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While fans worldwide await the release of the indie game sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong, many are returning to Hollow Knight and its environment for enjoyment. Hollow Knight first appeared on PC in 2017 before moving on to consoles and portable platforms.

It was recognized for its challenging but fair gameplay. In addition, fans were drawn to the universe and characters established in Hallownest. With so many amusing or intriguing species, it’s difficult to pick the best of the best. The game’s abundance of well-written and compelling characters is a major reason for its devoted cult following.

hollow knight characters
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So, let us help you on your voyage and introduce you to the key personalities in your perilous trek through this realm. You’ll need all the help you can get, so remember these pleasant faces and watch for them as you explore every corner of Hallownest on your challenging mission to unearth the dark secrets underneath.

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Hollow Knight Characters – Discover The Characters

Players who choose to venture into the depths of Hallownest are in for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The game is oozing with mystery and intrigue, from the lush wildlife of Greenpath to the melancholy City of Tears. Some of the most unusual personalities you’ll meet can be found in this realm of bugs and cretins.

Find the most important characters of Hollow Knight. - Best Hollow Knight Characters
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Let’s take a look at the key characters in Hollow Knight.

➡️ Merchants

  • Conifer – Conifer, a map maker by trade, may be found in every new location you explore, ready to offer you a hand-drawn map for your adventures.
  • Iselda – Married to mapmaker Conifer, she runs the Dirtmouth shop where you may buy essential equipment.
  • Charm Lover Salubra – Sells player charms and charm notches from her shop in the Forgotten Crossroads’ vacant settlement.
  • Naismith – You can improve your lone weapon, The Nail, by upgrading it. His store is located in the City of Tears.
  • Leg Eater – Found in the Fungal Wastes among dead bugs, he offers delicate charms that only he can repair if they break.
  • Sly – This tiny bug may be discovered in the Forgotten Crossroads’ abandoned settlements and is sick with a mystery illness, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.
  • Little Fool – Meet him at the Colosseum’s gate and pay the admittance fee.
  • Millibelle the Banker – True to her name, she will keep your geo secure.
  • Relic Seeker Lemm – In return for geo, you can offer up any relic you uncover on your trip to him in his shop in the City of Tears.
  • Confessor Jiji – Hiding in a remote part of Dirtmouth, she can conjure your lost shade in exchange for putrid eggs.
  • Steel Soul Jinn – Replaces Confessor Jiji in the game’s Steel Soul mode. He stares at you by sitting right there.
  • Tuk – Can be found in the Royal Waterways looking for treasure, selling your putrid eggs for geo.
  • The Last Stag -This ancient beast connects all game sections with his Stagways, allowing the player to move quickly among regions.
  • Divine – Is a Grimm Troupe DLC character that will upgrade your Fragile Charms to Unbreakable Charms for free.
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➡️ Travelers

  • Cloth – A brave warrior on her adventure through the realm, whom you will encounter at various points during the game.
  • Quirrel – A delightful adventurer seeking to solve Hollownest’s riddles with his nail.
  • Tiso – An intrepid traveler on his journey to the Colosseum of Fools. He claims to have a shield and a few tricks under his sleeve.
  • The Mighty Zote – The Mighty Zote, a legendary warrior, can be discovered trapped in several areas, waiting for the player to liberate him.
  • Hornet – You meet Hornet through a quick sight and a difficult boss fight. She later becomes a reluctant ally. 
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➡️ Quest givers

  • Dreamers – Monomon the Teacher, Lurien the Watcher, and Herrah the Beast make up the Dreamers. The dreamers stand in your way of discovering Hallownest’s reality.
  • Grey Mourner – This shrouded stranger may be located in the Resting Grounds, waiting for someone to come to her aid in the death of her partner.
  • Bretta – Unlock her mission by rescuing her from a trap in the Fungal Wastes.
  • Grubfather – Rescue these grub children from their glass jars strewn over the realm and bring them back to him for prizes.
  • Seer – A melancholy person who bestows the Dream Nail & all the weight it bears on the player.
  • The Hunter – Found hiding in the shadows of a cave near Greenpath, he delivers his Hunter’s Journal and urges you to fill in the blanks.
  • Brumm – A member of the Grimm Troupe DLC, he plays a vital role in the tale.
  • Troupe Master Grimm – The head of the Grimm Troupe dispatches the player to perform his bidding in exchange for future benefits.
  • Godseeker – Free her from the Junk Pit’s bonds to get access to the Godmaster DLC.
  • Mato, Oro, and Sheo – Meet three Nailart experts to unlock amazing moves for your nail.

That concludes the key characters in Hollow Knight. Now let’s discover the best ones from them!

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Cloth, a fighter cicada who established its worth in Hallownest, sheltered underground to avoid opponents. Despite her timidity, completing a certain questline will enable Cloth to accompany you later in a boss encounter.

Cloth is first seen in the Fungal Wastes, although you can later find her hiding from attackers in the Ancient Basin. Cloth will be inspired by your bravery and come to your help in the struggle against the Traitor Lord if you cleanse the chamber of opponents.

Cloth Hollow Knight character
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Follow the humming sounds to discover Cornifer, the cartographer, and purchase maps of each new place hidden throughout Hallownest. Follow the trail of strewn papers to find him if you can’t hear him humming. You must also find him in the Forgotten Crossroads to be able to speak with his wife, Iselda & purchase stuff from their shop.

