9 Best Gaming Routers for Smooth & Stable Gameplay


If you’re a professional gamer, a regular router simply won’t do. It has to be a gaming router or the highway. That’s because the best gaming rigs can’t have interference, lags, or freezes for you to really win a game.

How is a Gaming Router Different?

A gaming router is different from a regular one in many ways, but here are the three most important points:

➡️ High Download Speed

It’s how fast data is transmitted from the server. Download speeds are usually faster as they help carry out most online tasks like streaming, browsing, etc.

➡️ Lower Ping Rates

Also known as latency, ping is how fast your internet connection server responds to receiving a request. Having high ping rates can make your moves register slower, thereby ruining your game experience.

➡️ High Upload Speed

It’s how fast you can send data to others.

What Do You Need for the Best Gaming Experience?

The ultimate gaming experience relies on superfast download speed, upload speed, and low-latency conditions. Or else, in competitive gaming, your moves might register after your opponents, thereby giving them a competitive edge.

Most gaming routers also rely on bandwidth prioritization for specific systems and applications. This helps them stay connected, irrespective of other devices being connected. It’s quite crucial in a multi-device household where other devices might be used for gaming, streaming, or regular browsing.


These gamer-centric settings and optimizations are sometimes essential and can help you stay ahead of the curve by eliminating network lag and increasing advanced security options.

Gaming routers are many, but which are the best? Which can give you a combination of no network lags, low latency, high speed, and other advanced features? Here’s a roundup of the top gaming routers you can consider for seamless gameplay:

Netgear Nighthawk Pro

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Built for gamers, this Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi 6 router (XR1000) is all about boosting your game performance. Often popular for being the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 router, Netgear’s XR1000 excels at throughput and file transfer tests.

Moreover, it comes with DumaOS 3.0, which reduces ping rates and facilitates smoother, no-lag gameplay. You can also get access to the dashboard through the web console, an Android app, or an iOS app. DumaOS’s interactive operating system gives you a personalized dashboard view of hardware usage, overall bandwidth usage, and the power to control connecting game servers.

So, you can basically allocate bandwidth and control which applications get how much bandwidth. In this way, you can always prioritize your gaming traffic.

With a 1.5GHz tri-core processor, 512 RAM, and 256 MB of flash memory, XR1000 brings unbelievable speed and low latency to your gaming console. It’s also compatible with all wireless gaming devices.

It can handle VR gaming, 4K streaming, and its geofencing capabilities can further eliminate lag by blocking unreliable servers.

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TP-Link’s first gaming router is here to power your robust gaming rigs and help you bring your A-game. The TP-Link AC5400 tri band Wi-Fi gaming router boasts of 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU, three coprocessors, and 1 GB RAM, known for bringing speed, agility, and strength to your systems.

Moreover, you’ll be able to conquer deadly lags that can slow down your gameplay. The AC5400 Wi-Fi router comes with a dynamic optimization engine that’ll help identify and prioritize gaming traffic, thereby giving you the tactical advantage you need for ranked matches, raids, and crucial attacks.

You can also use the engine to make your 4K movies more immersive. There are a lot of devices competing for your gaming router’s attention. But that’ll not be a problem you can’t resolve with MU-MIMO and Airtime Fairness technologies. The router’s designed to handle each request without compromising speed or precision.

Another big advantage of this TP-link router is advanced security. You get a free lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCare to help protect your network with an advanced antivirus and handy parental controls.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 Router

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Robust and versatile, the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 gaming router is built for the next-gen with all the power of tri-band Wi-Fi 6E that can redefine speed. PS5 compatible, it has a quad-core CPU which stands for superfast computational abilities with an advanced cooling system and optimized design.

While throughputs and response rates are solid, the optimized design allows for reduced power loss and maximized coverage. In fact, you’ll get signal strength in every direction. Get ready for a streamlined and smooth gaming experience that’s not interrupted by network lags or speed qualms.

