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Torches are essential sources of light in Minecraft’s blocky world and play an important role in illuminating the darkness that surrounds you. These common items are necessary to maintain security, prevent hostile mobs from appearing, and ensure that players can explore in a relaxed and safe environment.

This article will walk you through the process of making a torch in Minecraft. They are an expected item in any player’s inventory due to their straightforward crafting process and general availability, ensuring that light and safety are always available. With light level 14, torches illuminate the surrounding region and prevent hostile enemies from spawning nearby. They also emit a soft, shimmering glow that enhances the moody atmosphere of the game.

Due to their versatility, players can strategically place them in ideal locations to ensure the best lighting coverage. Whether they’re decorating the walls of a huge castle, beautifying the entrance to a deep tunnel system, or lighting the way to a secret treasure, torches bring life to the dark corners of Minecraft’s vast world. So keep the little torch in mind and its vital importance in determining your in-game experience as you embark on your Minecraft adventure.

Materials Required To Make a Torch In Minecraft

These are the components you will need to make a torch in Minecraft.

➡️ Sticks

Materials Required To Make a Torch In Minecraft

Place two wooden planks vertically on top of one another in the center column of the crafting grid. Four sticks will show up in the crafting table’s output slot or result box if the wooden planks are properly arranged.

➡️ Coal or Charcoal

Materials Required To Make a Torch In Minecraft

To make a torch, you will need coal or charcoal. Coal ore is often mined to produce coal, which is found underground in mountains or caves. You will need a wooden pickaxe or higher to mine coal ore. In contrast, you can make charcoal by melting logs in a furnace. Logs should be placed in the top slot of the furnace for smelting, with wooden planks or other combustible materials serving as fuel in the bottom slot. You can follow the step shown in the image above.

➡️ Crafting Table

Materials Required To Make a Torch In Minecraft

On the 2×2 crafting grid, place the four wooden planks in a square arrangement. When the pattern is finished, a crafting table will appear within the output slot.

Note that structures such as mine shafts, fortresses, villages, and dungeons may also contain naturally occurring torches. Keep an eye out for these pre-existing torches as you navigate the Minecraft world so you don’t have to make them yourself.

Steps to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Once you collect these items, you can craft a torch in Minecraft. Below are the steps you need to take to craft a torch in Minecraft effectively.

➡️ Open the Crafting Table

To access the crafting table, right-click on it and select “Open”.

➡️ Place the Items on the Crafting Table

Steps to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Insert the stick into the center square of the grid. Place a piece of coal or charcoal in the space just above or below the rod.

➡️ Move the Torch to Inventory

Once you carefully arrange the materials in the grid, as seen in the image above, a torch will appear on the resulting box. Drag the torch into your inventory by clicking on it.

Uses of a Torch in Minecraft

Torches are a useful and vital commodity for Minecraft players due to their variety of uses. Below are some of the primary uses of torches in the game.

#1. Lighting for Dark Spaces

Uses of a Torch in Minecraft

Torches are mostly used to illuminate gloomy spaces. When attached, the torch emits light level 14 and successfully illuminates the area. They are essential for safe navigation and improved visibility when exploring caves, mine shafts, and other dimly lit areas. Like the image shown above, you can use torches to light up the areas around you at night.

#2. Prevention of Crowds

To prevent enemy creatures from multiplying, torches are extremely important. A certain amount of darkness is required to spawn mobs such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers. You can block monster spawns by adding torches to the area to increase the light level. This protects your base, buildings, and immediate surroundings from unwelcome encounters with monsters.

#3. Decorative Purposes

Uses of a Torch in Minecraft

To add atmosphere and ambiance to your buildings, you can use a torch in Minecraft as decoration. Strategically placing torches enhances the visual appeal of your projects, making them more visually beautiful. Whether you’re constructing a fortress, a cozy home, or a complex underground shelter, torches actively contribute to the aesthetic charm. As you can see in the image above, the torch gives the cave an authentic look.

#4. Navigation Guide

Uses of a Torch in Minecraft

Torches can be used as markers or tools for navigation, especially in vast landscapes or complex underground systems. You can create a path or identify key areas for easy travel by placing torches in certain locations. Using torches actively ensures that you don’t get lost and can easily return to crucial locations such as your base or vital resource areas.

#5. Redstone Component

Redstone circuits and torches work differently. The torch, which is powered and located on the side of the block, turns off. This quality is essential for building various Redstone devices and mechanisms, including doors, traps, and secret passages. Redstone electronics and complex automation are made possible by how torches and redstone interact.

Fun Fact: In Minecraft, torches can get wet, which allows you to submerge them in water and still have them emit light.


To summarize, making torches in Minecraft is straightforward and a necessary skill for any player. You can make an effective light source that will illuminate your surroundings, ward off angry mobs, and give you a sense of security in dimly lit situations by mixing a stick with a lump of coal or charcoal. Torches are adaptable, easy to obtain, and have a wide range of practical applications, from underground exploration to building decoration. Learning the craft of torch-making is an essential step to ensuring success, survival, and fun in the vast pixelated world of Minecraft, regardless of your level of experience as an explorer.

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