YouTube Gaming: Google’s Next Project?


Google could be working on a strategy to bring online gaming directly to YouTube, as per a report by The Wall Street Journal, based upon an internal email seen by the publication. The tool the company may reportedly use is called ‘Playables‘.

YouTube recently invited a bunch of its employees to test the product, says the report. With ‘Playables’, choosing a particular gaming platform would not be an issue as people will be able to join from both mobile and desktop.

Gaming on YouTube: How It Could Work

It looks fairly simple from the customer’s point of view (as it should). Users would reportedly need to log in to YouTube through its website or app, and that’s it. They don’t have to log in to any other platform built specifically for this purpose. And it doesn’t matter if the mobile gaming enthusiasts are on Android or iOS, or PC. All they need to do is to access YouTube from a mobile or PC.

The report mentions one game that’s currently available for testing: Stack Bounce. In this arcade game, you break sets of colorful stacks with a ball. More games should be coming, we believe.

Gaming on YouTube: How It Could Work
Source: YouTube Official Blog

Google Could Cash in on YouTube’s Popularity

YouTube is one of the most widely-used video content platforms. Almost everyone who is connected to the digital world in some way knows about the YouTube website and app and has been there. So, YouTube already has built a reputation and familiarity with the masses. And since people would be able to join in from both their smartphones and desktops, things are looking hassle-free on paper.

Stadia didn’t work for Google and had to be shut down, but this one could. The Google-developed console would have taken time to get established in the market, and sadly for Google, it didn’t work out. But the very idea of gaming on YouTube should give Google dollops of confidence in its revenue-generating potential. YouTube is a major player already. With gaming, it would only grow more.

Google Could Cash in on YouTube's Popularity

The popularity of the video-hosting platform is sure to draw a good number of people for gaming purposes. On YouTube, playing solo or getting into a game with friends will be very easy. With competitive pricing, YouTube gaming could be the next big thing for the US tech giant.

The Challenges

Yet, there are other factors that need to be addressed: the quality of games and their distribution in the different world markets. Google would have to do something different from the other players in the market if it is to succeed with this plan, as there is no dearth of quality gaming platforms on PC and mobile.

The Challenges

We have Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, plus the first-party developers’ own gaming services. The mobile platform is inundated with games offered on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just adding more and more games to its portfolio is among the nascent ideas that come to every company’s think tank. But Google has to go beyond that. It has to combine simplicity in online team-ups, quality game service, and more inclusive gaming plans to establish a loyal fan base on YouTube.

Google may even bring some of its high-quality Android games from the Play Store on YouTube as well. But there is no confirmation about that.

Our Take

As mentioned above, Google had to pull the plug on the Stadia game streaming service. It was a new offering and got lost in the crowd of paid subscription gaming services like PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade, Amazon Prime Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, EA Play, Ubisoft Plus, etc. And let’s not forget Netflix.

The pertinent question here is, then, would YouTube be able to sustain the interest of the gaming crowd for a long time?

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Utkarsh Saurbh
Utkarsh Saurbh
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