Meet the eccentric cartographer who loves nothing more than to scrounge around.
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Dung Defender

Ogrim, the only one of the Five Great Knights with which players may interact, is found in the Royal Waterways surrounding Isma’s Grove. Ogrim, as its sworn protector, is known as the Dung Defender. Despite missing their companionship, Ogrim cannot see his other Great Knights owing to his pledge.

Dung Defender - Best Hollow Knight Characters
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Furthermore, because his oath confines him to a certain location, he is oblivious to the fates of his other Knights. He claims he can readily picture the player, dressed as the Knight, alongside other famous heroes of the era.


It’s hard not to include Hornet on this list, given that the swift warrior has her own game in Hollow Knight: Silksong. You’ll first meet the Pale King’s daughter at Greenpath, where she acts as an enemy to the Knight. As the tale advances, her bond with you grows unexpectedly and strangely.

The idea of a powerful and capable princess attempting to safeguard the land her family governed will always be an appealing narrative choice, and Hornet is no exception. Fans hope her sequel lives up to expectations so they may spend more time with one of the finest characters from the first.

Discover what Hornet seeks here!
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Cornifer, the wandering cartographer’s disgruntled wife. Despite her husband’s passion for adventure, she continues to support him by running a map shop in Dirtmouth. 

Visit her to grab additional items and charms necessary for correctly mapping your route through Dirtmouth. She spends a lot of time worrying about Cornifer out in the hazards of Hallownest, but once you uncover all the maps, he joins her in the shop’s back room.

The frustrated wife of the touring cartographer Cornifer.
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Myla is a cheerful bug who sings happily in the mines while looking for something important in the crystals. When you visit her, you can see how the virus takes over her mind. She sometimes becomes sick, but she never leaves her small cave. You won’t receive a Journal entry for her since when she’s fully infected, she’s indistinguishable from the other husks. The only way to tell it’s Myla is by the lamp she’s still holding.

Meet the tireless miner hoping to make some good.
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Quirrel is the apprentice of Monomon the Teacher, who walked out of Hallownest with no memory and just his blade and Monomon’s mask. He returns to the kingdom to meet you and Hornet. His memory returns when he is on a journey he is unaware of. Finally, he recalls everything and assists in breaking Monomon’s seal on the Temple of the Black Egg.

Make friends with the inquisitive quirrel - Best Hollow Knight Characters
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The Hunter

The Hunter is another of those characters whose true shape isn’t disclosed upon first meeting them. He lives in the Greenpath, a brilliant mossy-covered zone, and his upper half blends in with the surroundings. The ground vegetation mixes with the layer around his tooth-lined face, creating the impression of a carnivorous bush.

After a few lines of discussion, you fall through the platform, revealing Hunter’s body. His torso is completely black, with many white eyes, and his limbs and connecting bones are unnaturally long and thin. And they don’t nickname him Hunter for no reason. You acquire a diary from him that serves as a bestiary of all the many enemies you encounter.

Hunter Hollow Knight
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The Last Stag

The Stag, who will take you on rides around Hallownest’s tunnels, is the last of its kind. He still hopes to find Stags or Baby Stags somewhere. After you’ve visited every Stag station and reminded the Last Stag of where you’ve been, he’ll offer to accompany you to his house.

A relic of the former prosperity of Hollownest.
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He’ll explain that returning made him realize how old he is, but Dream Nailing him sooner will show that he’s becoming fatigued more readily now. When you first meet the Last Stag, he will be pleased and amazed that anyone still utilizes the ancient tunnels and would gladly take you wherever; however, he despises the Tram.

The Nailmasters

The Nailmasters are Oro, Mato, and Sheo, and they will teach you their Nail art. The Dash Slash will be taught by Oro, the Cyclone Slash by Mato, and the Great Slash by Sheo. Nailarts deliver more damage than standard Nail strikes and scale with the Nail damage. Sly will give you the Nailmaster’s Glory charm once you have mastered all three.

Meet these masters of Nailart - Best Hollow Knight Characters
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White Lady

Charms and the spells you can acquire in Hollow Knight are vital for lowering the harshness of the challenges you’ll face within its cruel universe. As the former Queen of Hallownest and wife of the Pale King, the White Lady possesses one shard of the Kingsoul Charm, which increases the quantity of Soul generated in your meter.

The White Lady is unlike any other characters, influenced by various bugs and insects since she is a higher creature with a large network of brilliant white roots. The roots are a vast network of tendrils that stretch from top to bottom of her physique, perfectly showing the look of a Godlike person.

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Zote the Mighty

While he considers himself the best fighter in the universe, Zote is a frail person frequently caught in the jaws of formidable opponents. He titled his sword “Life Ender”, although it is made of such brittle material that it cannot harm. It’s totally up to you whether or not you save him. However, saving Zote every time you encounter him unlocks additional stories later.

Zote the Mighty - Best Hollow Knight Characters
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Final Words

Hollow Knight is a primarily lonely experience as you take The Knight into the depths of Hallownest and Deepnest underneath it, striving to explore each place’s various mysteries. However, now and again, you’ll come across a nice face or at least an eccentric figure that isn’t out to turn you into bug paste. So it’s important to know who is on your side!

You’ll need to make friends to explore this title, and while they’re not the cheeriest lot, a few Hollow Knight individuals are eager to help. The melodious Cornifer will lead you in the right direction, while the Nailsmith will polish your tools. And with this list, you can get all the help you need!

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