This ASUS gaming router is also an extendable router that can connect with other routers in the vicinity to create a seamless mesh Wi-Fi network. Most routers that are so big on speed, precision, and strength have heating problems. But you can hope to mitigate all such issues, thanks to the internal heatsinks, thermal padding, and thermal soldier points.

The ASUS Rapture gaming router also allows you to operate a VPN along with an internet connection. You can use both simultaneously, without compromising gaming traffic or speed. It’s also powered by an advanced security system – an AiProtection Pro by Trend Micro.

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream: AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

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The Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream: AC2200 gaming router has been designed keeping in mind multiple simultaneous Wi-Fi device users. It’s easy to install with the Linksys app, and provides up to 1500 square feet of coverage, thereby covering 15+ devices. One unique thing about this router is you can control it using Alexa!

Solid in performance and precision in comparison to a dual-band gaming router, this Tri-Band Wi-Fi router allows uninterrupted fast data transfers with 2.2Gpbs speed and a Quad-core CPU. The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band can reach a speed of 400Mbps, whereas the two 5GHz bands can bring up a speed of 867Mbps each.

It uses Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) data streaming and beamforming to come true on its promise of uninterrupted and seamless Wi-Fi to multiple devices at once.

Moreover, you can use it for 4K streaming and HD videos and have an experience that’s truly immersive. However, certain reviewers feel that the speed doesn’t match other competing gaming router models.

Tenda RX 12 Pro AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router


Tenda RX 12 Pro gaming router is known for its stability, seamless performance, and stellar Wi-Fi 6 experience, perfect for gamers and smart home device owners. Enjoy ultra-fast transmission speed when it comes to data transfers, and throughputs with 5 x 6dBI high-gain antennas.

If you’re in a congested environment with several devices running, the Tenda AX3000’s MU-MIMO, WPA3, and OFDMA technologies can help you achieve greater network capabilities and efficiency. So, OFDMA helps reduce latency by dividing a single channel into several sub-channels for fast and simultaneous data transmission.

Time is of the essence while gaming – and Tenda RX 12 Pro understands that. Its one-click intelligent diagnosis can help check and repair network problems when you see a drop in calls, network interruption, or freezes. What fires up this powerful 5-antenna Wi-Fi 6 router is the 1.7GHz Quad-core Broadcom high-performance CPU.

You can enjoy smoother gaming, faster response rates, and lower latency. And, it’s perfect for fast gaming, 4K streaming, or superfast downloading. As for the radio frequency, there are 5GHz and 2.4GHz, both upgraded to the latest generation for utmost performance. While the 2.4GHz frequency can help you reach a speed of 574Mbps, you can speed up to 2402Mbps with the 5GHz band. There are also 4 gigabit ports to get you to maximum wired speeds. Say goodbyes to lag even while you’re on a VPN network.

In fact, you can also use the Wi-Fi+ mode to network multiple RX 12 Pro routers. This will help create a high-speed mesh network connection for bigger data requirements and devices.

Motorola MG7700 Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo


Unique in form factor, this Motorola MG7700 is a modem Wi-Fi router combo. What do we mean by that? The modem has an in-built wireless router that provides you with the fastest downloads and high-performance networking speeds.

Moreover, the gaming router comes with Power Boost technology. It has Wi-Fi power amplifiers embedded to give you an ultimate gaming experience and boost wireless signals and ranks to permissible limits.

It also has AnyBeam that extends range, and reduces lags and latency. Now, what’s the advantage of combining a 24×8 cable modem with a gigabit router? The answer lies in simpler setup, installation, and reduced space requirements.

Moreover, the Motorola MG7700 comes with an advanced firewall for security, built-in parental controls, guest network access, and a configuration manager for easy setup. In fact, IPv4 and IPv6 are also supported for robust and flexible network connectivity.

