Upcoming Marvel Games: Here’s What You Can Expect from the Superhero Genre!


The drought for Marvel titles is going to end super soon with the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Not only this, but in the coming years, let’s say a couple of them, we are all set to see new Marvel Games – Marvel’s Iron Man, Marvel’s Wolverine, and Amy Hennig’s Marvel Game.

It’s clear that Marvel is adamant about changing the landscape of video games. Moreover, the mentioned titles will take the industry by storm with gripping storylines and heavy-duty graphics. Without any further delay, here we will discuss, in brief, all four upcoming games.

Marvel’s Iron Man

Marvel's Iron Man
Source: EA

While Tony Stark bid adieu to the cinematic universe of Marvel with End Game, it seems like the franchise is in no mood to pull the character out of the Marvel universe completely. According to an announcement by EA Games, the studio is working on a third-person action-adventure game based on Iron Man.

It will revolve around the original storyline of Iron Man coupled with the spark of Tony Stark. The game is going to be bliss for all the Iron Man fans out there. Until now, most of the information regarding the game is still under wraps. Speculations are that the game will make its debut in 2025.

Amy Hennig’s Marvel Game

Amy Hennig's Marvel game
Source: Marvel

Amy Hennig, the artistic mind behind the Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, is working on a new narrative-driven Marvel game with Skydance Media. As of now, the game has not been titled, but rumors have it that the game will be set up in the era of World War II. It will revolve around the ensemble cast of heroes.

The gamers will be able to play as Black Panther (Azzuri, T’Challa’s Grandfather), Nanala (the leader of the Wakandan Spy Network), Gabriel Jones (member of the Howling Commandos), and Steve Rogers (our favorite Captain America in his early years). While there is no word on the launch of the game yet, we can say that this entirely fresh approach toward Marvel characters is definitely going to be intriguing.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel's Wolverine
Source: Insomniac

The most rugged character of the Marvel Universe, Wolverine, is all set to get a new game. As for the timeline, the game will be rolled out after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which means somewhere around 2024. The game is going to be lightning-fast in terms of combat and story.

We are pretty sure about this due to Insomniac’s track record with Marvel games. Another major highlight of the game is that it is going to be a PS5 exclusive, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Get ready to see your favorite Mutant in action pretty soon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Source: Insomniac

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is going to be a delight for All Marvel and Spidey fans. The game will consist of both the leads – Miles Morales and Peter Parker. It’s going to make a debut on October 20, 2023, and is up for pre-orders already.

This PS5 exclusive will include some of the best Marvel villains, like Kraven The Hunter, Prowler, Venom, Shocker, Tombstone, Taskmaster, and more. The Symbiote Suit will be a major part of the story as well, offering him immense power and enhancing the gameplay as well as the storyline. Different sections in the game will allow the user to play as Miles Morales or Peter Parker individually.

On a Concluding Note

The lined-up Marvel games will give all the fans an adrenaline rush. The earliest entry out of the lot will be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This one will be a PS5 exclusive and will most probably be followed by the launch of Marvel’s Wolverine.

It is being said that the other two games will not hit the market earlier than 2025. It will be fascinating to see how the audience will react to these titles and how much traction they’ll be able to gather.

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