️ Fishing

Different Ways to Get String In Minecraft

You can occasionally catch a trident using a magical fishing rod, although this is uncommon. This approach requires persistence and luck, but it can get you a trident.

➡️ Killing the Drowned

How To Find a Trident in Minecraft?

If one of the Drowned has a trident, you can try and kill it to take its weapon. When a Drowned carries a trident, the chance of falling is reduced.

➡️ Enchantment

How To Find a Trident in Minecraft?

If you currently own a trident, you can add or enhance enchantments such as Channeling, Loyalty, Riptide, or Unbreaking using an enchantment table or anvil.

How to Enchant Tridents with Channeling?

These are the procedures to enchant tridents in Minecraft using Channeling.

#1. Gathering Resources

How To Enchant Tridents With Channeling in Minecraft?
  • Acquire the Trident: You can get the trident from mobs that have drowned by fishing or by killing a Drowned enemy who has a trident.
  • Acquire Experience Levels: Gain experience levels by collecting experience orbs from tasks such as mining, fighting mobs, or breeding animals.

#2. Enchanting Table

How To Enchant Tridents With Channeling in Minecraft?
  • Create an Enchanted Table: Create an Enchanted Table by combining 4 Obsidian Blocks, 2 Diamonds, and 1 Book on the crafting table.
  • Place the Enchanted Table: Since an enchanted table needs a bookshelf nearby to maximize the number of spells it can cast, place it in a well-lit area.

#3. Enchantment Levels/Process

How To Enchant Tridents With Channeling in Minecraft?
  • Use the right mouse button on the enchanted table to launch the interface.
  • Watch for the enchantment options that appear on the right when you insert your trident into the slot on the left.
  • The number of adjacent shelves affects enchantment levels. Head to 15 libraries for the most spellcasting options.

#4. Combining Enchantments

How To Enchant Tridents With Channeling in Minecraft?
  • If the Channeling enchantment is offered, choose it by spending the necessary experience levels.
  • You can enchant a book or other item and then recheck the enchantment later if Channeling doesn’t appear, as the options can be changed.
  • You can combine the trident with the Channeling Enchantment and the Enchanted Book using the Anvil, after you have both. To enchant the trident, insert it into the anvil interface along with the enchanted book.

Benefits and Applications of Channeling

In Minecraft, the Channeling enchantment has a number of interesting uses and benefits.

#1. Summon Lightning

Mention the Benefits and Applications of Channeling in Minecraft

During a thunderstorm, you can use channeling to conjure lightning. During a storm, when you channel your trident at a group of enemies, the lightning will strike the target and deal heavy damage.

#2. Transformation of the Mob

Mention the Benefits and Applications of Channeling in Minecraft

When lightning strikes, you can channel some monsters into different creatures. For example, pigs can turn into Zombie Pigmen, while residents can turn into witches. This mechanic gives the game a distinctive and exciting element.

#3. Renewable Resources

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You can use Channeling and change creatures to obtain regenerative materials for crafting and trading, such as Rotten Flesh, Gold Nuggets, and Witch Drops.

#4. Agricultural Application

Mention the Benefits and Applications of Channeling in Minecraft

During storms, you can use channeling to create charged creepers that can be used to gather uncommon resources, as they can drop expensive items like mob heads.

#5. Aesthetic Effects

Mention the Benefits and Applications of Channeling in Minecraft

Channeling can increase the aesthetic appeal of your Minecraft environment, as lightning strikes can result in spectacular storm scenarios that are aesthetically appealing.


In conclusion, Channeling is an engaging and desirable enchantment in Minecraft that provides players with an exciting and enchanting experience. It provides a distinctive dimension to the game’s conflicts, resource gathering, and visual appeal by giving players the ability to summon lightning during a thunderstorm and change monsters into other species. Its utility further increases the ability to obtain renewable resources and farm unusual products.

Channeling enriches the world of Minecraft with its fascinating and powerful effects, making it a valuable enchantment for those who want to discover the wonders of this blocky universe, whether players seek the thrill of electrifying combat or enjoy the creative possibilities of visually stunning scenes.

Check out our guide to acquiring the Silk Touch enchantment in Minecraft. This is another highly important enchantment that can help immensely in your crafting missions!

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