GL.iNet GL-AX1800(Flint) Wi-Fi 6 Router

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Secure and solid, this GL.iNet GL-AX1800(Flint) Wi-Fi 6 router facilitates ultra-fast data transmission for connecting 120 devices. In fact, it comes with the OFDMA technology that helps you allocate different channels to multiple devices simultaneously, so that speed isn’t compromised.

It’s perfect for home and office, thanks to the dual-band Wi-Fi 6, 5 gigabit ports, and 1.2GHz quad-core CPU processor for faster speeds. It also guarantees faster VPN speed and a higher level of user privacy.

Moreover, the setup process is easy, and there’s a video tutorial to help you through. There’s also AdGuard and EAP built-in to help you block ads and eliminate distractions during those intense hours of gameplay.

In fact, it also promises fire OpenVPN and Wireguard speed of up to 500Mbps. Perfect for downloads, gaming, 4K streaming, and HD video calls, the 2.4GHz band can bring up a speed of 600Mbps, whereas the 5GHz speeds up to 1200Mbps.

Zyxel N300 Wireless Cable Router

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A single-band wireless cable router, Zyxel N300 is for PCs and regular internal browsing, intermediate gaming, and high-quality multimedia streaming. It’s great for providing wireless coverage to a small or medium-sized home with 3–4 devices.

It has two omni 5 dBi antennas for wider coverage and stable data transmission. In fact, you’re able to reach speeds up to 300Mbps. And, because it’s compliant with 802.11n technology, Zyxel N300 can manage bandwidth that helps you prioritize network traffic for different devices.

You can just press the WPS button to have it running in no time – yes, setup is easy. There’s wireless scheduling to help you save power when it’s not working. You can also adjust wireless output to reduce interference in high wireless density neighborhoods so that your online gaming session or download isn’t slowed down.

It’s lightweight, provides a stable and reliable connection with a faster browsing experience and uninterrupted gaming.

Cudy AC1200 Dual Band Unlocked 4G LTE Modem Router

cudy ac 1200
Source: Amazon

Perfect for regular use, Cudy Ac1200 is a modem router combo that runs on 4G LTE technology to give you fast data transfers and seamless transmissions. In fact, unlike its competing models, the AC1200 comes with dual-bands for better speed and efficiency.

The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands allow you to speed up to 867Mbps. Moreover, the 2.4GHz can take care of simple activities like browsing or multimedia streaming, whereas the 5GHz can swoop in and deliver you in a battle. Both work simultaneously, when you’re carrying out tasks on different devices.

Cudy AC1200 also comes with 4 x 5dBi antennas that help establish a stronger Wi-Fi connection over a longer distance. This ensures wider coverage and improved signal quality that’s required for online gaming sessions and quicker downloads. It’s also compatible with 20 DDNS providers, can easily connect to VPN, and also helps manage remote cameras.

It’s a true plug-and-play gaming router that offers great value. Though it might not be as advanced as a Wi-Fi 6 router, it does well in the range it comes for and has a super-easy interface.

Have Wi-Fi on Your Winning Side

The internet speed, Wi-Fi you’re on, and the service provider can make a huge difference when it comes to online gaming. One shot missed, one network freeze, and it can be over for you at that moment.

Now, gaming routers like the ones covered above can allocate different bandwidths to different devices and prioritize gaming sessions. That ensures you never lose a match over a bad internet connection. Some Wi-Fi gaming routers also come with a single-click button that helps diagnose and repair problems before they can interfere with your gameplay.

Most gaming routers in this article are powered by the speed, performance, and precision of Wi-Fi 6. However, if your gaming speed needs are not-so-intense, and you won’t try to run 20–30 devices simultaneously, you can also look at 4G routers.

If you’re into competitive gaming, however, it’s best to choose a gaming router that has low latency and high download speed so that your moves register in time.

Next up, take a look at our selection of the best gifts for PC gamers, if you want to buy something for a friend. From routers to GPUs, you’ll find the list to be quite comprehensive!

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