11 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone to Challenge Your Problem-Solving Skills


Are you are puzzle enthusiast like me? I have spent hours playing puzzle games on my iPhone. Not only do these games kill time, but they also take you on an adventure at every level. If this sounds like you, who is bored of scrolling through Instagram all day, you can check out this tailor-made guide with all my favorite puzzle games for iPhones.

Imagine this: You are sitting in a comfortable chair at your home or office, having a cup of tea/coffee, and you desperately need a few minutes to escape from your boring regular day. These games serve to be an aesthetically pleasing escape from everything and keep you intrigued.

From mind-bending brain teasers to visually immersive challenges, these puzzle games deliver an experience like no other. You do not need to be a seasoned player; even if you are a newbie, the games are for you too.

So, let us dive deep into the list of the best puzzle games for iPhone and see which one might blow your mind.

Puzzle Games: Boosting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities

Well, we do know that puzzle games are meant to keep you entertained. However, they are more than merely a way to pass your time. These games have the ability to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The game we have mentioned in the list will hone your strategic abilities and problem-solving capabilities and analyze the patterns. Here’s how puzzle games can help in the development of these vital skills:

➡️ Logical Reasoning: Many puzzle games require players like you and me to break down complex problems and arrive at the correct solution. It pushes you to think more logically about difficult circumstances and not depend largely on luck.

Puzzle Games: Boosting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities

➡️ Creative Problem-Solving: Puzzle games do not always require you to take the most direct approach. It allows you to test your creative skills, look for ways, and find the right alternative.

➡️ Patience and Perseverance: After playing for years now, I feel I am more patient when playing puzzle games. These games can be challenging on multiple levels and test your nerves.

The above are some of the major aspects that make these puzzle games a great addition to your iPhone or part of your daily routine. So, now that you know the benefits of games like these, let’s take a look at a few of them that you’re bound to enjoy!

Brain It On!

One of my favorite games is Brain it On! The objective of this game is pretty simple. All you have to do is draw shapes or lines on the screen to guide a ball or multiple balls toward a designated target.

YouTube video

Sounds easy, right? You might have to think again once you start playing it. This isn’t just any other puzzle game but a physics-based problem-solving puzzle game that will make your head scratch.

As you progress through different game levels, it becomes complex and requires precise drawings and strategic thinking to get the perfect solution. When I played for the first few weeks, it took me quite some time to get a hold of the concept. 

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone

The game tests your creative side and allows you to think outside the box. The open-ended nature of the puzzles allows for multiple approaches, allowing you to experiment and unleash your creative problem-solving skills.

Download: iOS

Build a Bridge

If you are even slightly crazy about building structures or anything related to it, Build a Bridge is here for it. This physics-based puzzle game will test your architectural skills every step of the way.

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone 1 Build a Bridge

The objective of the game is to build bridges that are able to withstand the weight and the structure of the vehicle. It could be cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles on every level. You will be given wood, asphalt, steel, steel cable, etc., to build strong bridges.

It keeps you engaged on every level and makes you want to keep playing more levels. Every level has multiple challenges, i.e., jumping the vehicle to a certain distance, creating bridges in a given budget, and many others.

One of the best parts of this iPhone game is that the bridges and the physics behind them are highly realistic. You will have to consider multiple factors and add each material strategically. Even falling down and failing adds a learning part to the game in the end.

Download: iOS

Cut the Rope

Do you remember this addictive game? Cut the Rope is a more than decade-old game but still one of my favorites. The game revolves around an adorable character named Om Nom that needs to be fed with candy.

YouTube video

Every level has a candy tied or handed by a rope, and your task is to strategically cut those ropes to release the candy and guide it into Om Nom’s waiting mouth. Trust me! It is not easy. If you have never played this, it will take you multiple chances to be able to grasp it.

The few levels are easy to help you understand how this physics-based game is played. As you move further up on the levels, you will come across multiple elements such as air cushions, pulleys, portals, and whatnot.

best puzzle games for iphone 2 Cut the Rope

It is all about physics at the end on every level. Once you understand it, the solution is simply one rope away from you. The character is the cutest; the game overall is challenging but addictive and perfect for keeping you hooked.

Download: iOS

Good Sudoku by Zach Gage

We all had played Sudoku before, either in newspapers when we had no smartphones or on our keypad phones. However, you might have never come across the newly designed Good Sudoku by Zach Gage.

best puzzle games for iphone 3 Good Sudoku by Zach Gage

This offers an immersive and intuitive gameplay that keeps you engaged all throughout with its unique features. There are over 70,000+ puzzles for you to solve. One for each day till the rest of your lives.

Some of the features here include 5 difficulty levels to always keep you learning, AI-powered hint support so that you never miss a beat, daily puzzle modes, and so much more. 

Another unique aspect of this game is that the designers have put their best work into designing the hardest and most unique puzzles where you might need to use techniques such as XYZ Wings, Hidden Quadruples, Jellyfish, and Swordfish.

Download: iOS

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

It is not easy to keep buying puzzle board games every now and then. Hence, the Jigsaw Puzzles on your iPhone might do the job for you. This game is addictive, and you can spend hours playing on this.

best puzzle games for iphones 4 Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games

There are over 13,000+ HD images for free to play with. You will never miss a piece, and it does not feature any ads in between to distract you. From Daily unique Puzzles to Seasonal events, you can participate in everything.

