9 Best D&D Dice and Dice Sets for Your Adventures


If you love playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the famous role-playing and dungeon crawler board game, you know very well how important the use of dice is in the game. The dice determine the outcomes of various actions and events of the game. But to all the players who are new to this game, it is important to know that the dice used in D&D are not the typical six-sided dice that you may find in a board game but rather a set of seven different polyhedral dice that have different numbers of sides and shapes.

Understanding the Die in Dungeons and Dragons

To help you out, here are the most common types:

➡️ D4

A four-sided die that looks like a pyramid. It is used for low-damage weapons, such as daggers and some spells.

➡️ D6

A six-sided die that is the most common type of dice. It is used for medium-damage weapons, such as swords and axes, and some abilities and spells.

➡️ D8

An eight-sided die that looks like two pyramids stuck together. It is used for high-damage weapons, such as war hammers and longbows, and some spells and abilities.

Understanding D&D dice

➡️ D10

A ten-sided die that has numbers from 0 to 9. It is used for some weapons, such as crossbows and scimitars, and some spells and abilities. It is also used in combination with another d10 to generate numbers from 1 to 100, which is called a percentile die or d100.

➡️ D12

A twelve-sided die that looks like a dodecahedron. It is used for some of the most powerful weapons, such as great axes and mauls, and some abilities and spells.

➡️ D20

A twenty-sided die that looks like an icosahedron. It is the most important die in D&D, as it is used to determine the success or failure of most actions, such as attacks, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. It is also used for some spells and abilities.

➡️ D100

A percentile die that is not a separate die but rather a combination of two d10s. One d10 represents the tens digit, and the other d10 represents the ones digit. For example, if you roll a 7 on the tens die and a 4 on the ones die, you get a 74. If you roll a 0 on both dice, you get a 100.

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Does a Good Dice Matter for D&D?

As a D&D player, you obviously know how important it is to have high-quality and well-made dice for an enjoyable gaming experience. Dice that are poorly made can have many negative factors at play, such as uneven weight distribution, irregular shapes, or faded numbers, which can affect the randomness and ruin your overall playing experience. Dice that are well-made and beautiful can also add to the immersion and aesthetics of your game, as they can reflect your character’s personality, style, or theme. These are literally collectibles for some people, no joke.

Does a Good Dice Matter for D&D?

We decided to look for some of the best dice for D&D online. We considered a few factors while looking. Dice that had good reviews were well made and had an appealing factor. We also wanted to find dice that were unique, attractive, and suited to everyone’s preferences. After browsing through many options, we narrowed down a few choices to nine dice sets that caught our eye. So here it goes.

Amethyst Crystal DND Dice Set 7 PCS Gemstone

This dice set is made from natural amethyst crystals polished and engraved with gold numbers. The dice have a purple color that varies from light to dark depending on the light. They are heavy and durable and come with a metal case for storage and protection. The dice set includes one of each: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20.

Amethyst Crystal DND Dice Set 7 PCS Gemstone

We were quite amazed by the beauty and quality of these dice. They will look like jewels in your hand, and they feel smooth and solid, as per the reviews. Users say the gold numbers were easy to read, and they contrasted nicely with the purple color. The metal case was sturdy and elegant, and it kept the dice safe from scratches or damage. Plus, it doubles down as a gift case. Do you want color and material options? Worry not; you have a whopping 46 options to choose from. 

We liked these dice a lot, but they were more like collector’s items or display pieces than practical gaming tools. They were perfect for special occasions or themed games, such as playing a wizard or a sorcerer with a purple motif. They can be great conversation starters or gifts for fellow D&D enthusiasts.

AUSTOR Complete Polyhedral Dice Set

This set comes with 15 polyhedral dice of different shapes and sizes: D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D%, D8, D10, D12, D16, D20, D24, D30, D60, and D100. This complete dice set can meet your needs for various table games, including D&D, obviously. The set features dice made of high-quality acrylic material, which is durable, smooth, waterproof, and wear-resistant.

AUSTOR Complete Polyhedral Dice Set

They have a great color fastness and a comfortable touch feel. The dice mentioned here are black with purple numbers engraved and painted on each face. They have a simple and beautiful look that is clear and easy to read. 

We were quite happy with the variety and value of these dice. They came in 16 different colors. The colors were vibrant and eye-catching, and as per user reviews, they changed slightly depending on the angle or light.

The dice are also very affordable and convenient. They come with pouches that match the colors of the dice sets, which makes it easy to store and organize them. The pouches also had drawstrings that closed securely, so I didn’t have to worry about losing any dice.

CiaraQ DND Polyhedral Dice Set with a Black Dice Bag

CiaraQ DND Polyhedral Dice Set with a Black Dice Bag

These dice are beautiful. They have a glittery and shimmery effect that makes me eager to roll them and see them sparkle on the table. The numbers are clear and visible against the purple background. The seller says these are also waterproof and oxidation-proof, durable, and hardwearing.

These are also very affordable and convenient. They cost only about $6, which is a great deal for 7 dice. They also come with a black pouch which makes them easy to store and organize. 

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DND 6mm Micro Polyhedral Dice Set with Pocket Watch Shell Case

If you are looking for the smallest metal dice set, you might want to check out the 6MM MICRO DICE from CZYY. These dice are only 6mm in size, which makes them ideal for your Goblin, Halfling, Gnome, Fairy, and Pixie characters. You can easily fit them in your pocket and bring them anywhere you want to play. The dice have intricate designs on each face that resemble ancient runes or symbols. 

