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Since its release back in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been able to gather huge popularity and a dedicated fanbase. Besides the 60 main quests, the game offers a lot of side quests that have the potential to entertain players for hours. One such side quest is ‘A Dangerous Game’. This side quest occurs in the Novigrad region and allows players to collect three rare Gwent Cards.

In this post, we will tell you how to complete ‘A Dangerous Game’ with ease and get the three cards as a reward. So, read on.

Who is Zoltan Chivay?

Before explaining how to finish the side quest ‘A Dangerous Game’, let us inform you about Zoltan Chivay.

Zoltan is a dwarf and has served in the Second Nilfgaard War. He is also a friend of the protagonist of the Witcher games – Geralt.

Zoltan Chivay

Geralt first encountered Zoltan while he was traveling towards the Yaruga River from Brokilon. FYI, Zoltan is the one who gave Geralt the Sihil sword.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Zoltan Chivay makes a reappearance as Dandelion’s business partner and runs the tavern ‘Rosemary and Thyme’.

How to Start the ‘A Dangerous Game’ Quest in The Witcher 3?

Players can start ‘A Dangerous Game’ by visiting Rosemary and Thyme after saving Dandelion. There, they will find Zoltan quarreling with some shady-looking men outside the tavern.

Join the convo by getting close to them and choose either option. This will make Duke – the leader of the bandits, say that they are going away. However, Earl will feel not-so-generous and make bold claims about eliminating Geralt.

Once the bandits depart, Zoltan will give you an idea of the whole situation. Seemingly, Zoltan has started trading Gwent Cards and needs your assistance in gathering three rare cards, namely Fringilla Vigo, Isengrim Faoiltiarna, and John Natalis.

A Dangerous Game Quest

Once you offer your help, Zoltan directs you to Zed, who, according to Zoltan, has all three cards, and the quest begins.

But you have to remember one thing. If you attempt to start this secondary quest after getting to the Isle of Mists or if you ask for Zoltan’s help during the main quest ‘Brothers In Arms: Novigrad’ before finishing ‘A Dangerous Game’, it will fail.

How to Get All Three Gwent Cards?

Throughout the side quest ‘A Dangerous Game’, you can collect all three Gwent Cards one by one.

➡️ First Card

First, after going to Zed’s house, knock on his door. Once you determine knocking is useless and that Zed is in some kind of trouble, you can find two ladders on the right side of his front door. Climb them, hop across his roof, and enter his house only to find his lifeless body on the floor.

Zed's House in A Dangerous Game

Now, go downstairs and annihilate the two bandits that have raided Zed’s house. After you get rid of them, loot their dead bodies, and you will find one of the three rare Gwent Cards along the main entrance key.

Within the house, you will find Zed’s ledger too. Utilizing the Aard on the board underneath the staircase, unveil the secret chest with the ledger inside it. Obtain the ledger and take both the card and ledger to Zoltan.

A Dangerous Game quest

➡️ Second Card

The ledger will inform players about the buyers of the other two cards – Ravik and Ceasar. Ravik has the John Natalis Card, and Ceasar has Fringilla Vigo. Hence, it is time to decide which target to visit first.

If you choose Ravik, you have to travel to a local inn named ‘The Golden Sturgeon’ and search for him in the basement. Since Zoltan is having some sort of argument with Ravik, he will not accompany you to the inn and instead, will meet you at Ceasar’s house.

In the basement, Geralt will find Ravik cornered by two bandits who are intimidating him. These bandits are the same ones whom you met earlier outside Rosemary and Thyme. One of the thugs – Earl – will invite you to play Gwent with Ravik’s life and the card on the line.

You have the choice to accept his offer or refuse it. If you refuse or accept yet lose the game, the thugs will murder Ravik, and then a fight breaks out. If you accept and win, however, Ravik will live, but the fight will still break out.

Gwent Cards Unlocked

After Geralt eliminates an arrogant Earl and his minion, he gets the John Natalis card. If Ravik is alive, he will hand the card over, albeit unwillingly. If not, you will find the card on his dead body.

Once you get a hold of the rare Gwent Card, leave the inn and go to Ceasar’s house to meet Zoltan.

➡️ Third Card

As for Ceasar, Zoltan has a plan to get the card from him. Ceasar loves fishing. Hence, all three of you go inside, drink, and start talking about fishing.

In between your drinking session, Zoltan will tell you to go upstairs and bring some more drink. You know his intention, right? So, go upstairs looking for the Fringilla Vigo card.

Utilize your Witcher senses and interact with the knife in the dresser. This unveils a secret drawer having a triangular key.

Grab the key, move towards your nearest bookcase, and put the key into the triangle keyhole. When a certain bookcase slides over and discloses a secret room, enter it to discover a Nifgaardian Museum. Your card will be on the back-left display.

Also, do not forget to take the Jade Statue near the doorway, as you will need it later in ‘The Soldier Statuette’ side quest.

Go downstairs to the dwarves with both the card and statue to exit the house. As you are leaving, two Cleaver-sent dwarves break in to deal with Ceasar. You can either fight them off or leave things as it is, risking Ceasar’s life.

No matter what you choose to do, only finding all three cards is not enough. To complete the quest, you have one last task to fulfill.             

What to do After Finding All Three Cards?

When you obtain all three Gwent Cards, you have to sell them to Zoltan’s buyer.

After reaching a dimly lit alley where the deal will occur, you will discover that the buyer is dead and Duke – a bandit you met earlier at the start of the quest has killed him. He wants the cards himself and can go to any extremes for it. While Zoltan deals with the other thugs, you will have to chase Duke.

Zoltan's Buyers

Once you are in the sewers, you will come across a few Drowners. Do away with them and blow the fragile wall up with Aard. On the other side, you will find an injured Duke. You can either end his suffering by killing him or leave him so that he bleeds to death.

As everything is now done and dusted, Zoltan will let you pick your reward – three rare Gwent Cards or 350 crowns. Choose your reward (hopefully, the cards), and the quest will finish.  

Note: According to me, it’s better to choose the cards, as two of them fall into the “Hero” category of Gwent cards. In addition, you can use them in the side quest “Collect ’em All!“.  

However, if you really need the money, you can choose it as well. 350 crowns at one go is difficult to come by in the early hours of the game. There’s also the main quest called The Great Escape, which allows you to get these cards back, thereby allowing you to complete the “Collect ’em All!” side quest!


To conclude, ‘A Dangerous Game’ is one of the most fun side quests in the entire Witcher franchise. From finding each card buyer to retrieving the cards to fighting thugs along the way to the final decisive pursuit – it succeeds in keeping players hooked to the very end.

Hope this post serves its intended purpose of guiding you through the quest and helping you earn the three rare Gwent Cards. Good luck, Witcher!

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