If you ever feel that you are stuck with any piece, you can always ask for a hint and continue winning every step of the way. You can start with smaller puzzles and get to 400 pieces puzzles too that will be difficult yet intriguing.

Not only this, you can take up challenges and make things more interesting. There is a lot more to this game than what meets the eye. Everything is free of cost, and all you need to do is download it on your iPhone to get started.

Download: iOS

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is the sequel to the original Monument Valley, released back in 2014. The game is all about picturesque and magical architecture, mesmerizing aesthetics, and other unique gameplay experiences you may have never seen before.

YouTube video

The game revolves around a Mother (Ro) and Daughter duo that unravels the mysteries of these structures and pathways. Every level has been crafted with a precision that showcases geometric shapes, optical illusions, and vibrant hues.

This isn’t only a puzzle game with a set of aesthetics, but it will take you on an emotional journey with Ro and her daughter. It shows love, sacrifice, and a beautiful bond between the two. You are asked to manipulate the environment and guide the two on different paths.

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone 5 Monument Valley 2

Not only is it visually stunning with optical illusions, but also the soundtrack on every level speaks volumes and keeps you intrigued all throughout. It sure is a paid game, but worth spending every penny.

Download: iOS

Slayaway Camp – Free 2 Slay

The Slayaway Camp – Free 2 Slay is a dream come true for all horror-movie lovers. Your mission is to play the role of a horror movie villain and navigate through levels to scare and eliminate unsuspecting victims.

Slayaway Camp - Free 2 Slay

Sounds unbelievable, right? Wait till you start playing it, and you will never look back. Did I say it was free to play the game? Yes, it is. At every level, you will be given a scene or a videotape, and your goal is to figure out how to approach and scare the innocent victims in the right order.

There are 10 horrifying videotapes to play with and 3 additional ones as a bonus. There are multiple obstacles, cops, swat teams, land mines, and so many others you can make use of. The graphics are not your usual HD games; rather give the retro-style 80’s vibes.

You can even unlock different creepy killers, each with their own unique style and gory animations, such as stalker, masked psycho, and others.

Download: iOS

The Room Three

The Room Three gives you the intriguing puzzle-solving experience of a lifetime. This is the third installment of the award-winning series where you can delve into the world of mystery and suspense.

YouTube video

You will come across intricately designed rooms filled with mystery puzzles, hidden objects, and so much more for you to explore. The major goal of the game is to figure out different clues and puzzles in the room through tactile interactions, logical thinking, and clear observation.

The best part of this game is how each room has been designed with exquisite detail on every single item you will find. The attention to detail in the visuals and the atmospheric sound design make it worth spending money on buying the subscription.

The controls are straightforward, through which you can solve mysteries and manipulate different objects lying about. You can get hints to be able to progress further. Furthermore, you can even share your achievements with your friends.

Download: iOS

Where’s My Water? 2

One of the most addictive gameplays you will ever come across. Where’s My Water? 2 will take you on a watery adventure where you will meet the most adorable characters and brilliant puzzles for an experience like never before.

YouTube video

The game revolves around three characters, i.e., Swampy, Allie, and Cranky. You need to dig paths for water to reach these characters using multiple methods. It does sound like the easiest game you have ever played. However, this is only true for the first few levels.

There are over 100+ puzzles and challenges that you can keep playing and might never get bored of. Also, you must put your strategic thinking to work and precise timing to get the best output.

Not only is it a light-hearted game, but also the characters bring a storyline that will keep you hooked. Furthermore, you can collect Power-ups and other collectibles that will aid your gameplay or can simply be used to enjoy yourself.

Download: iOS

Lara Croft Go

Have you played the popular Tomb Raider franchise, or have you heard about it? Well, Lara Croft Go is a part of the franchise that has been awarded multiple awards for being the best game when it was launched years back.

YouTube video

This game has the most stunning visuals and will capture your eyes too, while you uncover ancient mysteries. You have to play the game based on your turn, with a mind-bending storyline to immerse you in the gameplay. Each level is a cleverly designed puzzle that demands logical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

You will see it all, from the sound of the footsteps walking through the ruins of an ancient civilization to collecting ancient relics. It has 7 characters with 115 puzzles that allow you to unlock new outfits and other levels.

There are multiple challenges that are aligned with the regular gaming experience. You can unlock multiple bonuses, Time trials, and many more. Although this is a decade-old game, it still captures your mind as the rest of the games in the franchise did.

Download: iOS

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between uses the concept of bending the rules of space and time. It revolves around how two friends, Arina and Frendt, manipulate time to solve the most intricate puzzles. Above all, you will be a part of the story where the scenery is stunning and everything else in it.

YouTube video

Time manipulation can be used to control the flow of time, whether you are looking to take it forward or change things in the past. Each level is filled with art that speaks colors, animations, and above all, skill.

Also, the controls are user-friendly, making it a highly immersive game. You might have to pay a small fee to download and play the game though.

Download: iOS


Did you find the right game for you? It can be difficult to choose since all of these are equally exceptional. However, this guide consists of some of my favorites that you might like as well, such as Sudoku and Cut the Rope. 

Most of the games are free of cost, and you can easily download it on your iPhone. Some have paid subscriptions but are worth the money spent. 

In the meantime, you can also check out these crossword apps to download on your smartphone!

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