DND 6mm Micro Polyhedral Dice Set with Pocket Watch Shell Case

The steampunk-style pocket watch shell comes with a dice case and keychain decoration. You can shake it and peek at the d20 to see how your day is going to be. The dice, made of a die-cast non-toxic zinc alloy, have an antique look, are well-balanced, and are satisfying to roll.

The dice set comprises the standard 7-die mini polyhedral RPG dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20. The numbers on the dice are engraved and painted in black boldface, making them easy to read. You can use these dice for any RPG, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Yahtzee, and more.

Sunburst Polyhedral Dice Set

This dice set is made from resin that has been infused with mica powder to create a shimmering effect. The dice have a yellow color that fades to orange and red, resembling a sunburst or flame. They are lightweight and smooth and come with a velvet carrying bag for storage. The dice set includes 7 pieces, one of each: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20.

Sunburst Polyhedral Dice Set

These looked like they had fire or sunlight inside them and would sparkle under the light. They have a cheerful and energetic vibe that suits the adventure theme of D&D.

The dice are cost-effective and practical, with a classic and familiar vibe that suits the traditional theme of D&D. The solid or translucent color schemes make them easy to see and identify, and the large white numbers contrast well against the backgrounds.

These dice have colors that correspond to the main classes of the game, giving them a tailored feel. Additionally, they have received positive user ratings despite being relatively new, making them worth trying out.

EBOOT 7-Die Polyhedral Dice

EBOOT 7-Die Polyhedral Dice

This set includes 7 dice of different shapes and sizes: a d4, a d6, a d8, two d10s (one for percentages), a d12, and a d20. The dice are made of durable acrylic material that is waterproof and oxidation-proof. They feature a vibrant color that is slightly darker than the pictures but still looks nice. The black velvet pouch they come with has a drawstring to store them safely. The numbers on the dice are large, easy to read, and use an underscore to mark the difference between 6 and 9.

This is a great dice set for beginners of Dungeons & Dragons. It has a good price and quality, and it includes all the dice you need for most RPG systems. Even the users highly recommend it. 

Haxtec Antique Iron Metal DND Dice Set Silver 

This set of dice from Haxtec comes with 7 metal dice of different shapes and sizes: a d4, a d6, a d8, two d10s (one for percentages), a d12, and a d20. They also come with a leather dice bag that has a nice appearance.

The manufacturer has made the dice from eco-friendly zinc alloy and given them a heavy and solid feel. Each face of the dice has large and easy-to-read numbers that are both engraved and painted. The dice boast a burnished blacksmith craft style, which lends them a classic and timeless look.

Haxtec Antique Iron Metal DND Dice Set Silver

You can use these dice for various tabletop RPG games, such as your favorite Dungeons & Dragons, and they are great for warlock, rogue, and barbarian characters or as a gift or collection for D&D fans.

They are very heavy and loud when they roll. They can make a lot of noise and damage the table or the wall if you throw them hard. Some of the dice are slightly smaller than plastic dice, which is common for metal dice, but it can affect their performance. According to one user, the d20, in particular, seems to roll more 1s than any other number, which can be frustrating or unlucky for some players.

We liked these dice a lot because they were more like special and premium dice that could be used for epic or dramatic moments. They were also fun and versatile, as I could use them to kill monsters with dice rolls or by throwing these seriously heavy dice at them. Plus, Haxtec is a well-known dice maker and easy to recommend.

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QMay DND Dice Set -D&D Polyhedral Dice (Blue and White)

QMay DND Dice Set -D&D Polyhedral Dice (Blue and White)

This dice set from QMay comes with 7 dice made of premium acrylic material that is durable, lightweight, oxidation-resistant, and easy to read. 

They have bright and beautiful colors that make them a perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing games. The numbers are golden and clear, and they come with a free black pouch that makes it easy to carry and store them. The dice are also high-quality and well-made. 

They have a good polishing effect, and they are safe, waterproof, anti-oxidation, durable, easy to roll, and not easy to damage. You can choose from 14 colors if you want. They have a reasonable price of around $6, depending on the color.

DND Metal Dice – Dark Abyss Metal Dice with Red Cracks

This set of metal dice has a dark and gothic look. They are called Dark Abyss metal dice, and they have an ancient cracked design that makes them look like relics of a long-lost era. Some people believe that they have a mysterious dark power hidden within them. Just kidding!

DND Metal Dice - Dark Abyss Metal Dice with Red Cracks

They are stunning, shiny, and detailed, and they are a treasure for any D&D adventurer. You can also choose from 12 other colors, such as ancient gold or antique copper, that have different metallic or emerald effects. 

The dice are heavy and satisfying to hold and roll. They have a pointy D4 that makes you feel dangerous. They have sharp and clear numbers that are balanced for fair rolling. You don’t have to worry about rolling too many 1s or 20s. The dice set includes a D%, a D20, a D12, a D10, a D8, a D6, and a D4. The dice set is perfect for almost any RPG that uses polyhedral dice. It is also a thoughtful and ideal gift for RPG gamers and dice goblins. 

Our Take

These are the nine dice sets that we found online that we think can be good choices for you D&D enthusiasts. We hope you enjoyed reading the curated list to help you choose one. If you are looking for the best dice for D&D, you may want to check them out yourself and see which ones suit your preferences, budget, and style. Whatever dice you choose, make sure they are well-made, fair, and fun to roll.

And, if you want the perfect board games to try these new D&D dice sets, you should check out our list of the best D&D board games. Happy adventuring!

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